Living the Good Life Quiz

The Good Life, according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as “The Good Life, mentioned by Kanye West is about living life drama and worry free.” The Good Life is then very similar to what we no (sic) as Simple Living.

Simple living is defined best as “a lifestyle in which individuals consciously choose to minimize the ‘more-is-better’ pursuit of wealth and consumption.” Whether you want to call it simple living, voluntary simplicity or the Good Life simplifying your life can help you escape the rat race and bring rewards you never imagined.

good life quiz

Have you found your way to the Good Life?  Take this quiz and find out.


First thing in the morning I need:

  1. Coffee
  2. The snooze button
  3. Fresh air
  4. A combination of 1 and 2

I manage my day by

  1. A planner filled to the brim
  2. Alerts programmed into my phone, tablet or computer
  3. I have so few commitments a simple calendar suffices
  4. I need someone to remind me so as not to be late

I plan meals

  1. What meal planning, I keep takeout menus close at hand
  2. I don’t have time to plan meals I just stop on the way home and pick something up
  3. I don’t plan meals as much as keep basic ingredients on hand so meal preparation is simple.
  4. I plan meals before shopping, no matter how late dinner may be I stick to my plans

I define housework as

  1. Dreaded chores that have no end
  2. Menial tasks I’d rather pay to have done for me
  3. Simple chores that only require a small investment of time daily
  4. Chores I’ve given up on

The number of times per week I find myself at a store, be that a grocery store or a retail establishment

  1. Seven, there is always something we need
  2. Three to five times a week. No matter how hard I try there is always something I’ve forgotten
  3. Once or fewer. There isn’t much we need so one trip suffices
  4. More than seven. It never fails that I get home to find a family member needs something before morning

I wake each morning

  1. Dreading the start of another day
  2. Mentally going through my to-do list to see what’s most important to accomplish
  3. Refreshed and ready to start the day
  4. Behind from yesterday so I had to wake up extra early

I fall asleep each night:

  1. Quickly because I’m exhausted
  2. Only after I’ve had time to relax
  3. Easily, the day was a good one
  4. I toss and turn with all the lists of things I need to get done tomorrow

My personal list of goals includes:

  1. Making more money to get out of debt
  2. Losing enough weight to fit into that swimsuit by summer
  3. Attaining or maintaining my health
  4. Moving to a bigger house and replacing the car with a newer model

Tally your answers and see how close you are

  • If you have mostly 4’s you may need to reevaluate the direction life has led you
  • If you have mostly 1’s or 2’s there is room for improvement
  • If you found you have mostly 3’s you are on your way to the Good Life
  • If you have all 3’s you are there. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rest of your day.