Crazy, Busy Weekend

My kids left for a Florida vacation and left Elsa with me. The first couple of days she has to settle in after that things are good.

My Guard Dog. She’s keeping watch while I take care of chores in the yard.

Friday the neighbor kids were off from school and were bored so they came looking for work. The oldest has been very sick, hospitalized most of this past year and isn’t allowed to do any work but asked if I had wood he could build a bird house.  I provided him with wood, he then needed nails and asked if he could work at my house. Why not?

I moved him to a better location so I could have access to the house.  Soon after his cousin and another girl stopped by and decided my deck was the perfect place to play with a gear set they have.

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The Future We Want

Martin Luther King, Jr said:

Any movement – any culture – will fail if it cannot paint a picture of a world that people will want to go to.

This quote is as important today as it was when King said it.   While I can picture the world I want to live in, painting it isn’t possible, I’m not that skilled with a paint brush. Therefore, words are all I have today.

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Wearing Blinders

We often put blinders on horses to keep them from being distracted by anything not directly in front of them. We tell ourselves this is just for horses and neglect to see the blinders we wear in our daily lives.


Five years ago I gave up my car and found an entire world.  I realized that as I zipped along the roads in my car I was living with blinders on, missing the little things only slowing down will reveal. Within days of being car-free my memories of life before car ownership came back to me. Those memories were from more than thirty years prior but were as vivid as if they happened yesterday.

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Changes Afoot

There are changes happening all around me.  People are taking control and simplifying their lives.  I have three stories I’d like to share with you.

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Quick Update and I Need Your Input

You guys made some pretty persuasive arguments on whether or not to pull the plug on my home internet connection.  I hadn’t considered the fact that the library internet would not be secure as Marlene pointed out.  I’ve been hacked enough times for one tech challenged person I can’t risk it again. Cat, on the other hand, pointed out how the tech industry, Google and others, are switching to renewable energy. So maybe it won’t be much longer before those servers aren’t sucking up all our fossil fuels.

So with that I’ve decided to keep the internet.  What is the point of pulling the plug to try and convince myself that I wouldn’t be contributing to a technology that is unsustainable.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to import the contents I’ve been able to save from previous blog into this one and then do some major house cleaning.  I’ve imported the first batch which should be up within the next 24 hours. I don’t know how this works so I’m concerned that you will have a full inbox of notifications from me and am afraid to upload the rest.

Would you please let me know if your inbox is being overwhelmed. I’ll stop and see if there is a way I can prevent the rest of the material from doing that when it uploads.


Setting New Goals

I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the home restoration.  The big projects left to complete are growing smaller.   Of course the gardens won’t be complete for awhile.  There’s some landscaping to do, the butterfly and bee garden to plant and expansion of the edible areas of the garden but I don’t count that as home repairs.

As the work winds down I’ve been assessing the environmental cost of this rehab.  I can honestly say that I’ve accomplished what I set out to which was to bring this sad house back to life using as much used and free materials as possible.  While a lot of paint was used to brighten the rooms I was able to do most of the upgrades using found or used materials. Even the dry wall I needed to patch walls were free to me, scraps from another person’s remodeling. Only one light fixture was purchased new (the bathroom fixture).

Decorations for Easter (eggs hanging from a piece of yarn) made using used cardboard. She was happy with them and that’s all that matters.

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Weekend with Kids

Before I tell you about our weekend I want to apologize for leaving you hanging but my internet provider had some problems and I was without internet for most of last week.  In a way it was really nice but that’s another story for another day.

My son had some excavation and repairs happening at his house this week and needed to get some prep work done over the weekend which meant I got to spend two days with the youngest grandchildren.  I’ve seen pictures of the mess left behind at their house and know I got the better deal.

The weather was lovely so we were able to spend much of the day time hours outside.

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On the Cusp of Spring, So Much to Do

I think spring has finally arrived. Temperatures are hovering in the fifties but signs of spring and new life are popping up every where.  I’ve got my fingers crossed the snow forecast for this weekend won’t cause lasting damage. April is pretty late for us to have snow, it’s only happened four or five times in my lifetime, but we had snow last year at this time too. Is this another sign of the new normal?

With spring comes a long list of things to be accomplished.

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Stealth Camping

When I first downsized my belongings I found I was left with less material possessions than I had imagined possible at the start. I began my downsizing as an effort to declutter my over-flowing kitchen cabinets. During the process I realized I was existing in the shadow of a former life. Here I was a mother who no longer had children at home yet every where I looked in my home the stuff I was caring for, cleaning and maintaining, was the possessions of a mother whose children still lived with her.

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Links I love: Question More

As 2016 winds down and my birthday inches nearer, it’s time for me to take an honest assessment of where I am in this journey called life.  I used to think it was a curse to have a birthday in the gap between Christmas and New Year’s. As I’ve grown I’ve come to see the timing of my birthday, instead, as a special gift.

As winter settles in, the days are shorter, nights colder and I find myself with more alone time to contemplate these big questions that are often lost in the noise of activity during the warmer months.

I want to share with you some of those big questions that are floating around in my head seeking answers that will work best for me in 2017.

link love


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