17 Tips to Easily Grow Your Own Fruit


My top tips for easy care growing of fruit and nut trees in Western Pennsylvania.

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Riot For Austerity Challenge, More Savings

The Riot for Austerity Challenge is about more than just utility bills. The Challenge is to reduce our emissions footprint in all aspects of living but not to feel deprived while doing so.

There are few things I need or want but living comes with some wants. Personally, books have to be a part of my life or I would feel terribly deprived. I use the local library as often as I can which amounts to five or six months out of the year.

This afternoon I noticed a new addition to the bottom of my checkout receipt that shows the dollar value of the books I borrow.

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Winter Gardening and Crafting on a Cold Day

With a long weekend I was able to spend some much-needed, quality time with my grandson.  Arriving bright and early it was bitterly cold outside so we cooked a pan of oatmeal for breakfast while we caught up on each other’s news. He got a sparkle in his eyes and asked if there was work he could do. Oh how that boy loves to work.

There isn’t much work that he can do at the moment, but there was a large pile of leaves to move and more to be raked up.


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