Thoughtful Gesture of the Day

I have a real hate for gas-powered machines. Take for instance the gas-powered lawnmower.  They smell horrible, make a lot of noise and need regular outlays of cash and materials to keep up.  There’s the oil, gas, spark plugs and so on that are added to the initial purchase price.


It drives me crazy to have a neighbor start up a mower early in the morning and wake me. I hate when their mower comes so close to one of my windows that I need to close it to keep the exhaust out of my home. Basically, I would love to see them outlawed but we’re a long way from that.

So with my total distaste for gas-powered machines, I had an experience today with a mower that made me smile.

I was taking the back way to the library when I spotted huge plumes of smoke. At first I thought I would have to go around and take another way to the library but then I got closer and saw it wasn’t a fire after all but a lawnmower.

In the middle of a field, away from homes was a man working on a lawnmower.  I saw a car nearby with its trunk open as well.  As I passed the man looked in my direction, I smiled and said hello.  He instantly apologized for the smoke.

It was what he said afterwards that impressed me. He proceeded to tell me how his mower was burning oil and he had to do some work to it before he could cut his grass. He had loaded the mower into the trunk of his car and driven to a secluded area to work on it so as not to have any of the smoke and smells affect his neighbors.

My passing by caused him guilt. He didn’t think anyone would travel past him and be affected by the smoke and kept apologizing to me.  I told him it was fine and that I was impressed by how much he cared about the comfort of his neighbors.

I wondered, with homes so close together in many places here, how many would think of the comfort of their neighbors and go out of their way to respect those needs.  Would more people think it was fine to work on their machines at their home and inconvenience everyone else in the process?  I believe more would assume anything they do on their property is fine and the neighbors could just deal with it.





  1. Wow. I’m impressed, and I agree that not many people would even think about how they might be bothering their neighbors, let alone take such steps to avoid it. I too HATE gas powered lawn mowers… and leaf blowers… and snow blowers. My next door neighbor has a guy come do her lawn once a week and he generally starts mowing around 7am. Doesn’t even seem to occur to him that he might be disturbing anyone. Sigh.


    • Cat, I stopped at lawnmowers because I could have written a long rant on leaf blowers alone. I’ve never seen the point of them. A broom or rake does just as good a job is quiet and good exercise in cleaner air. Personally, I love sweeping and raking outside but that’s me.

      7am is ridiculously early for any neighborhood. You neighbors are so close to you that I know that would disturb your sleep. From one night owl to another I would be fuming at the disruption of my sleep at that hour. Most of my neighbors mow in the early evening so there’s just one that disturbs my sleep.

      What impressed me the most about the man I met was that he was young, Mid-20s. People say the younger generations have no respect for others and then I meet someone like this and know the generalization is so very wrong.


  2. I lost my long comment, so I’ll try to summarize. Thanks for the lovely story. It was a great way to start my day.

    As for gas powered lawn mowers, they have their place especially in large weedy/brushy areas. Hand powered or electric mowers do an inferior job most of the time in these situations. We have researched all options every time we’ve bought a lawn mower, and have found that only gas powered ones do the job we need. As technology evolves, that might not be the answer in the future, but it is now. And if you keep them tuned up, that minimizes the exhaust.

    They are noisy, but we don’t mow until after 10 am because of the noise and our neighbors seem to follow suit. However, I understand a 7 am mowing. On some of these really hot summer days, they’re trying to beat the stifling heat later in the day.


    • You are right about the power of electric and push mowers when you have big jobs or have farmland that needs mowed, I can’t see an alternative to gas powered machines to hay. But the typical tiny urban yard here could be easily cut with an alternative type of mower. I have the largest property in the area and my electric does a fine job. Of course I admit not everyone, like you, is inconsiderate on the time of day they choose to mow.


  3. Just an example that the world is not TOTALLY filled with ignorant rude people – it just seems that way sometimes recently! The nice considerate humans are still out there – just quietly going about their day without a lot of noise and bluster. 🙂


    • Elaine, that’s why I had to share that story. That man went out of his way to be courteous which was wonderful to see after the events of this past weekend.


  4. What a wonderful story Lois and what a thoughtful neighbour.. I wonder if his neighbours even realised how thoughtful he was in doing that..
    We have our allotments five minutes walk from our home, and while in many areas other allotments can have bonfires to burn weeds and rubbish etc.. Our allotment association has banned all fires.. For the simple reason it is close to homes..
    Some forget the rules and have lit bonfires. resulting in many complaints.. Even the fire brigade was called one time to extinguish a garden bonfire.. resulting in a fine to the man in question and a warning he’d lose his plot.
    It is important to be mindful of others and our environment..
    And It is refreshing to learn there are still those who think of others rather than their own conveniences ..

    I have enjoyed catching up with you again Lois.. You have been very busy.. ❤

    Wishing you a good week Lois, lots of love your way my friend 🙂 ❤ Sue


    • How wonderful that your allotment has banned burning. We know that burning adds CO2 to the atmosphere whereas burying it in the ground stores that in the soil and improves the health of the soil. It’s why I continue to bury all tree branches in my garden beds instead of burning them.

      I don’t know if that man’s neighbors knew what he did for them but I hope they appreciate him.

      Working on new pieces right now, will post an update on all the work that’s been going on soon.

      Have a lovely Sunday, Sue.

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