Seed Offer will help Hurricane Victims

Just a quick note to share a wonderful opportunity for anyone who plans to plant a garden next year.

I purchase the majority of my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds each year and have been happy with the service and the quality of the seeds I receive. Today I want to share details of an email I received from them today.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds will donate 100% of all seed sales, not their profit on the sales, but the total sales to Hurricane Relief

We want to do more and we want you to help us do more.  Many of these people need IMMEDIATE assistance of food, water, and medicine.  It takes MONEY to get those things to them.  In an effort to get that immediate aid to those who need it, Baker Creek is running a special for an entire week in which we will donate 100% of the seed sales to World Help, who will distribute supplies to Puerto Rico and other areas damaged by these horrific hurricanes.  All sales proceeds from all orders placed today, September 29, through next Friday, October 6, will be donated to World Help to help them move in food, water, medicine, and other needed supplies

In addition if you were directly affected by the Hurricanes Baker Creek wants to help you restore your garden.

We also are donating home garden restart kits to any individual or family who has lost their gardens to these horrific storms.  If you or someone you know has lost a garden in the hurricane and could use a start up seed kit, please send your story and contact information to and to the attention of “donation” so that we can send you a starter kit.

Check out the varieties Baker Creek/Rare Seeds had to offer



    • That’s why I had to share this offer. For a company to help these victims and gardeners at the same time is such a selfless act in a time where as you say few companies have a conscience.

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  1. I listened to — who was it now? I’m terrible at remembering details of a story — the (a?) Puerto Rico mayor beg for help last night and it brought tears to my eyes. So hard to hear someone beg for help and all I can do is donate and hope for the best. My heart aches.


    • I saw that too and had the same reaction you did. I also saw the retort by Trump to her which was disgusting. I’m hoping now that the Jones Act has been suspended Puerto Rico will get the help it needs quickly enough to save lives. We really are fortunate where we live.

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  2. The Hurricane’s have been terrible Lois, and so many peoples lives effected .. This is a wonderful gesture and I am sure any help will go along way to helping those whose whole way of living has been affected..
    Thank you for sharing Lois.. ❤


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