Farmer’s Market brings a day out

Another Farmer’s Market day, which means I get to spend more time with my daughter-in-law and the two grand-children.  They meet me at my home and we walk over each week.  You would think such a long walk would be a once in a while thing, but no these two little ones look forward to hiking over to the market each week.

Coming up Leek, Potato and onion soup

I didn’t buy much as our gardens are producing quite a bit right now.  I just finished a lunch/snack of fresh bell peppers dipped in hummus.  But I got a few things like these leeks (3 for $1.00)

Ears of corn, I don’t need an entire dozen, were also 3 for $1.00.  I ate one before I took the picture.  I love sweet corn so much I husk it and eat it raw

Of course we shared the potato harvest so I was out of potatoes, fresh red potatoes were plenty so I picked up 7 for $2.00.  I didn’t do a comparison in price at the store, but since these are organic and enough for me for one week I choose to support the local farmer and get these.

A few will join my peppers, onions, and some farm fresh eggs for a fried potato and egg meal something I grew up on.

My sunflowers aren’t doing well this year, and I so wanted to show the children where sunflower seeds came from. I also wanted to hang a few this winter to feed the birds.  So when I saw sunflowers available for 50 cents each I picked one up for the kids to take home.

Sunflowers do make us smile.

I have a blast with the children.  They love having their picture taken and never worry about how they turn out in one.  The funnier they look the more they enjoy it. I need to take a few pointers from them as I hate having my picture taken.

Walking around town has definitely given my memory banks a work out. The kids want to know the names of all the flowers, trees and insects.  They are showing also that they remember by pointing out the ones we’ve already named for them. They have roses,black-eyed susan, mums,  hosta,  to name a few flowers.  Maple trees, blue spruce pine trees, and of course the sumac trees,  and various insects memorized.

On a hot summer day after wandering around the farmer’s market what could be an even better treat than ice cream.  We each get a toddler’s cone which costs 91 cents each (can you see I’m a big spender?)

Not sure how ice cream made it all the way next to her ear.

A walk through the cemetery gave the children time to show us how many letters of the alphabet they know.  They name the letter and see how many words and names they can recall that begin with that letter.  They then posed with the letter that starts their first names and asked us to take pictures.

Hamming it up in the wind
Not to be outdone by sister

I also bought fresh red raspberries, but they didn’t make it home.  We sat under a shady tree while still at the market and snacked on them.

My grocery bill for this week (including the ice cream) came to $9.50.  All the more reason to avoid the grocery stores at least for me.

How are your gardens coming?  What have you found good at farmer’s markets in your area?







  1. I love this time of year – I’ve been buying peaches at the market, but all other veggies are coming from the garden. In large amounts.. But I tackle it a little at a time. Yesterday I made a gallon of pickles and some passata, today I am freezing peppers.


    • I am regretting my decision to not purchase a freezer for my home. I figured I had the dehydrator that I could use that but it has been taking way too long to be able to properly put up as much food as I wanted. I thought I had missed the peach season here, but luckily I didn’t and have been getting plenty. I still had a few left from over buying last week so I took a chance and passed on them this week. I’m hoping to be more self-reliant on my own garden next year and have already been setting up plans for what will be grown where. My neighbor mentioned her father used to plant corn and let them get started then plant his melons under the corn. He insisted it prevented the wildlife from getting the melons and gave the melons something sturdy to form around making his job a little easier. I’m going to give that a try


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