Changes Afoot and Making a Difference

There are changes happening all around me.  People are taking control and simplifying their lives.  I have three stories I’d like to share with you.

My daughter-in-law was so excited to see her children climbing around my garden beds to pick and eat healthy food she decided to plant a garden herself this year. Unfortunately, she over estimated the size of plot she had to work with so some of her plants will be planted in my yard.

My oldest son’s partner called me this week to tell me that I had inspired her to make her own laundry detergent, toothpaste and deodorant.

And finally, one of my neighbors who told me I was crazy to grow my own food is starting a garden. She was blown away by the increase in prices of produce at the grocery store this week and decided she wasn’t going to pay the prices that are on things like lettuce and tomatoes.  She told me I made gardening look easy.

Don’t ever let any one tell you one person can’t inspire others!


Now an update on the blog


Since I last posted my computer died leaving me with an older model that is really slow and a pain to work with especially when it comes to working with photographs.  So while I work to make the old material work seamlessly, fixing links and images, some things are just going to wait until I have my computer back so I don’t drive myself crazy using this slow machine.

For the time being there probably won’t be any photos in my posts as all my photos are on my other computer. I will go back and remedy this once I have access to my files again.

I have a lot of work to do on the blog to make your experience here an enjoyable one.  For starters I am going through all the posts and organizing the main subjects of my passions in easy to click links at the top of the page.  If you come here, for example, just for inspiration on upcycling furniture you won’t have to sift through everything else.

I finally found a direction for this blog, something I have been struggling with for some time. As a result the blog will be getting a new name that better fits who I am and what I write about.

Thank you all for being patient. You are amazing!!



  1. Glad you have found direction. That’s the one thing I don’t have and desperately need. Focus and direction. Today is another bad day for the eyes so it’s hard to read and write here. Print is so small. I’ll check back in with you on a good vision day.


    • I am so sorry you are still suffering with eye problems. You would think that with all our advances we should be able to solve your eye issues.

      Not sure if I can increase the size of the print here. When I chose this theme part of it was because it didn’t have tiny print.

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  2. So wonderful to see how you are inspiring not only family but neighbours as well Lois.. And you are a wonderful example of someone who is doing her bit for the environment.. And you go the extra mile more so than I in making your own detergents etc.. I still buy these etc.. So well done..
    You may want to see what we have been up to in the allotments and I will be back with link for you .. in my next comment xxx


    • My son’s partner just informed me she is also making her own body wash, something I don’t do (I buy Dr. Bonner bar soaps) we all have our strengths. You eat more homegrown food than I do which is much better for the environment than making detergents. I do hope my garden will catch up in the next year or two. I am pretty excited this year seeing my fruit trees getting ready to set fruit so it’s a good start.

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  3. Hi Lois! I just wanted to say I found you again – and so glad! Thankyou for letting me know the new URL and I will happily look forward to your continued blogging (after all, it’s been a while and several other URLs by now lol!)! All the best x


    • It has been a long journey trying to find my spot in the blog world. This is the last change you will see from me. Thank you for being patient with me while I figure things out.


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