Salvaged Magazine Stand, Before and After

I’m playing catch up with all the free furniture I showed you earlier this summer.   I never got around to showing you this magazine stand I took that afternoon.

It wasn’t a bad piece of furniture but it hadn’t been treated well.

As I began sanding this down the underside of the top had this milky white goo on it. I was trying to figure out what could have been spilled on the bottom of the table top when one of the neighbor girls mentioned I should watch out for a stain on the bottom, these pieces had belonged to her grandmother.  I told her I’d found it but had no idea what it was.    She told me the table had been knocked over and milk spilled on the bottom of the top. Her grandmother left the table upended to dry rather than cleaning it up.  When the smell of spoilt milk permeated the house the grandmother simply bought air freshener rather than cleaning it.

Sure enough as I began to sand the smell of spoilt milk was there.

As I worked on sanding down the table outside I had a woman stop and ask me what I was going to do with this table.  I hadn’t decided if I was going to paint or stain it, although I was leaning heavily towards staining, but that I would sell it when it was done.  The woman gave me her number and told me she would buy it from me if I gave it a dark stain.

I still had some American Walnut stain by Minwax and some Cherry on hand the American Walnut would be perfect.

We came to an agreement on the price and I pointed out a few flaws I knew I wouldn’t be able to remove on the top and the hole from a lamp pole I wouldn’t be replacing, she wasn’t fazed, she wanted it.

The only other thing I had to do was tighten one of the screws to stabilize the table because it was a bit wobbly when I brought it home.  I’m told she loves the stain color and it fits perfectly in her home.  It’s always nice to have a piece sold before I make a decision on colors.

Had I not taken this table it would have been burned by the landlord so I’m thrilled to have given it a second life. Having everything I needed on hand my total cost was zero to restore this cute little magazine stand.






    • Those tables with the lamps were all the craze when I was young so I was tempted to build a new lamp for it out of sentiment but glad I never had to make that choice.


  1. You did a nice job. Can’t imagine spilling milk and not cleaning it. … but maybe she was elderly and couldn’t bend over or something. We never know the difficulties others have and I’m sure no one would want or choose to live with the smell.
    When I see photos of all the items people are throwing out after the hurricane it hurts my heart. I’m sure many of them could be refinished and used again. People are overwhelmed though with the magnitude of all they have to do to have their homes back and it’s so much easier to replace and start over. I’m glad you brought a new life to the magazine rack.


    • No she isn’t elderly or unable to bend over. She’s my age, mid 50s. But the whole house was like that. When the landlord opened the door I could smell the odors from a few feet away. The landlord kept coming outside for fresh air when trying to clean up the house. Everything had to be replaced from carpets up.

      I saw pictures of some of the things being thrown out after the hurricane and was shocked. I understand some of the upholstered furniture but the wood pieces, oh my. While looking at them I tried to tell myself that they didn’t have any where to store them or maybe they were just outside while the home was cleaned up. Let’s hope not all of that is really trash.

      I peeked at your post to see if you were okay, I’ll stop by later to comment, but wanted you to know I am so relieved you and your mother are both okay. I was worried you might not be able to get out of Florida by car and could get stuck. I’m watching Jose and hoping it doesn’t come near you.


  2. It’s an interesting story about the stain. Even if she couldn’t bend over because of age, I would have used a mop to clean it up. No bending. 😉 But then, as was said, one never knows what another person is/was going through. Nice that it sold before you even did anything. It turned out nice.


  3. Wow! You did a fantastic job on that piece, Lois!!! I love it. I would have taken it myself but not if the smell was still in it. I think that lady is a case of broken brain. No dots connecting somewhere. I’m glad you made some cash for your work and it’s wonderful you saved another piece from the landfill. I saw all that stuff out after the hurricane too. So much has been contaminated because sewers flooded into the water so there is no way of knowing if anything is safe to use again. Sad, sad, sad. You are an amazing woman with the work you do. I still have to check out your other post. How did I get this far behind?? Hugs.


    • Nope, the smell was definitely gone once I cleaned it up.

      I hadn’t thought about the sewer contamination after the hurricane when I saw all that furniture outside, but you are so right, better to toss it out than make your family ill trying to save those pieces.

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