My Favorite Time of Year

Summer is my favorite time of year. Sure there’s more work to be done but the warmth energizes me and I feel more motivated than any other time of the year.

We’ve had so much rain this year that along with the other work mowing the grass has kept me busy. Of course living on a hilly property has meant getting stuck more times than I can count in soft soil this season. Luckily, I have great neighbors who are always willing to give me a hand.

So while I work to get more of my photos edited to show you what we’ve been up to here’s a few I have ready to show you the beauty of summer, and a couple of fun things tossed in. I hope they bring a smile to your day.

The coffee table was hijacked from me.


The two girls who are working on the table live next door. I can’t show their faces as they are foster children. They asked if I could show them how to refinish furniture. I never turn down a child asking to learn. They are almost finished and very proud of their accomplishment.


There is a change in the atmosphere this year.  As I stroll around town I find more people are planting flowers. I was dismayed when I first moved to see no one had an interest in gardening. The next step, seeing edible gardens. For now I smile just to see the beautiful colors showing up all over.


I noticed a tree had been removed at one house, it was dead and needed to come down, but had to snap this picture of how they used the stump to make it a focal point. It’s something I could picture myself doing.


I also found a field with wildflowers!  I love cut flowers in my home in the summer months but won’t buy them.

They add just the right pop of color in my living room.


As I mentioned we’ve had more than our share of rain this year but I love seeing the raindrops on flowers after a shower.


Little guy turns three this week. Boy how time flies.

And he’s still obsessed with tools.  Before I move my chair I always look to see where the children or pets are. This time I looked to see Little Guy had pulled out a pair of pliers and a screwdriver and was attempting to repair my tire.

We sort of have a farmer’s market in town. A business owner picks up local produce then resells it. Her prices are too high to buy much at one time but it’s nice to have an option in town.


Speaking of food.  Since I dragged home a kids play kitchen they didn’t play with it much because they didn’t like the plastic food, or lack of food that came with it.  I purchased some felt foods and all of a sudden their imaginations have gone wild.


Of course the first day the carrots were here we found one outside on the deck. When I asked what it was doing outside Little Guy informed me he was feeding the rabbits.

I also introduced the kids to a favorite game from my childhood. Jacks

Soon I had the neighbors wanting to learn to play too.

And for the first time, I had a success in the garden.  Every year living further north in the state my squashes developed powdery mildew.  This year none of them developed it even with all the rain.  If I could jump I’d be jumping for joy.

Just the other night we had a clear night that brought the most beautiful sunset. I’d missed the varied hues I used to see over the lake.

And finally, just to let you know I’m still digging through other people’s trash. I spotted this bench at the curb and dragged it home on my lap. Heaviest piece I think I’ve ever carried home.  A bit of wood putty in a couple of places, cleaning of cobwebs and a light sanding and it was ready to paint.  I should close for now and get a second coat on it before falling asleep.

How has your summer been?



  1. Congratulations on your clean squash. I don’t think I’ve ever grown squash that didn’t get mildew. Is it a mildew resistant variety? I enjoyed the pictures of what is happening about your neighborhood.


  2. I wish you could send some of that rain my way. We need it. It’s so dry they are telling people to not even use BBQ’s if possible. It’s terrible.
    I loved to read that your neighborhood seems to be growing more flowers and such. 🙂 So nice when a place starts to beautify. And having kids wanting to learn is awesome! You are a great influence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish I could send you some of our rain too. It’s raining again today! I’ve given up watching how much rain we’ve had after seeing we had 3 inches in just the first three days of July. It’s been pretty constant. I’m trying to get the rest of my house painted this year but painters are booked up as they have customers lined up waiting for nice days to be able to paint. It’s ridiculous.

      When I moved here three years ago, I felt lost because no one had flowers and the homes looked so run down. All of a sudden people are residing houses, adding flower beds and cleaning up their property. It’s amazing to see in a depressed area.

