Crazy, Busy Weekend

My kids left for a Florida vacation and left Elsa with me. The first couple of days she has to settle in after that things are good.

My Guard Dog. She’s keeping watch while I take care of chores in the yard.

Friday the neighbor kids were off from school and were bored so they came looking for work. The oldest has been very sick, hospitalized most of this past year and isn’t allowed to do any work but asked if I had wood he could build a bird house.  I provided him with wood, he then needed nails and asked if he could work at my house. Why not?

I moved him to a better location so I could have access to the house.  Soon after his cousin and another girl stopped by and decided my deck was the perfect place to play with a gear set they have.

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It’s All Fun and Games

We are having our coldest temperatures of the winter this month.  Unfortunately, the unusual winter has brought back many of our birds who may be having a hard time finding food and staying warm.

I thought, why not provide food for the birds and a craft for my granddaughter at the same time.  I set the table with the necessary supplies for her to find.

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