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Right in the middle of painting the exterior of the house I received a phone call asking me if I wanted a couple of end tables and a lamp. I was told they were very pretty and were free. I couldn’t leave the house right then so took my friend’s word that they were nice and said yes.

She and I have very different views on what is pretty.

The man getting rid of these offered to deliver them for us. When he pulled up in his truck he informed me his mother died suddenly and he had to get rid of her things soon as the home was being taken.  I felt horrible for him.  To lose his mother and his childhood home and all the memories at the same time is a huge blow.

As he opened his tailgate he told me the tables were antiques. I could see right away these weren’t what anyone would call antiques. old yes, but not of any value.  These end tables were mass-produced in China.  The frame is thin plywood covered with plastic details and a thin “tin” which was coming off all over each piece.  I was polite and told him I  could see they were.

They also weren’t my style.

He then brought out this lamp (and a matching one) and informed me these too were antiques.


Okay the lamp had potential but I only needed one; a neighbor came out and took the matching one.

Next came a mirror.  It’s not great but it is light-weight and I was still looking for a mirror for the girls vanity. The wall where the vanity sits is simply plaster over the brick chimney so no nails I have will penetrate that wall.

He wasn’t done. Next came this desk organizer. It too had a story behind it. His brother made it in shop class in seventh grade. I got the impression his brother is no longer here. I remarked on the craftsmanship and thanked him. Afterwards, I began calling around to see who might want this.

In actuality this was the nicest thing he brought but I didn’t have a need for it. I did luck out and found a taker later in the day.

Just so you know I haven’t been ignoring you let me show you what I’ve been up to.

The tables needed plenty of repairs before I could do anything with them. My grandson asked that I paint them orange (he loves the lamp shade) but trying to cover all the plastic was quickly using up the orange paint too fast and I was running out.  I had to make a quick change. Here’s a comparison of the two. One still as I received it (plus a trial shade of paint on the top corner), the other ready to go upstairs.

The color doesn’t show up too well, it’s a light green. To give my grandson his orange, the inside of the drawers are orange along with the pulls. I had to live with the pulls as the only way to remove them was to take the drawer apart and not being well put together I was afraid I’d break something.

I’m not happy with the tables. I considered removing all the details on the outside but one peek at the amount of messy glue underneath I knew I didn’t have time for that big of a job.  Maybe one day.

And the lamp. Here’s a picture of the first  coat of paint. Since this will go in the boys’ room I wanted them to match as much as possible.  I like that the eagle pops now, Little Guy will love that, and it matches the theme I decided on. I’ll let you guess for now what that might be.


That’s the last item of furniture I had hoped to find for the house. Anything else that comes my way will be made over to sell.  When I began this journey to make this house feel like a home and fit not only my needs but those of my grandchildren I wanted to do it without buying anything new. I moved in here with my bed, a nightstand for me, a futon, and a microwave table. Not exactly enough to meet our needs in this home.  I came close.

Purchased new included:

  • Fabric to make curtains for my room
  • mattresses for the children’s beds. (although the crib mattress for Little Guy because he falls out of bed was given to me by my kids)
  • Two chairs for the kitchen table
  • Two resin chairs for outside.
  • A sheet for the crib mattress
  • Two light fixtures

More details on the remaking of the newest finds to come…..Feel free to guess the theme of the boys’ room. 🙂

What was the last thing you found?



  1. You did a tremendous service to that man by taking his mother’s furniture. I’m sure he was very grateful. As for the end tables, they aren’t my style either, but the coat of paint helped a lot. I’m sure the boys will like them especially if the drawers are a fun color inside.


    • If it wasn’t for his loss I would have thanked him but declined accepting them. I am looking forward to the day different tables show up in my world so I can replace these, but for now they will work. The kids aren’t picky, just putting a room together for them that provides function is what makes them feel special when here.


  2. Yeah, I can see your point on the end tables. You were nice though and took them. Painting will help a lot. lol

    I’m guessing nautical for the boys room? Or jungle theme. My imagination at work. 😉


  3. So sad that the man lost his Mother and home.. And you have done amazing with what you were given, And I agree with you Lois, not my cup of tea lol for the style of furniture.
    Will look forward to seeing the finished lamp etc

    Sending Love xx


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