Wearing Blinders

We often put blinders on horses to keep them from being distracted by anything not directly in front of them. We tell ourselves this is just for horses and neglect to see the blinders we wear in our daily lives.


Five years ago I gave up my car and found an entire world.  I realized that as I zipped along the roads in my car I was living with blinders on, missing the little things only slowing down will reveal. Within days of being car-free my memories of life before car ownership came back to me. Those memories were from more than thirty years prior but were as vivid as if they happened yesterday.

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My Friend, Caterpillar

There is always work going on around the farmhouse but work has to be balanced with fun.  I’m currently working on updates to the kitchen. Here’s a sneak peak.


Yesterday afternoon that fun was provided by Little Guy.  While planting in the garden beds we had to stop and watch him play. Both his mother and I has as much fun watching as he did playing with his “friend” a caterpillar he found entering the yard.

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Fun and Excitement in Spite of the Rain

I woke to a dark room this morning. No, I didn’t wake before the sun rose, it was yet another day with clouds and rain.  Darkness, and a chilly room make it hard to get up and out of the warm bed but a message telling me my daughter-in-law and grandson were on their way to visit was the push I needed.

During the break in the rain Elsa, my grand-dog needed a trip outside.  My grandson took this opportunity to sit at the window with me and pretend we were visiting a zoo. Added to the normal animals one finds at the zoo we also had a volcano and because it was raining whales, dolphins and even sharks in our zoo.

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Making a Home

I spotted this image and caption on Pinterest. My first thought was ‘this house has been neglected for way too long” then I saw the view through those windows and my heart ached for this poor house. From the inside looking out this house is just a structure with a great view, from the outside looking towards this house it is most-likely a blight on the otherwise lovely landscape begging someone to give it a life and soul again.

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Winter Woes as Spring Plans Take Shape

Time seems to be flying, I wonder if it’s a symptom of getting older. Saturday my youngest granddaughter turns six.

soon to be six

Family is coming in from all over to celebrate which means another weekend of a full house for me.  People will be sleeping every where. I’ll have the upstairs filled, two of the little ones will be sharing my room with me and I’ll even have a guest on the couch.

Garden Plans

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The Best of Autumn to Lift Your Spririts

I needed something light to share with you today and found my inspiration from of all places you!

fall leaves

I’m back to catching up with all of you and came across some amazing posts on autumn I had to share after my last depressing post.

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Autumn of 2016

As I wait for autumn to officially arrive, which to me means colorful leaves, there is much still to do and a few new things to learn.

I learned this weekend that carpenter bees reproduce sexually when these two landed at my feet and proceeded to mate. Look at that little guy’s face.

mating bees

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Preparing for Rest

While I work to edit photos and write the words that will explain to you what I did this summer,  I’m thrilled autumn has arrived and have accepted that winter will follow.




The list of projects outside is slowly whittling down but it’s not finished, won’t be for another couple of years.   Yet, even knowing I couldn’t get all the work done this summer I felt relief knowing the season was coming to and end.

Each of us have that one thing that reminds us summer is officially over.

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It’s Been a Busy Month

It’s been a crazy summer.  First there was the infestation of cicadas which brought with them lots of clean up from dead cicadas covering every surface daily to the damage they left behind. Then came the storms.  The flooding was bad and took its toll on both the gardens and the property itself. This was just a few miles from me.


I was lucky in that for once the sump pumps  worked like a charm and I had no further flooding in the basement, yes, I have two sump pumps in my basement to handle the water problems that result from living on a steep hill and improperly installed gutters and bad landscaping design.

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Living with Cicadas

How are you? Sorry I’ve been away so long. I knew my writing time would be harder to find while I had my grandchildren with me, little did I realize how truly tired I would be by the time I had some alone time each night.

The children are good and our month has been full of all kinds of activities I’ll share with you in the coming weeks. Today I thought I’d share what life was like with the 17  year cicadas.


My son dropped the two children off on June 4th, his first words to me was “What the hell is that?”  I’d been living with the sounds of the cicadas for a couple of weeks so gave him a blank stare as a response.

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