Riot For Austerity Challenge, More Savings

The Riot for Austerity Challenge is about more than just utility bills. The Challenge is to reduce our emissions footprint in all aspects of living but not to feel deprived while doing so.

There are few things I need or want but living comes with some wants. Personally, books have to be a part of my life or I would feel terribly deprived. I use the local library as often as I can which amounts to five or six months out of the year.

This afternoon I noticed a new addition to the bottom of my checkout receipt that shows the dollar value of the books I borrow.

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Slow February

Last year I followed Christine at Slow Living Essentials for an end of the month recap.  This year I decided to do something different and recap at the end of each month what I was able to save from ending up in landfills.  This month was truly a slow month for finding things tossed out, but that’s not to say I didn’t find any thing.

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The Chair From Hell

When someone says “I spotted a wood chair sitting on the curb, do you want it?”.  I ask no questions. I can’t imagine not being able to repair any thing made of wood.  Well, I finally found one that was made so shoddy that while I have taken it all apart, glued and repaired as much as I could (and I have to say it came out nicely), this is definitely not the best made piece of wooden furniture, but here it finally is, done and ready for its new home.

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A Break From Winter Doldrums

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting the itch to be outdoors and play in the garden.  Most years I wait until the end of May when we can safely plant to start flower seeds and end up with a planter by the door doing much of nothing for a good part of the summer.  Up close you can see the flowers growing but it’s nothing to view from a short distance.  Today I am taking steps to remedy that problem.

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What can you do with that?

I have a busy day today so this is just a short post to share a couple of things I’m working on, and a perfect find that came visiting.

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Twins no more, a before and after story

I thought I would share this with you tomorrow, but I have been waiting for so long to share it that I can’t wait any longer.  For those of you who don’t have the time for the Friday Faves right now, here’s a quick before and after.

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Monthly review of saved and restored items

For the last several months I followed Christine at Slow Living Essentials to keep track of the months activities with her Slow Living Month by Month, you can view her January post here. I had a great time and learned a lot when writing those posts.  It amazed me how much we accomplish in a 30 day period.  But with a new year can come changes.  I’ve decided not to follow Christine this year, but to take what I learned from her and make my own end of the month review.