Mother’s Day and a Crochet Dress

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day.  I was able to spend my day with family and in the garden. Nothing better than that.

Three years ago I crocheted a dress for my youngest granddaughter.

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Escaping Through Crafts

It’s wonderful having my house back finally. The first thing I did was move all the furniture back into place and scrub the place top to bottom. I forgot just how much of a mess children can make in such a short period of time.

We baked together, played board games and shared books. Can’t think of a better way to entertain guests.

The birthday girl had a lovely day.  She asked for a Mulan inspired day. We weren’t sure how the boys would enjoy it, but enjoy it they did.  Dad even arranged for a face painter who was very talented.  You can see my youngest brother behind her (in the green shirt). Baby brother is the only sibling I keep in touch with but he lives a couple of hours from me so it was good to catch up with him and his wife.

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Sharing Simple Skills

Each of us has unique talents and skills we can share with others.  There are times when we can work together using those unique skills to collaborate on a project.  Take for instance this letter I received one afternoon from my granddaughter.


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Finishing Up a Few Projects

The quiet over Christmas was a welcome change from the constant revolving door to guests that has become the norm around here. One of the things I decided to do during that period was to pull out a few projects that I started but never got around to finishing.

This first one didn’t come out as nicely as I thought it would.  I used a bread cloth for cross stitch to make a monkey napkin my grandson will enjoy using when visiting.

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Winter Gardening and Crafting on a Cold Day

With a long weekend I was able to spend some much-needed, quality time with my grandson.  Arriving bright and early it was bitterly cold outside so we cooked a pan of oatmeal for breakfast while we caught up on each other’s news. He got a sparkle in his eyes and asked if there was work he could do. Oh how that boy loves to work.

There isn’t much work that he can do at the moment, but there was a large pile of leaves to move and more to be raked up.


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Scrappy Christmas by A Child

It’s never too early to show children that a handmade gift is the best gift to give.  They will learn new skills and have fun at the same time while learning the value of thriftiness.  Over the past couple of weekends my granddaughter and I have been working on presents for her parents. This weekend we completed them and I can now show you the finished pieces.


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Have Yourself a Merry, Scrappy, Christmas

I know, I know, Halloween just ended and already I’m talking about Christmas.  I hate going into a store in September to see Christmas items for sale (yes that really happens here) but when you give handmade gifts you do have to start early.


Since the gifts I make are the types of crafting I enjoy I work a little at a time year round on making them.  I know many of you also make gifts to give each year so from time to time between now and Christmas I will be sharing ideas for making lovely gifts from scraps you probably have around the house. Today, I’ll share a few of the gifts I’ve made from my scrap drawer.

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Gender Roles and Blogger Generosity

When I was growing up men and women still had very defined roles both in the world and in the family home.  Men were the main breadwinner and took care of repairs and maintenance around the home. The vast majority of women were still at home raising the children. The women who did work outside the home were mostly waitresses and secretaries.

At the same time, we knew women had the right to want more. I wanted more. I rejected all attempts to learn “women’s work” refusing to learn to sew, not wanting to be a part of afternoons baking and even rejected the idea of crafting as an outlet for creativity.  Instead, I went after a career and could be found with a hammer in my hand or under the hood of a car for fun. I wanted the freedom I believed men had to choose the direction of their lives not the constraints I felt society put on females.

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Gifting A Smile

If there is one thing that makes my day brighter is it to bring a smile to the face of another person.  Today I did just that when my granddaughter arrived and spotted her pony headbands that will be shared with her friends at her birthday party this weekend.

pony headbands

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This and That

It’s been a few days since I posted anything, I’ve been crazy busy.  There has been good news, I’ve got the flooring to finish the kitchen, and then there has been routine living. I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been happening. This post will be all over the place in subject matter so grab a cup of tea and I’ll get started.

The flooring.  Over the last month not only had I been calling the stores close to home regularly but had my name and number at every location in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area hoping I’d hear from one of them.


half way

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