Crazy, Busy Weekend

My kids left for a Florida vacation and left Elsa with me. The first couple of days she has to settle in after that things are good.

My Guard Dog. She’s keeping watch while I take care of chores in the yard.

Friday the neighbor kids were off from school and were bored so they came looking for work. The oldest has been very sick, hospitalized most of this past year and isn’t allowed to do any work but asked if I had wood he could build a bird house.  I provided him with wood, he then needed nails and asked if he could work at my house. Why not?

I moved him to a better location so I could have access to the house.  Soon after his cousin and another girl stopped by and decided my deck was the perfect place to play with a gear set they have.

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Can We Work, Please?

The first words out of my grandson’s mouth when he arrived for his summer vacation was “Can I work? I want to work.”  We all had a good laugh then his father asked if he could wait a day so we could just visit and catch up.  The next morning he woke me up asking what work he could do. One track mind?

I did anticipate this and had a few things I’d saved for them to help with around the property.

I’ve lived here almost two years and one thing I couldn’t get help with was the closet. There are two shelving units were attached the one stuck out blocking access because it extended beyond the doorway preventing my chair from passing through.

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Fun in the Sun and Dirt

Today I had planned to share the recipes and photos of how each batch of my homemade weed killer worked but then I decided I would rather show you the fun we had with dirt today.

This morning my top soil was delivered. My neighbor had her three-year old grandson who is obsessed with trucks so I asked if she wanted to bring him over to watch the dump truck drop my soil. Before she could get out the door the neighbor boys who are here daily saw me spreading a tarp in the drive and came to see what I was doing.

From the moment the truck left my plans to fill buckets and haul the dirt up to the raised beds changed and I ended up sitting and supervising while the children did all the work.

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Children and Nature

I didn’t mean to take such a long break from the blog but computer issues kept me away. I have a lot of things to share with you and have just edited the many photos I’ve taken so there is no reason (unless the computer acts up again) I will be away for so long again.

On the Weather Front

We went from a super cold and rainy spring to overnight temperatures more like August, and I mean that literally. One day the furnace was running in the afternoon and evenings the next day it was in the mid 80s!  The rain with the sudden heat wave left me with a lot of weeding to do.


This is just a section of what my driveway looked like. So much for rocks keeping the weeds at bay.

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