Minimalism In the Kitchen

Have you ever considered the amount of time that goes into the meals we eat?  We obsess over food.

  • We plan meals,
  • Make out Grocery lists. Maybe you pour through the sales ads and coupon sections as well.
  • Drive  time to the store and home again.
  • The time wandering the aisles looking for the foods on our list.
  • We now have to unload and carry the food into the house.
  • Once home we repackage the food into storage containers or simply make room for it in the fridge and pantry.

We have a lot of our money tied up in ways to store and prepare those foods from the initial costs of the refrigerator, freezer, stove, microwave and numerous other appliances to the utility bills to operate those appliances.

The costs aren’t finished. If we want foods our family finds mouth-watering we may even invest in numerous cookbooks and storage options to hold them. Of course if we use cookbooks we spend more of our time searching for recipes we want to try or searching for an elusive favorite we can’t remember which cookbook it can be found in.

When we look at the time we invest in making all these purchases and the hours we invest in meal preparation – don’t forget the clean up – we begin to see the sheer obsession we have with our food.

For some these activities are a pleasure, cooking is a hobby. If that describes you, I might actually envy you. I, on the other hand, relegate meals and food in general as an activity I must perform to live. In other words, it’s a chore to get through as fast as possible with as little mess as possible.

If this is the first you’ve considered the time and money invested in how you feed yourself and your family maybe this is the time to consider if this works for you.

  • Would you be happier with a handful of meals to rotate throughout the month?
  • Would life be simpler if you chose to use a slow cooker to cook your meals?
  • Would choosing a raw meal, such as a salad, where no cooking is involved, more frequently appeal to you?

When I stopped thinking about food as an indulgence and focused instead on what my body needed to function at it’s best is when I found what worked best for me.  When taste wasn’t the top priority my grocery list simplified but so did the cooking utensils and appliances needed. It was only then that meal preparation stopped being a chore. It became self-love.

Never before in human history have we had so many food choices to choose from. We’ve taken an activity, fueling the body, and turned it into a major production. When I consider minimalism, simplifying the kitchen made the biggest change in how I lived my life. All other decluttering pales in comparison to the streamlined kitchen I unearthed.

The purpose of food isn’t to please the palate, the purpose of food is to sustain life.


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