Fun and Excitement in Spite of the Rain

I woke to a dark room this morning. No, I didn’t wake before the sun rose, it was yet another day with clouds and rain.  Darkness, and a chilly room make it hard to get up and out of the warm bed but a message telling me my daughter-in-law and grandson were on their way to visit was the push I needed.

During the break in the rain Elsa, my grand-dog needed a trip outside.  My grandson took this opportunity to sit at the window with me and pretend we were visiting a zoo. Added to the normal animals one finds at the zoo we also had a volcano and because it was raining whales, dolphins and even sharks in our zoo.

When Elsa returned I could hear my daughter-in-law talking to someone. It was the littlest neighbor boy who spotted her and wanted to visit. He didn’t quite understand the zoo so Little Guy pulled out his favorite books followed by games to share.

Little Guy had a blast having a friend join him.

While I watched the boys my daughter-in-law told me she would be right back and again headed outside. She returned with a grin on her face and handed me her phone to see pictures she took.

She had spotted the smallest of peaches forming on the tree and wanted to surprise me with pictures of them.

I have peaches!!

Here are three of the tiny peaches forming but we estimate there’s probably twenty on the tree.

My grin spread as I looked at each photo.

The dreary day I didn’t want to meet was soon forgotten as my spirits soared knowing I would soon have my very own peaches to eat.


Company, a day at the zoo, and fruit. What more does a girl need?




  1. Well, I’ve heard of it “raining cats and dogs” but whales and sharks are even more exciting. I just love imaginative play with kids. Your peaches are so exciting. What a treat they will be this summer! After our lemon and lime trees being covered with blossoms and then loaded with tiny fruit, almost every fruit has fallen off. So disappointing.


    • Yep, I’ve gone beyond simple cats and dogs here. 🙂 This age is so fun to be around.

      I’m so sorry to hear all your fruit fell off your trees. What a huge let down that must be for you. Do you know why they fell off?


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