My Friend, Caterpillar

There is always work going on around the farmhouse but work has to be balanced with fun.  I’m currently working on updates to the kitchen. Here’s a sneak peak.


Yesterday afternoon that fun was provided by Little Guy.  While planting in the garden beds we had to stop and watch him play. Both his mother and I has as much fun watching as he did playing with his “friend” a caterpillar he found entering the yard.

He can play rather roughly at times so at first his mother worried he might harm the caterpillar by not being gentle enough. She worried for nothing.

As the caterpillar walked along the ramp, he brought it leaves, dandelion stems, and even small rocks to watch it climb then announced to us his caterpillar liked to climb like him.

The caterpillar was shown the entire property, especially his favorite parts of the yard.  It was shown the sandbox, the strawberry beds, and the newest carrot bed. Then Little Guy moved on to another section of the property, the swing set.

He very slowly swung the caterpillar on the swing to make sure it liked to swing. Then he joined in the fun.

As Little Guy moved from one spot in the yard to another, he would set the caterpillar on his shoe and would walk very carefully so as not to have his friend fall off.

Since the caterpillar liked the swing, he might like the “clubhouse”. Here he is asking the caterpillar if he liked being up high.

Can’t forget the slide. No, he didn’t push the caterpillar down the slide, he set him down and let the caterpillar walk around to check it out.

This went on for a couple of hours. When it was time for Little Guy to leave he brought his friend, the caterpillar, to his mother and me and told us the caterpillar had to go home to his family. Little Guy wanted to know where his family was, his mother suggested they were hanging out by the peach tree. Little Guy carried his friend to the peach tree, carefully set him down, then told him good-bye.

Kids don’t need lots of toys when they can have easy access to nature, even if it’s a small back yard.




  1. I agree wholeheartedly!!! That is a wonderful book waiting. What a wonderful story. Is he even 2? He is going to be a wonderful young man. There is hope for the future. Thanks for sharing that, Lois.


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