Realizing Dreams Do Come True

When my children were young we often visited my grandparents. My boys loved those visits. My grandparents were frugal but always had fun things for the boys to do.  During the summer months the best thing about grandma and grandpa’s house was the freedom to pick from their gardens. In the colder months the basement held the biggest attraction where my grandfather would let them build with wood scraps and use his antique tools.

Last week I had my entire family together here at my home.  My oldest son had to have surgery, nothing serious, and was brought to a hospital nearby.  It provided an opportunity for all to get together at my home for a couple of days.

I’ve become just like my grandparents in that this time it is my house that the children enjoy visiting.

They snacked from the gardens.

They found new uses for toys pulled out of other people’s trash.

This ride toy Little Guy saw out for trash on our walks and picked it up and rode it back to my house. Here the older two took turns pushing each other up and down the ramp.

The tires I saved shortly after moving here have been put to good use. Some have been planted with flower bulbs, one is a sand box and one hangs from the tree for just this purpose.

We kept the tire low so even the smallest children could reach it.

My grandson loves to work and stepped in to wash dishes (while his sister played with the soap suds), found my electric mower so enticing he mowed my entire property (trimmed it too)

My granddaughter saw my laundry detergent was low and wanted to make more. She finds the cheese grate fun to use.

They not only snacked from the berries but dug through the rest of the beds pulling out food we could incorporate into dinner.

Little Guy still enjoys knowing he can tear up my bricks around the flower beds to collect slugs and showed them off to his cousins.

Nothing here cost much if anything at all. My dream for my property was to not only provide food for myself but to provide the children with a safe space where they could snack on organic foods while playing.  To see them having fun, learning about nature through play and enjoying each others company is all I could ever dream to have for them.





  1. NothIng better a grandparent could ask for than that her grandchildren love to be at her house. Mine used to when they were little but now I live too far away.


    • Exactly. It makes me smile to see them enjoy their visits. It must be so hard for you to be such a distance from your little ones. As winter approaches I find myself thinking of becoming a snowbird, at least, but I don’t want to miss seeing the children, they grow so fast.


  2. What a wonderful dream and to have it come true in any form is quite the accomplishment. You’ve come a long way. It feels good to have the family collect in your home. I so understand. You should be proud that all want to be there with you.


    • Thank you! Yes, the neighbor children stop by often to play. They are so cute because they will ask if they can help me with chores to “earn” the opportunity to play in the yard. I’m happy to let them seeing as they have zero green spaces to play in at their homes.


  3. I love hearing about how dreams come true and I’m glad for you that your grandchildren love to come to your place. I remember when you moved there and your plans; now it’s so encouraging to see them manifesting. Have a great weekend, Lois.


    • Hi Linne, I too am trilled the children enjoy coming to visit me and are enjoying the many play options I incorporated into the property. When I moved here the big maple tree was an obstacle to work around for the gardens. I refused to consider cutting it down to allow more sunlight in and now my little ones and the neighbors come over to climb that tree or swing from it. Makes me smile every time.

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  4. Wonderful Lois that you all got together and love the raspberries and that your whole family got to snack on home grown goodness, not only of food, but good family company, I hope your son is recovering well, and I bet it was so nice to have everyone together at once.. xxx


    • It happens so rarely that both my sons and their families are together that I cherish those days so much. My son is doing well, thank you, Sue. And yes, seeing the children snacking on organic, home-grown food is wonderful. One downfall is the complaint from their parents that some of the children now refuse to eat store bought berries as they taste horrible to them. On the other hand, it’s spurred their parents to add small garden beds of berries where they can, and the children want to be involved in the gardening, to increase the kids fruit intake. I’m all for my grandchildren eating less of the pesticide sprayed produce

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  5. Well, I’m glad you popped by again Lois, I wasn’t following this blog, but am now. Are you still in the same house, the one you had put so much time and effort into? It’s lovely to read about your grandies coming by and being able to amuse themselves safely outdoors and in. I’m sorry to hear you lost your other blog due to hacking – I cannot imagine why some people think this is a fun thing to do – there are some odd creatures living ion the shadows!!


    • Hi Pauline, yes I am still in the same house and still hard transforming it to bring it back. I can see an end in sight finally. The house had lovely bones but was unloved for many decades.

      I don’t understand why people feel the desire to destroy other people’s work simply for the kicks but alas it’s something we have to deal with.


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