On This Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day and should we celebrate it?


Valentine’s Day began as a religious holiday to celebrate a religious figure in the Christian church. It has been co-opted into a commercial success by convincing us we need a special day to celebrate love.

If there is anything worthy of celebrating it is love.  There are all kinds of love, romantic love, love of a parent for a child, and love between friends to name just a few. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without love.

Just how successful is today for businesses? Restaurants are so busy that anyone wanting to eat out will wait hours for a table unless they have a reservation; the amount of chocolate, jewelry, cards, and flowers is higher today than almost any other day; and then there are the valentine cards for children to hand out at school, an item only produced for this one day of the year.

What bothers me the most about Valentine’s Day isn’t that a religious holiday has been turned into a day about romantic love but that people have bought into the need to have a day to express love.

This year I was surprised to receive a Valentine’s gift, a single rose, from my grandchildren. When I asked their mother why, since a gift is out of character for us, she smiled and said she saw the rose and thought I’d appreciate a cut flower for once. See my home used to be filled with cut flowers I collected on hikes, Since moving here I haven’t found wildflowers to bring home.

So should we celebrate Valentine’s Day? That’s up to you but if you do I hope you celebrate the love in your life on every day of the year, as I do, not just February 14th.




  1. I had my best Valentines day ever. Yesterday, my sewing group of 5 of us went downtown to visit a 6th member that was place by her daughter in a high rise retirement home so she could no longer join us on the 2 Tuesdays that we meet a month. We all had lunch with her in their ample restaurant style cafeteria and brought our hand sewing with us as we visited for a few hours before making the arduous trip through downtown traffic back home. The smile on our 86 year old friends face was priceless as we pinned on the paper lace hearts she had made for each of us with our names on them. We couldn’t make the trip during the Christmas holidays as the weather made it impassable with our snow. We were spreading the love the best way ever. I’m still smiling about it. It’s the small gestures that mean the most. I got an e-card my son made sending his love. Sometimes we need a little reminder to show love because we tend to take that knowledge for granted. Those little holidays break up the mundane and remind us to celebrate love. We would have gone yesterday anyway but it was nice that it was a heart day. 🙂 I love that you got a rose of thoughtfulness. It can’t get much sweeter than that.


  2. Well, it is for certain nice/meaningful/most excellent to show love all the year long…


    nice to to have a day, to make a point of it..

    This yr we had a lovely meal, (of which I bought asparagus, as I often do for a special meal), and I sliced up a bought angel food cake with homemade icecream…All enjoyed, and tonight we will finish said cake off…likely…


  3. I agree with the comments above. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder to get out of the ruts of our daily routines and do something different. However, it is the little things that we do all year that really make the impact.


  4. just remembered something, which I thought would go well with Valentines Day Post….

    I used to be nutters over Tomatoes….I could eat scads and always loved them.

    Starting shortly after we were married, every now and then, my husband would stop at a new grocers (get off the bus on the way home), and go in and select a bunch of tomatoes to bring me for a surprise. I truly loved it.

    Sad to say, in the past, oh six /eight yrs, I have said to him to please not do this, as it seems every tomatoe in the market is tasteless ( I only buy them one or two at a time now, and only when I sort of forget how tasteless they are)…

    wasn’t the tomatoe purchase totally adorable?


  5. What a lovely gesture.. and While I agree we should treat each day as Valentines Day, by showing Love and kindness to our family and friends.. Its nice to be treated.. And I was lucky in that I got treated to lunch out.. 🙂

    I am happy you had a lovely day Lois.. Love and Hugs xx


    • It’s funny, Sue, but my rant on Valentine’s Day wasn’t so much about that day in particular it’s all the “holidays” we’ve created to part us from our money. There’s Grandparents day, secretary’s day….President’s day was Monday and gone are the patriotic celebrations replaced with sales flyers for things we don’t even need. Valentine’s day on it’s own is fine, it’s the message that we HAVE to spend money on flowers, candy, jewelry etc to show love that bothers me.

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