Riot For Austerity Challenge, More Savings

The Riot for Austerity Challenge is about more than just utility bills. The Challenge is to reduce our emissions footprint in all aspects of living but not to feel deprived while doing so.

There are few things I need or want but living comes with some wants. Personally, books have to be a part of my life or I would feel terribly deprived. I use the local library as often as I can which amounts to five or six months out of the year.

This afternoon I noticed a new addition to the bottom of my checkout receipt that shows the dollar value of the books I borrow.

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Enjoying nature brings questions to mind

With summer-like temperatures we are spending more time outdoors.  Can’t wait to get our gardens in but with the crazy weather I’m not taking any chances on another frost.

The days are moving at a leisurely pace, just like the summer months are supposed to be, but of course this is just the beginning of May.

We have purchased a few things and gotten them started.  More neighbors have been coming out and offering a hand in the field to reclaim it.  We are finding that we each have favorite activities and talents, but combining them we are getting more done much more efficiently.   Here’s our lilac bush we just got and will be planting this evening.

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