The Future We Want

Martin Luther King, Jr said:

Any movement – any culture – will fail if it cannot paint a picture of a world that people will want to go to.

This quote is as important today as it was when King said it.   While I can picture the world I want to live in, painting it isn’t possible, I’m not that skilled with a paint brush. Therefore, words are all I have today.

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The Gift of Simple Living

I am grateful for my simple lifestyle.

I stopped working outside the house twenty years ago to stay home with my children.  I toyed with returning to work a few times when I was still able to but the desire wasn’t there.

By keeping my wants and needs miniscule I am free to give of my time when others need my help.  I am reminded to be grateful this week for the freedom this lifestyle provides to me.

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Stealth Camping

When I first downsized my belongings I found I was left with less material possessions than I had imagined possible at the start. I began my downsizing as an effort to declutter my over-flowing kitchen cabinets. During the process I realized I was existing in the shadow of a former life. Here I was a mother who no longer had children at home yet every where I looked in my home the stuff I was caring for, cleaning and maintaining, was the possessions of a mother whose children still lived with her.

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Borrowing Philosophies

I never set out to associate myself with any particular philosophy. When I first downsized people began to ask me if I was trying to be a minimalist. Prior to my downsizing I had only heard the term minimalism associated with art and architecture.

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Slow living month by month December 2012

I found Christine’s slow living month by month part way through the year and decided to follow along.  It has been a wonderful way of seeing just how much I accomplish each month, and how much I get to enjoy my life on a daily basis.

Being as how we are entering in a new year, I thought I would make some changes to the blog, nothing big just a few tweaks.  First, I finally swallowed my pride and added a page where you can see my apartment in full color pictures. There are still things I would like to change but there it now is for all to see.  Then I decided to change the look of the blog, feel free to let me know what you think of the new look

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Buried in my Subconscious

red-48966_640I happened upon a copy of Little House on a Small Planet at the library Monday.  I’m not too far in to it yet, but I realized that I knew what I wanted subconsciously in a new home, before I even found it.  I’ve lived here a year and a half and never realized this was buried in my subconscious waiting to be found.

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Junk mail has gems

It’s rare when I get mail, but when I do it’s usually junk mail.  That’s what I got yesterday.  At first glance I determined this wasn’t something I was interested in, but then the art work on the cover got my attention.

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Simple living means less opportunities

You are joking right?

I recently learned something about simpler living, it will limit our opportunities in life.  How did I learn this?  By trying to make some extra money.

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Taming the Wildness

After a crazy weekend I needed some downtime and choose to do so with a book.   A friend has given me two large boxes of books to pass on for her and of course I had to see what was in each.  I picked up a book titled Wilding of America.  While I shouldn’t have been surprised by what I read, I realized I recognized a lot of the principles in this.  What surprised me was that I hadn’t put together that the answer to many of our social ills can be found in living a simpler life. Could it really be that simple?

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Living like a child

Fishing day for Daddy and daughter

My hometown has a lot of very special features going for it.  Yesterday we took advantage of a couple of them to the delight of my grand-daughter.  One of our favorite places is a group of platforms (five in all)  built for children and the disabled to have a safe place with easy access to fish in.  It’s also the only place  where you don’t have to have a license to fish.

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