Restore 10X on that Old Deck

I inherited a very old deck with this house.

We removed the rails and all the boards which were unsafe to support weight the weekend before I moved in.  I was determined to save the majority of the deck and began to look for ways to extend its life.

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Bathroom Updates on Halloween

The bathroom is driving me nuts.  The last I mentioned this room the floor had been laid, toilet set in place and new shower ready to go.  The contractors promised to be back in a couple of days to repair the plaster and install a larger door.

The delays began almost immediately.  The workers were supposed to complete the work last Wednesday but never showed up.  I heard they got tied up on a job and it was relayed to me that they would be here on Saturday.  Saturday my son sends me a text telling me they would be here Monday instead.  Monday, you got it, no phone call and no guys showing up to work.

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Theoretically Nothing Could Go Wrong

Today was the day to break out the new saw and get to work on the railings. I set everything up had the first piece of wood on the saw and then hesitated. Theoretically I couldn’t get hurt but Murphy’s Law, popped into my head.  The saw came mostly assembled from the manufacturer but what if the blade wasn’t securely attached, all those what if’s.

I decided to proceed cautiously. I called a neighbor and asked if she had a minute to stop over. I asked her to just stand there while I made the first cut, if everything went fine she could leave, if not and I was severely injured to please call for help. Plus, I figured it was smart to let someone know I was about to operate a powerful saw in case of an emergency.

Murphy avoided me today and I was able to get work done without injury. 🙂

This was what the deck looked like when we bought the house.
This was what the deck looked like when we bought the house.

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Checking off the List

Progress on the house came to a halt for a while when family needs took priority and I diverted the funds from the house to helping family.  Now things are getting back on track and that long list is becoming smaller.

The upstairs floors have been a headache. We removed the carpeting to find worn floors, plaster and glue spilled and walked through. Let’s just say the only thing worse would have been finding out the original wood floors were not salvageable.

This is what we found in the pink room, instantly renamed the girls’ room by the little ones.

hardwood mess

And this is what the girls’ room floor looks like today.

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Children and Nature

I didn’t mean to take such a long break from the blog but computer issues kept me away. I have a lot of things to share with you and have just edited the many photos I’ve taken so there is no reason (unless the computer acts up again) I will be away for so long again.

On the Weather Front

We went from a super cold and rainy spring to overnight temperatures more like August, and I mean that literally. One day the furnace was running in the afternoon and evenings the next day it was in the mid 80s!  The rain with the sudden heat wave left me with a lot of weeding to do.


This is just a section of what my driveway looked like. So much for rocks keeping the weeds at bay.

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Changing My Mind

Hello, how are you? I’ve been up and down, busy and at the same time quiet. The calendar says it’s the middle of May but stepping outside it doesn’t feel like it and that’s left me a bit down in the dumps.


I spotted these three butterflies on a stroll to the library Monday. They were just  sitting in the middle of the road intent on something beneath them. I considered lifting and moving them off the road but then left them where they were as this road is rarely ever traveled by car.

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Dealing with Greed

When I purchased the flooring for the living room I bought a few extra boxes because I wasn’t sure how much scrap I would end up with from the cuts and knew I planned to carry the flooring straight through into the kitchen so the extra wouldn’t be wasted.


living room celing height


The end of January I laid the rest of the flooring in the kitchen. My thought was that by getting as much of it done as possible I would be able to make a more concise estimate on the amount needed to complete the kitchen floor without having my money tied up in material that would need to be returned when the job was finished.

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