No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Last week I spent an afternoon mending and sewing. One of the items I made was a hair bow for my granddaughter to wear for Halloween.

I gave her the bow on Saturday and was glad to see she liked it. But by the next day she called and asked if I could make her a Dallas Cowboy bow for her hair so she could wear it with her jersey while watching the games with her dad.

My crazy kids.

What could I say, of course if I could find a small piece of Cowboy fabric I’d drag out the sewing machine and make another bow. By Friday we’d found a piece of fabric and I quickly put another bow together in time for Sunday’s game.

She’s worn it almost every day since!Β  There was still a small piece of fabric leftover so the request was to make a bandana for Elsa.

I used a piece of elastic in my sewing box to give it some stretch and sent her home ready to join the family for the Cowboy game.

I wonder if the sewing machine will get a break for a while.



  1. Cynthia has a good idea. I think the bows and bandannas would be a big hit in themed fabric like you used. Crafting them could be another activity for winter time when you’re stuck indoors. You could get remnants at fabric stores, used clothes for fabrics from thrift stores, etc. to use. Oh, now i’m all excited for your business and I have no idea if you are at all interested. πŸ™‚


    • I hadn’t thought of making a business out of bows and fabric items for dogs but you guys have me thinking about it. I like your idea to look for used clothes from thrift stores as a resource for fabrics, thank you!


  2. It’s wonderful that dad and daughter have something to bond over. It’s the little things like a bow tie made by grandma that makes all the difference to a child. I for one, never want to turn my hobby into a business. Takes the fun out of it. Others enjoy it either way. Love the silly smiles. Elsa looks happy too. πŸ™‚


    • Dad and Daughter have a lot to bond over football is just one. πŸ™‚ I never thought I’d be making things for a dog to wear though lol. I agree with you on how easy it would be for a hobby to turn into a chore by monetizing it but sewing isn’t a hobby of mine so it’s worth considering as they are super easy to make.

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  3. I can see a production line will be going as she tells all her friends LOL..
    I crocheted a mermaid outfit for one of our granddaughters Barbies.. She loved it.. Something so simple gives hours of pleasure..
    πŸ™‚ Lovely Lois xxx


      • BIG bows her now are all the range with young girls at school and so long as they are in the school colours teachers do not mind.. But bright party bows a great idea. And I think they would be popular.. xxx


        • Girls today are into jewelry and any accessories, for hair included, are big here too. Unless you attend a private school colors aren’t a big deal. Our dress codes are mainly about keeping the body covered such as no tank tops or open toed shoes.

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    • I’ve never really considered anything involving sewing as a way to make money because it’s not something I LOVE to do but these are so easy I may give it a go.


      • I used to sell used books online, and I found that the biggest hassle was dealing with the shipping. I got out of it because it was just taking sooo much time to make it to the post office every day. This was eons ago though, so maybe there are new services that would allow you to handle the shipping without having to actually go to the post office all the time.


        • I too sold books and other things on ebay. Btw, biggest money maker then were unlocked cell phones my son had a source for. Anyway, yes I got tired of the trips to the post office and the lines (although I’ve never had to wait in a line here). If one purchases a scale and has a printer to print labels you can set up an account with the post office where they would pick up your packages from your home. Anyway, still running the numbers to see if the project is worth it in the long run.

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  4. ah…sweet…

    re business…I bet it would work…
    Folks spend a ton on cute things for their fur pals, dogs and cats.

    re mail…not likely too expensive. Many of these items would fit in a letter size envelope….


    • I did a bit of research on pricing of bows currently on the market and could make a bit of profit even with shipping. Like Cat mentioned though there is the trips to the post office which at this point I would have to hire out as I can’t get there with my chair situation at the moment so I will have to factor that in as well. It never hurts to have an extra income stream though.


    • Thank you, Anne. When I think of sewing the first things that come to mind are sewing from a pattern such as dresses or quilting. Both stress me out but simple things like the bows are easy enough that I don’t mind sitting at the machine to make them.


  5. People go nuts if they can match something with their furbabies. Even adults. πŸ˜‰ As for postage and mailing, I believe there might be several options you can go with, research is the key. I know some of the other mailing places like FedEx and such are adding new services all the time. You might talk to someone because you are disabled, they might have a program that you haven’t heard about. Just kind of thinking out loud with my fingers. LOL


    • Jackie, I never thought about seeing what options there might be for a person with a disability, that’s definitely something to look into.

      I’ve never understood the attraction of spending money on jewelry, clothes and other accessories for our pets. Yes, my dogs have been valued members of our family but I never purchased specialty products like that for them. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely something to consider though.


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