      The kids are great. They simply want someone to show them some attention and if that’s all they need I’m happy to oblige. I’ve long believed in the adage that it takes a community to raise children and trying to do my part.


      • It’s the same here for some reason. When we first moved to this trailer park, it was run down and the places looked like they should be condemned. But over the last few years the place has really seen improvement. Old run down mobile homes have been either removed and replaced or like we did with ours, resided and cleaned up. Gardens have sprung up and people seem to take pride in their homes. We may be poor but we don’t have to live like trash.

        I never had much to do with kids. Not sure how to cope with them. LOL So bravo to you!


        • That’s wonderful that your park is improving. So many go downhill instead of getting better. I agree, it’s one thing to be poor but we don’t have to show it. While flowers tax an already stretched budget just keeping things tidy does a whole lot for morale.

          I was the oldest of six kids so I guess it was just natural for me to take to kids.


  3. Your neighborhood flowers are so pretty and colorful. I love to walk around enjoying other people’s plantings and appreciate that I don’t have to do a bit of the work and still get to enjoy them. It looks like you have had a lovely summer, and enjoyed it with your grandchildren too. It’s not my favorite season because it’s so hot and humid where I live you just can’t be outside and I want to be outside every day.


    • I too love to walk around and see other people’s gardens but working in my own brings me even more pleasure. Not sure I would enjoy summer either if I lived where you do. Living in the desert of Arizona I hated summer.


  4. Lots going on there Lois. It’s good that the vege/fruit seller has not packaged the produce up in plastic. I can only imagine how awkward that bench was to transport on your lap! Looking forward to seeing it when you’ve worked your magic.


    • That is the only place we can find produce unpackaged so it’s wonderful to have finally.

      Oh boy, that bench was the hardest item I’ve attempted to carry home. Glad it was a short trip but have a couple bruises to show for my efforts. I smile every time I go outside and see it because the changes are so drastic. I’ll be sharing the after photos as soon as my fabric arrives later this week.


  5. Wonderful news throughout this post, Lois. I didn’t see it come in with this tiny tablet but glad I caught it. That bench will be amazing. You have done a wonderful job of inspiring a whole neighborhood. Not many can say that. We have not had a drop of rain in 60 days and none in the forecast. Real fire danger and we have smoke from fires in the north. Glad the squash is happy this year. I hate writing on this tablet. 😣


    • I so wish I could give you some of our rain. It’s raining again today and the ground is so soaked that I have to be careful going into the yard so I don’t get stuck or tear things up. My sump pump is working constantly whereas it usually doesn’t run at all during the summer, only during spring.

      I couldn’t stand writing on a tablet either, wasn’t disappointed when mine died. I hope you get your new computer soon.

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      • Tomorrow, I hope but I’ll be gone all day to visit a lady in a nursing home downtown with my sewing group. It should be safe on the porch here in my neighborhood. I was mistaken, We have already been over 70 days without rain, and none in the 15 day forecast. 😦 I have company coming Wed for a week and then maybe I can start catching up. 🙂 Stay out of puddles. p


        • We’ve had rain every day since last Thursday. We get a break today then it’s back to more rain. It’s really cold here too. This time of year we are usually in the high 80s and low 90s with hot humid nights. Instead we barely broke 60 for the last two days and nights have been in the 50s. I added an extra blanket to my bed just so I could keep the window in the bedroom cracked a bit for fresh air. I’m getting concerned we’ve got a harsh winter coming.

          Enjoy your outing and company. Hope to hear some good news from you after that.

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  6. You have been very busy Lois.. Lovely that those two girls are wanting to learn and help you.. Great flowers, and wonderful farmers market.. Also And wow at three years old goodness know what he is going to be able to do aged 13.. 🙂
    And that double chair an amazing find.. and you be careful!! that must have taken some carrying on your lap..
    Enjoy your week..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue 🙂


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