The Gift of Simple Living

I am grateful for my simple lifestyle.

I stopped working outside the house twenty years ago to stay home with my children.  I toyed with returning to work a few times when I was still able to but the desire wasn’t there.

By keeping my wants and needs miniscule I am free to give of my time when others need my help.  I am reminded to be grateful this week for the freedom this lifestyle provides to me.

My son will be having foundational work done on his house which involves removing the flooring and walls and then a jack hammer will be used to break up the cement floor before the work can begin.

This will not only result in a huge mess but the need for constant supervision of Little Guy who would be impatient to watch, and assist, with the jack hammer. Luckily, I am free to enjoy the company of the little ones and keep them out of harms way.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
– Helen Keller





  1. What a great solution for all involved. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with the little ones. And I wish luck to your son and his wife. Sounds like they’re going to have a mess on their hands.


  2. It sounds like a very big project, and an equal-sized mess! It’s nice you will be able to help out and have a fun time with the little ones at the same time. I hope all goes well with the renovation.


    • The work was completed today but they can’t use the space for a month which just shrunk the size of their home considerably. I’m laughing as they are getting frustrated with the constraints. I know I’m mean. 🙂 I am glad I don’t have to deal with the clean up involved, I’d rather have the kids any day over the mess they are left with..


    • They were a joy to have here and luckily we had nice weather so the kids spent a good portion of each day outside…which they love!


  3. I know you will enjoy having them and also be quite exhausted when they go home. It’s nice for your son and DIL that you are there to assist during an already stressful time. The last husband hated slab foundation houses even though our last one was built that way. When we thought we had a leak in the water pipes that heated the floor, we were looking to have to do the exact same thing. I was not happy. Turned out to be a leak under the sink, thank goodness. A raised foundation is always best. Good luck with the little ones. 🙂


    • Ha! I was exhausted. Their family room is a finished basement so yes concrete floors is the norm. I lived in a slab foundation the first time at 19 when living in California. I was stunned at what a crazy idea that was after growing up with basements in all our homes which gives you easy access to the home’s systems.

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