Good News Monday: DAPL Denied

Good Morning! I have some fantastic news for you today.  President Obama and the Army Core of Engineers have denied the final permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline which would have given permission to run the last piece of the pipeline under the Missouri River and Lake Oahe.


Current reporting is that while the pipeline permit has been denied, a new proposal is expected which will redirect the pipeline to avoid being laid under the Lake Oahe.  The other good news is that this time an Environmental Impact Study must be completed and submitted before any approval will be granted.

This good news does come with a caveat. President-elect Trump throughout the Presidential Campaign expressed his support for completion of this pipeline, and Keystone, so the fight may not be over just yet.  Trump also has a conflict of interest in this matter as he personally has two million dollars invested in the pipeline.

I want to express my admiration and support for the Water Protectors who withstood daily assaults for a cause they believed in. Thank you!

Do you have good news to share today?




  1. I heard about that, Lois. It is good news and there will continue to be conflicts of interest with Donald. Some of our veterans here were set to fly out and stand with them. Why is there an absence of good news???? I know there is more!

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    • Marlene, I heard about the veterans who went up there and wonder if that helped to finally sway Obama.

      I’m sure there is more good news this week, but I wrote that quickly wanting to share my excitement right after my granddaughter left with her dad and didn’t look for any other stories. If you want some good news you should check out the latest Yes! Magazine. I am reading it now and it’s filled with amazing stories from each of the 50 states on how people are making a difference. Here’s a link about the current issue where you can peek inside and read some of it.

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      • Thanks for the link, Lois. I didn’t know this existed. I’m always ready for good news. I know it’s out there. I got 48-12 inch squares finished ready to put together after I press them. Then after they are sewed together is some kind of pattern, they have to be sandwiched and quilted. Also have to figure out other gifts and see if I can get them made.


        • You got 48 squares finished in one day? You are amazing.

          You are welcome. I have been reading their magazine for several years now. I tried to live without it when I swore off all magazines but reading the articles online didn’t cut it. I figure one magazine 4 times a year isn’t too bad so it again is a staple in the house.

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          • Oh no, Lois. It took me more than one day to do all those squares. It’s more like a week long process. I finally finished them the day I wrote the comment. They get done in stages. I can only sew a few hours before the eyes can no longer focus. I do a lot of sewing by braille. Trying to match points means a lot of seam ripping. I laid it out on the bed yesterday to look at placement and I may not use all 48 in his quilt. The rest can be a small lap quilt or something else. I wish I had your ability to resist a good magazine. I no longer subscribe but on occasion, I just have to look and see something interesting. Not so often anymore. I call it home insulation. 🙂


          • At least you’re human. 🙂 I was picturing how long it takes me to make a quilt square and thinking compared to you I’m a really bad quilter. Of course I am a bad quilter and have to accept that I can only make very simple quilts. The more pieces to cut and sew the bigger the mess I make of the end result. I’m okay with that though.

            I used to love magazines, couldn’t pass by the stand in the stores and often brought a few home with me. One day I realized that the issues were blending together as the articles were pretty similar from one month to the next. I still look but none pull at me enough to fork over money to buy them. I am rethinking that as I lean against the one wall while I type which is downright chilly, more insulation would be a nice thing. 🙂

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          • :)) I cut the pieces for my charity squares this month and for the life of me, I can’t get 2 sections the exact same size. It’s sitting in the corner undone. It happens so often that every month, I think about giving up the quilt group because I’m not up to that standard. If it’s just the quilt for my son, he won’t notice the lack of squareness. 🙂 I am mostly looking at quilting magazines these days but figure I have plenty of ideas, now I just need to put them into action. I rarely buy anymore. Our library carries a very limited selection. I am VERY human. 🙂


          • That’s how I am and why I don’t join a quilting group but for you, I think it’s a good fit and you would miss it terribly if you quit. I’m thinking of those quilting retreats you’ve taken. What fun they seemed.

            Count yourself lucky, my library carries zero magazine! I wish they did I do love browsing through them.

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    • Cynthia, I owe you a huge thank you too for writing the President. I didn’t write letters but contributed to two of the funds for the water protectors as it was the only way I could think of to help.


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