Weekend with Kids

Before I tell you about our weekend I want to apologize for leaving you hanging but my internet provider had some problems and I was without internet for most of last week.  In a way it was really nice but that’s another story for another day.

My son had some excavation and repairs happening at his house this week and needed to get some prep work done over the weekend which meant I got to spend two days with the youngest grandchildren.  I’ve seen pictures of the mess left behind at their house and know I got the better deal.

The weather was lovely so we were able to spend much of the day time hours outside.

We had two visits from neighbors pets. This girl above and later two more large dogs who spotted the children playing and ignored their owner to come say hello.  I have to laugh at the neighbor with the dogs that ignore her and come visit. She is trying to teach them to stay in their yard with a shock collar when she can be outside with them but it’s obviously not working.

We planted some seeds in the garden, carrots and leeks. I’ll probably have to separate a few Little Guy dumped in one spot but for his first year planting seeds he’s enjoying it so a bit of work on my part later is no big deal.

The neighbor kids also spotted us and came to play with my grandchildren which my granddaughter seemed to enjoy more than her brother.

Indoors we played board games and read lots of books. The kids also spend a lot of time playing with the toy kitchen I got for free even making up menus for me to order from.

Arriving Saturday my granddaughter informed me two of her stuffies (short for stuffed animals) had birthdays the next day and wanted to have a birthday party for them.  She does this with her mother as well. It’s a combination of her enjoying celebrations and wanting to bake. So bake we did.

Little Guy has an obsession with blankets and used this one to pretend he was sleeping, play peek-a-boo, pretend he was a turtle and even a caterpillar among a few other things.

Sunday morning was probably the hardest part of the weekend. We woke to find the power had been out for several hours.  The children woke at 7:30 am to a chilly house, it had dropped down into the low thirties during the night. It was cold but I didn’t put it together, for quite some time, two hours to be exact).

One of the challenges I have with my disability is my body regulating temperature. Sleep is important to how my body works.  So when I was woken so early (I’m the night owl who normally wakes around 10 each morning) I just figured I was tired and therefore felt cold.

We snuggled for a bit and talked about the day ahead before getting up. The children got dressed, brushed teeth and all that good stuff then wanted to read for a while before fixing breakfast.

Two hours after waking the children were ready for breakfast. I’m not a breakfast eater so when the kids are here we cook a big breakfast. No cold cereal or Pop Tarts for them.  My plan was to scramble some eggs, give them a side of blueberries and a muffin (which we would bake together).

We started with the muffins. Little Guy poured the ingredients into the mixing bowl and his sister mixed it well.  While she was stirring the batter he helped me fill the muffin pans with liners. While he was doing this I turned the oven on.

Having an electric oven means a little red light goes on when the oven is heating but supervising the children I never took notice that the light didn’t come on. We filled the muffin pan and placed them inside the oven. I noticed that the oven wasn’t warm yet but I had forgotten to preheat the oven until we were almost ready to put the muffins in so again nothing registered in my sleep-deprived mind.

The sun wasn’t hitting the living room yet so I headed in to turn on the overhead light so the children could see better to play while I finished breakfast.

That’s when I realized the power was out! The muffins were in the oven but no baking was going to happen.

There was a mad search through the kitchen for appropriate breakfast food which ended with my offering them a peanut butter sandwich and thawed blueberries. Thankfully they were good about the change in the menu.

We headed outside to sit in the sun and found the neighbors all outside as well because their video games wouldn’t work without power. When one heard my grandchildren had to settle for peanut butter sandwiches she offered the little ones pop tarts, which they refused much to my relief. The last thing I would have wanted would be to have them all sugared up.

When the electric had been restored we baked the muffins and then spent the rest of the day outside.

My son and his wife couldn’t believe it took me two hours to figure out the electric was out. I was just glad the kids never got used to television or other electronics at my home because it made the situation easy to contend with.




  1. I’m smiling here. I notice the power right away when the light is off over the oven or the coffee won’t start. 😉 I have lights on even in daylight because my house is quite dark inside and I can’t see without the lights. Being cold would send me to the furnace right away. I have it down very low at night and usually turn it up a couple of degrees if I’m going to be home during the day. You have some great grandchildren there. They know how to go with the flow. Good skill for them to have. Have a wonderfilled Easter weekend, Lois. Hugs.


    • All four of the kids are wonderful about going with the flow and if outside activities are permitted then my job is done after opening the door. 🙂

      It’s funny but I do have an LED night light in the kitchen which tends to be on all day because it’s dark in the corner of the kitchen where I plugged it in but even that I didn’t notice with the busyness of the kids being here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • When you have little children around you probably wouldn’t notice your hair was on fire right away either. :)) I love them but so glad I’m not responsible for them anymore. You are very impressive. 🙂 Giant hugs.


      • I suspect it was more perfect than you realise.

        I strongly suspect that the uncooked muffins for breakfast (due to electric failure) will be spoke of often, and even to their own kids….(“Remember the time Grandma made us raw muffins for breakfast”>>>..) grin.

        it is a very good memory, of you all together, and will mean a lot to them when they are much much older.


        • The muffins were eventually baked and enjoyed. I hope they remember instead helping to make the muffins rather than having to wait to bake them. 🙂


  2. Aw, the kids are cute. They will keep you busy for sure. I had to laugh that you didn’t notice the lights were out but understand completely. On a side note. I was sad to learn your neighbors are using shock collars on their dogs. I find this cruel. I always was of the thought they should be outlawed. Some dogs are way too stubborn for their own good and will not obey the shock collar unless it is set very high, which hurts them more (they hurt anyway!) My thinking was always this…..the OWNER should wear the collar and see how much they like it. It hurts! So, it hurts the dog!!
    (Sorry for the rant, those things are a pet peeve of mine) I figure only lazy owners use them. Take the time and patience to teach your dogs not use torture on them. Sorry again.


    • I joke that I’m never completely awake to notice things until noon so that early it’s a miracle I remember to remind them to brush their teeth upon waking.

      I’m glad you voiced your opinion of the shock collar, I feel much the same way but it’s not up to me to start criticizing the new people to the neighborhood. I never had problems training our dogs to stay with us. From the very beginning we walked them along the perimeter of our property on a leash and stopped them from going further. It took repetition but it works. I always enjoyed spending time on the Navajo reservation because they won’t tie up or in any way restrain “pets”. I’m sure with you being part Native American I don’t have to explain the reason for this respect of animals. There was just something that felt right about animals being free to roam.


      • I just don’t notice things. LOL
        I know it’s not up to you to say something to your neighbor. I just wish people weren’t so lazy that they buy those kind of collars. It’s so cruel as you know. I’m not sure I could keep my mouth shut. 😉


  3. As someone else said, the tale of the power being out and Grandma not noticing, and having peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, will be a treasured “remember when” story in the children’s memory bank for years to come. I hope you have had a chance to catch up on your sleep!


    • Luckily they like peanut butter sandwiches. 🙂 I do hope they remember fun times spent here as they grow up. Monday morning I slept in and it was wonderful!


    • The power outage wasn’t much of an issue outside of trying to figure out what to make for breakfast. We had a wonderful time.


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