The Free Side Table

I finished this little table almost a week ago but life has been so busy I kept putting off the editing of photos. We’ve been having the perfect summer days broken up with lots of rain. So I’ve taken advantage of the sunny periods to keep up on the yard work and enjoy a bit of relaxing. Boy how those weeds take over when they have lots of rain.

Cooling off at the park today.

So back to the side table.

Here’s the before of the table that was left behind by a tenant.


The top had the most damage but the whole thing needed a good cleaning. I sanded the entire piece down starting with the top.  I loved the natural wood I found and decided then and there to showcase the natural color and give it a clear coat to protect it.

If you look closely, you can probably see a couple of dings and scratches that were too deep to sand out. I wasn’t worried about it because I believe those imperfections give a piece character.

Since this table was going into the girls’ room I wanted to tie this table in with the other stand I found for the room. this way both girls have a night stand that is similar yet not identical.  Hence, the white.  I like to leave part of any piece I do for my home natural, or at least emphasize the grain, because the children love to compare the different woods and are learning to identify the trees they come from.


This white is more of a pure white while the end table has more of a creamy color to it.

The white shows off the details like these on the corners of the table.


One of the girls has seen this and loves it, she wanted it by her bed so that’s where it is.  She runs her hands over the top and remarks on how pretty her tree is. 🙂

I have to remake the beds and then I should be able to show you the finished room.

Live and Learn, I hope this gives you some ideas for that spot you want a similar table.



  1. I especially love that your granddaughter appreciates the natural wood and considers it “her” tree 🙂 This little table has lovely lines, I might well have fallen for it myself, love me some curves lol


    • When I saw the table I saw the lines and thought of it as a feminine piece for a girly girl. That’s exactly what my granddaughter is so it was fitting it’s now hers. I’ve done many pieces of furniture for the grandchildren and let them determine how the finished piece will look. Every time they want some part of the piece to be left natural so they can be reminded of the tree it came from. I love that about them.


  2. First off, I envy you your rain. We just have hot and dry and more of the same each day. Too hot to sleep. Been awake since 3. Oh for a puddle to play in. 😦 Second, that table turned out beautiful!!! I love it. I have pieces to redo but it’s too hot out there for it. We have had one extreme to the other here. You are doing a good job of teaching the kids about wood. I treasure every piece of real wood furniture I have. We have to save more and not be so quick to toss it out.


    • I would love to give you some but we need it. It’s been a nice mix, beautiful day broken by thunderstorms and rain showers for an hour or so then back to beautiful. This happens a few times a day then we have a day or two of dry weather and back to that sporadic pattern. We’ve spent lots of time playing in the puddles. 🙂

      I was working on one of the tables when a neighbor girl stopped over, she’s ten, and I was shocked when she asked me where wood comes from. I took the time to explain the grain of the wood and how a tree is cut to expose it, she was very interested but shocked that a tree could become furniture. What have we done to our children?

      Even after all these years, I am still amazed by the beauty of wood as I work on pieces.

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      • I love natural wood, too, and your table turned out great. Your granddaughter is so cute playing in the puddles in her tutu!


        • That tutu got a lot of attention. We first stopped to visit the new store in town and ordered real fruit smoothies for all. As I was about to pay an older gentleman stepped in front of me and paid for our smoothies then turned to my granddaughter and told her to grow up to be a ballerina. I’ve never been on the receiving end of such a sweet gesture.

          The puddles are a small stream we visit at the park to look for frogs and other small animals to show the children what lives in water.


          • I was angry a long time ago too. I couldn’t take them out of school but I gave them everything I could to add to it. Really upset a lot of teachers. Oh, well. 🙂


          • I did that for a while with my boys. When my oldest was in second grade his teacher begged me not to let him learn things at home until she could teach it to him. In fifth grade his teacher called me to complain about how much he knew. I’d had enough. one more year and I took my kids out of school, that pissed the teachers off even more. It all worked out in the end.

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          • I had their father to contend with. He would not allow it and was not an active participant but I kept finding books and giving them access to information. They were born curious which helped a lot. School has never been of much help to them.


          • Many people used to tell me they didn’t know if they could ever be a single parent, I always replied they would find a way if they ever had to. In the case of home schooling being single gave me the freedom to follow my heart and not to have to “compromise” with a partner. 🙂 Always pros and cons to every situation. I think you did amazing with your compromise, your children are fortunate to have had such a loving mother.

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  3. Such a wonderful job you have made of the table Lois, Such TLC gone into the sanding of it.. And I agree with you the natural grain looks lovely than painting over the whole thing.. Lovely transformation.. 🙂 ❤


    • Thanks, Sue. My neighbor looked at some of the furniture left behind and decided it all looked too ugly for her. People just can’t see beyond a worn finish to see the potential of some things. One of the tables I took she said she didn’t want until she saw how it was coming out. I have it sold to her already and it’s not even finished.

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