Sharing Simple Skills

Each of us has unique talents and skills we can share with others.  There are times when we can work together using those unique skills to collaborate on a project.  Take for instance this letter I received one afternoon from my granddaughter.


She wanted a new scarf, she had outgrown the one I made her several years ago. Plus she had a new coat and wanted a specific look to go with this coat.  We sat down and talked. Did she want a variegated design or rows of color? Were these the colors she wanted?

She didn’t want that shade of blue, admitting she didn’t have a marker or crayon in the shade she wanted.  She wanted turquoise. She also wanted alternating rows of pink and turquoise.  I’ve tried to teach her how to crochet, but it’s a skill she struggles with.

Last weekend I surprised her by giving her back her letter along with the scarf I’d made using her directions.


This is her scarf and coat. The experience was well worth it.  She learned that while she may not be able to crochet yet, she can still express her needs through art and have another person create it for her.

When she asked me to make her this scarf she told me that the ones in the store aren’t as warm plus you can’t get exactly what you want.  My payment? A huge hug, broad smile and to see the look on her face as she dressed to head home wearing her new scarf proudly.

We can share in other ways as well.

My daughter-in-law loves to cook and bake and often brings me a bowl of soup or a serving of an Italian dish she made that I have later for dinner. In return when she has complicated mending to be done she will ask me for help.

sorry for the picture the lighting wasn't good.
sorry for the picture the lighting wasn’t good.

I am happy to help her.  I repaired a top and pair of pants that had small holes, modified a skirt my granddaughter gave her mother as a gift so it would fit better, then repaired a tutu and detail work on a dress for my granddaughter.  None of these items would have been accepted for resale in a consignment shop or goodwill but by sharing a skill I’ve learned they will continue to get use and are saved from the landfill.

Do you have skills you share, or trade, with others?



    • I was thrilled she took the time to draw what she wanted and bring it to me to make it happen.

      I miss hearing from you, have you been on another break from blogging?


      • Yes I have been taking time out from blogland and doing less visiting everyone.. I have been posting about once a week though and repaying visitors.. Its a full time job trying to keep up with posts.. Especially those who post every day. So I usually respond first to those who are regular visitors and then work my way down my lists of followers..
        WordPress has not been very good of late though, as I have not received updates from certain people I follow, Yours included, and others I have mysteriously been unsubscribed whom I have followed for years. Also responding comments from people I leave comments on their blogs have not appeared back in my notifications and others I have found I go constantly in their spam boxes.. Even the Happy Engineers have not been able to sort that one out for me..
        So its been a bit frustrating.. Not what I want my experience to be..
        Your Comments have only just come into my box, and I left them over a
        week ago I am sure.. So I hope you have been well..
        We have just escaped a bad storm in Storm Doris.. Thankfully we had not structural damage.. But she had wind gusts into the 90’s mph.. And one young woman lost her life to falling debris in a city..
        The weather patterns are another issue.. lol.. We could chat for hours Lois.. lol, and I have missed you too.. xxx Lots of Love Sue ❤


        • I don’t follow much of the news as of late so hadn’t heard about your weather. I’m glad to hear your home didn’t sustain any serious damage and you are safe. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

          I haven’t received a notice of a post from you in weeks, I thought you were on a break. I keep telling myself to sit down and visit every site and subscribe using a different email program to see if that works but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it. I’ll stop by soon and see what you have been up to.

          Sorry about the delay in my responses. I’ve been keeping busy and not responding in a timely manner. I mean to do better.

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          • Don’t worry Lois.. Blog land will always be here.. I would much sooner you take care of YOU and your Needs.. than worry about visits..
            Life is for Living… especially in Denim. 🙂 lol.. Much love dear friend xx


  1. And that is how it should be, Lois. Each of us doing what we do best and exchanging those talents with each other. The best payment of all is a hug and a little appreciation. I’d do anything for that I could. You are lucky to have a wonderful daughter-in-law. She values the talents you have and you appreciate hers. That makes life wonderful. Giant hugs.


    • I agree and yes I am very lucky my sons brought such wonderful women into our family.

      Just yesterday it was a balmy 76 degrees, while spending time outdoors a neighbor asked if I could share my drill to tighten the screws on her door so it would close. I was happy she was comfortable enough to ask to borrow something rather than suffer with the door as it was or spend money on a drill she had no other use for.

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      • I’m always nervous about loaning tools. Too often they don’t come come back promptly or are broken. Those are some incredible temps for February! I’m not looking forward to warm. I’m glad your neighbor was able to borrow your drill to fix her place. You are a good neighbor.


        • There are people I will loan tools to and people I will offer to fix the item for them. You have to know which group they fall into.

          The temps here are definitely something. I have been asking people to put food out for birds, even if it’s just dried bread and fruit. We went from 76 on Friday afternoon to 69 at 2am. Saturday at 9am it was only 46 and by 6pm it was 29. Because the warm temps lasted for a while I saw too many birds that shouldn’t be here yet and worry they won’t be able to find food now that winter is back. I also expect a lot of sick children who weren’t ready for the abrupt change.

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          • I saw on the news this morning (yes, I do stay up to date somewhat) that This is the first snow-less January and February Chicago has ever had. We are still soggy here. Getting ready to grow gills. I won’t complain though. I don’t have to shovel it. No problem for the birds here. Worms are coming up all over.


          • I missed that story and boy that is a huge problem for Chicago. We barely had any snow here either, I was planning to write about our winter and the problems the lack of cold and snow will bring.

            I guess you should be happy at least you have the rain, could be worse and you could have drought conditions. Stay dry don’t want you growing gills any time soon. 🙂

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  2. That’s delightful Lois! You’re absolutely right, each of us has special talents and we can definitely use them to help both others and ourselves. I’m completely hopeless at DIY but am very comfortable with computers, so over the years I’ve either fixed or given training on electronics while getting stuff done for me around the house. It’s perfect. It’s one of those nice (but sadly, old-fashioned) things that would help to make the world a better and more friendly place. It’s how communities are built. (And I’m with you on the 2 groups of people for tools!). Thanks for a lovely, warm post.


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