Wearing Blinders

We often put blinders on horses to keep them from being distracted by anything not directly in front of them. We tell ourselves this is just for horses and neglect to see the blinders we wear in our daily lives.


Five years ago I gave up my car and found an entire world.  I realized that as I zipped along the roads in my car I was living with blinders on, missing the little things only slowing down will reveal. Within days of being car-free my memories of life before car ownership came back to me. Those memories were from more than thirty years prior but were as vivid as if they happened yesterday.

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World Car-Free Day and the Lessons from Four Years Without a Car

Today is World Car-Free Day. There wasn’t much fanfare about this in the news, at least in the US, sadly.  One day we will run out of oil to not only make gasoline but the parts that go into production of vehicles.  When that happens we can say goodbye to even electric cars unless we learn to retrofit the junked bodies of today’s cars.


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