Mother’s Day and a Crochet Dress

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day.  I was able to spend my day with family and in the garden. Nothing better than that.

Three years ago I crocheted a dress for my youngest granddaughter.

She loved her dress and wore it often. She loved it because it was pink and she loved that it was handmade for her.  Sadly, she’s grown too tall to wear it.

When making clothing for children there are things you can do to allow the item to be modified to grow with them.  Children will hold on to handmade gifts a long time because it reminds them of how much they are loved.  With that in mind, I made sure to make the shoulder straps extra long so they could be let down.

I’m glad I did because she still wanted to wear her dress and asked if she could give it back to me to make it bigger.

I used the same yarn to stitch the strap in place so I had to be careful in cutting the yarn not to cut the strap.

When I made the dress I also stitched the bodice as one flat piece which I later sewed together up the back. My reasoning was that if she grew thicker I would be able to open the bodice up the back to increase the width.  Surprisingly, she’s grown taller but her cubby toddler body has thinned making the bodice still fit perfectly today.

I no longer had any of the yarn left and couldn’t find it anywhere. I sent the dress with my granddaughter to the store to find a color she thought would go well with the light pink.

I finished extending the length of the dress last night.

When I first made this dress I assumed the yarn would hold up through plenty of wear and washings but to see how well it held up in three years was amazing. You can’t tell the difference in age between the older portion and the new making it look as if the entire dress was made at one time.

Little One is happy to have her dress back. There was yarn left over so I stitched up a scarf for her and put aside for next Christmas. The one I made her at age two is way too small but still loved. I’ll probably add a lacy trim to the ends but it’s one gift already checked off for Christmas.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

UPDATE:  After posting these photos Cynthia made a wonderful suggestion in the comments that could fancy up the dress a bit more by adding a crochet flower at the neckline. I thought it was such a good idea I grabbed the small ball of yarn left over and got to work.  Of course, I embellished it further with a cute cat button I had in my sewing box.




  1. Beautiful.

    Yes, you are right. Children, even boys (which others have disputed with me) love handmade gifts..and I think you must be right, it is because it reminds them of how much they are loved.


  2. I think she picked the perfect color for the extension. It looks just like planned trim on the dress. Have you thought of crocheting her a flower trim for where the strap connects to match? Bet she’d love it!


    • That was such a great idea I did go back and add a crochet flower and another little touch. It was the first time I ever made a flower but I think it came out nice. It changed the entire look of the dress and my granddaughter loves it. Thanks so much for the suggestion.


  3. How sweet and a good way of extending the life and pleasure of/in the dress!
    Girls are practical like that – many dresses can become tunics and tops before they need to be passed on, we had some that had up to 4-5 years or more of wear when the child just stretched 😮


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