Scrappy Christmas by A Child

It’s never too early to show children that a handmade gift is the best gift to give.  They will learn new skills and have fun at the same time while learning the value of thriftiness.  Over the past couple of weekends my granddaughter and I have been working on presents for her parents. This weekend we completed them and I can now show you the finished pieces.


This year I used quite a few of the cedar fence boards found under the shed and saved the end cuts to use for craft projects.  I cut all the pieces the same size before putting them up for later use. Well, later came this fall when I showed my stash to my granddaughter and asked her what she might like to make with them.

She started by painting. We went through the leftover cans of paint and she choose white.


Once the pieces were dry, she used my stencils to spell out the word “JOY” on them.


I have paper stencils so I held them in place while she used permanent markers, which is much easier to use for a beginner, to fill in the stencil.

Finally, this weekend we finished up by drilling holes in each square and using yarn left over from a blanket I made last winter for my grandson to connect them. Here she is showing off her finished gifts.


Finally, I pulled out some Kraft previously used as a protective stuffing for shipping a package to wrap the presents which she then decorated.


Her parents are divorced so Mom and Dad will each receive one.  She couldn’t wait to give her father his when he came to pick her up.  He loved it and I’m sure her mother will too.

The total cost for this project was ZERO!

I received the ultimate gift from my granddaughter when she hugged and thanked me for having supplies around the house to make these gifts because she didn’t have a lot of money to spend on presents but wanted to give her parents something nice.

The countdown to Christmas is on, and I have a few more presents to make.

How about you? Are you ready for Christmas?





    • I hope they are as that would please her to no end. One thing I like about making holiday decorations for gifts is the recipient doesn’t feel pressured to keep them on display year round. A few years of school age children and you come close to pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do with all the art projects they bring home. 🙂


    • Yes, she was visiting. Her father hasn’t found a job close to home so he drives down here each weekend to work construction for his brother and she usually comes along so we can spend that time together.


  1. How sweet that she gets to make decorations for her homes. Your grandchildren are learning so much from you. I am trying to start Christmas but not quite there yet. Tomorrow I have the sewing group here so I’ve been tidying up. (hiding my hoards of stuff). Baked some brownies and then be ready for a very quiet Thanksgiving. Me and daughter are hiding out having a simple meal and watching Hallmark movies. My sister was unkind to my daughter so she is spending Thanksgiving alone. Just as well. She burns most of her bridges. I’ll start on a quilt for my son and an apron for my daughter. Bowl cozies for the extended family. My sister will get … not much. She never likes anything you give her anyway. It will be a gathering of the gang here so I’m going to enjoy the quiet Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work. I’ll get there…next year??


  2. This was a fabulous project Lois.. and your granddaughter looked delighted with the results she had created.. What a wonderful gift.. And I think there is so much more pleasure in hand-making a gift..It was my Granddaughters Mother’s birthday the other day.. And I gave her the materials to make a hand crafted card… She loved sticking and gluing with glitter etc… And was so proud of the results..

    I hope you had a wonderful family time at Thanksgiving Lois.. Sending lots of love your way xxx Sue xx


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