Before the Flood

I sat down last night to watch Leonard DiCaprio’s latest environmental documentary, Before the Flood.  The documentary is beautiful, sad, scary and uplifting all at the same time.

DiCaprio, travels for two years taking us to all corners of the world to show the devastation and beauty that is our planet. He meets with world leaders, including Secretary John Kerry, President Obama and Pope Francis.

His cameras take us inside the halls where the Paris Agreement meetings took place and ends the documentary with the speech he gave at the signing of the Paris Agreement.

He takes us to cities trying to cope such as Miami where raised streets are thought to be the way to prevent flooding at least for 40-50 years. The money being spent on temporary fixes can be equated to throwing money away if it’s not going to be a longer term fix.

I found hope in a couple of the interviews. In one, the man who worked under President George W. Bush and who tried to pass a carbon tax explains how his proposal would have worked and tells DiCaprio that the people have power over their officials to act on climate change by giving an example from President Obama’s term.  In this example, we see President Obama stating he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, then later after public opinion for gay marriage was overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage President Obama changed his stance on the issue.

This reminded me of a story about President Nixon who saw Vietnam Protestors and cried out that they were going to break through the barricades and enter the White House to get him, shortly after he ended the war.

In an interview with President Obama, DiCaprio asks what would happen if an incoming president wanted to scrap the Paris Agreement. President Obama, chuckles then answers that if someone came in not believing the science of climate change that reality has a way of “hitting you in the nose if you aren’t paying attention.”

Probably the most moving part of the documentary was the end, the speech DiCaprio gave at the signing of the Paris Agreement.

I wish I could include the documentary here, but the version I watched has already been removed by YouTube.   I can include DiCaprio’s speech. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. I’m glad it made you feel better about things. I probably won’t watch. Very true that public opinion will eventually change things. There is just a lot of public out there with varying opinions. I’ve lost a lot of hope since the last election.


    • Not sure I’d say I felt better in an overall way, just a couple of comments. DiCaprio I felt could have pushed for better answers such as from President Obama but he did a good job of pointing out where we are and the challenges ahead of us. Like you, I too have lost a lot of hope since the election which is why I find myself gravitating to books and documentaries at the moment, searching for answers I probably won’t find.

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      • I know how you feel, Lois so I’ve decided to go straight to my heart. I’m going to put out all the loving vibes for everyone and everything and hope to raise the vibration enough to circumvent those pieces of work that are trying to make a mess of things.. They aren’t going to crush me or this earth. A bit Pollyanna but I know it works. You want to read an interesting book, read Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins MD PhD. I read it in the early 90’s and it made a gigantic impact. But then, I’m an oddball.


        • Haven’t read that one but it’s now on my list to find. Funny, I did away with to-do lists but can’t give up my book list. Shows where my priorities are. 🙂

          I may have to take a page out of your way of thinking. I’m trying hard to give out loving vibrations here too but haven’t eliminated the negative thoughts yet. I’ll just have to work harder.

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          • When I have a negative thought, I find a you tube video and watch for a few minutes. A baby giggling or a sweet dog doing something silly breaks the flow. If I didn’t do the to-do’s and check them off, I’d think I’ve been lazy all day. I have to verify why I’m tired at the end of the day. 🙂 Short term memory problems. 🙂


          • Ha Ha! I’m too old to care if I have a lazy day or not. Actually, that’s all I’ve been having for the last week and it’s been a real treat.

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