Quick Update and I Need Your Input

You guys made some pretty persuasive arguments on whether or not to pull the plug on my home internet connection.  I hadn’t considered the fact that the library internet would not be secure as Marlene pointed out.  I’ve been hacked enough times for one tech challenged person I can’t risk it again. Cat, on the other hand, pointed out how the tech industry, Google and others, are switching to renewable energy. So maybe it won’t be much longer before those servers aren’t sucking up all our fossil fuels.

So with that I’ve decided to keep the internet.  What is the point of pulling the plug to try and convince myself that I wouldn’t be contributing to a technology that is unsustainable.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to import the contents I’ve been able to save from previous blog into this one and then do some major house cleaning.  I’ve imported the first batch which should be up within the next 24 hours. I don’t know how this works so I’m concerned that you will have a full inbox of notifications from me and am afraid to upload the rest.

Would you please let me know if your inbox is being overwhelmed. I’ll stop and see if there is a way I can prevent the rest of the material from doing that when it uploads.



17 thoughts on “Quick Update and I Need Your Input

  1. Hi Lois

    not to worry…

    I, and I suspect other readers, will happily cope with any/all deluge of your emails. At the very least, it will give me an opportunity to “refresh” my memory on some of the more loved posts, etc…

    For myself, I will enjoy having as much as possible all in one place, so to speak..


  2. I’ll let you know, but I’m not worried about it either. It might actually be fun to get spammed by all of your old posts. Although I fear I would spend the entire day reading them and get nothing done! 🙂

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  3. Glad to hear you decided not to pull the plug, Lois. I’ve thought of it a couple of times myself when I get overwhelmed by the whirlwind of technology. There’s always updates and something new and greatest — I’m like you . . . it hurts my brain.
    No problem either with the uploads of posts from your old site. You’re lucky you saved them. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you didn’t have a problem with the uploads.

      Who knows what the future will bring. Blogging seems to be falling aside as so many bloggers are quitting. Time will tell what will come next.

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  4. Thanks for the heads up on the upload. I’m thinking my spam filter would weed out old posts. Not to worry. Glad you decided to stay safe and secure. I keep warning my sister about her bank account being hacked because she uses her phone for it everywhere and there is no protection. She never changes her passwords and they are too easy. I do everything online because I don’t get out that much. Not using the internet is not going to stop the use of fossil fuels. It’s going to take a different kind of pressure from a massive number of people world wide. I believe one person can make a difference and you are doing that by communicating what changes need to happen. That’s much more powerful. This is your greatest tool. Keep chewing on their legs, Lois.


    1. I’m really bad about changing my passwords on a regular basis too but mine aren’t simple ones at least.

      I do hope the uploads didn’t overwhelm your inbox. Still have a few to go.

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    1. That’s good. I uploaded almost 400 posts, still have a few more to upload but am holding off for now because my computer is off for repairs and I am using a different computer until I get it back.


  5. So pleased Lois you are staying and combining the two.. I am following this site.. And have made comments here in past posts.. But for some reason the not seen any updates in the reader or emails.. But then I do get swamped with updates from WP.. And have now created a special email just for them.. .. Good to know though you are OK Lois.. I got worried when I could not contact you through your logo picture xx
    And I asked Marlene too.. She also gave me your site address here.. Bless her heart.. 🙂


    1. Still a lot of tweaks to get everything working smoothly and have a nice flow but I’ll get there. I am frustrated that the change didn’t work as seamlessly as I was told it would. Sorry again for the problems.

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