The Best of Autumn to Lift Your Spririts

I needed something light to share with you today and found my inspiration from of all places you!

fall leaves

I’m back to catching up with all of you and came across some amazing posts on autumn I had to share after my last depressing post.

Cat shared a collection of beautiful photos taken around Denver. Denver may be a large metropolitan city but it has a plethora of open nature spaces I look forward to seeing from Cat’s many bike rides.


If you are in need of inspiration, take a stroll through the apple orchard with Joy and read her favorite nature quotes.

In Don’t Apologize for Your Obsession with Autumn. It’s Science we learn we are conditioned as children to believe autumn brings wonderful things. As one who grew up in an area with four distinct seasons I can tell you that I mark the passages of time and major events in my life by the season they happened in.


Gryffindor, does a much better job than I ever could explaining why autumn is the best season of the year.

I tend to associate salads with summer meals but these 15 autumn salads will make your mouth water.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?



  1. I love all the seasons…Very glad I live where there are seasons. I do not care for driving in Blizzards/storms/fog, but mostly I do not have to. So, for me it is all a joy. (Even a downpour). If I had to drive in it every day, I would not be so happy about it all, grin.

    And, by the way,

    Please tell your son Happy Veterans’ Day from me and all of us.

    I much appreciate the work/sacrifice Veterans make/have made.


    • Me too. I tried for a long time to get away from snow, but kept coming back here because there was too much I missed about our seasons.

      Thank you, I will pass your message on to Justin. He will appreciate it.


      • You’re welcome, re Justin. Hope someone does something special for him.

        We have known a couple for near on thirty yrs. He is a vet, now about 96 …
        about fifteen yrs ago, he said he was stopping going to the vets events on Remembrance Day (which they had both gone to faithfully). Asked him why, and he said it was getting too depressing, so many he knew had died, and he was sad remembering “things”..That yr we started a tradition…We invited him and his wife out for supper on Remembrance, and have every yr since. (we don’t ignore them the rest of the yr, but this day is special). He has very much always appreciated the gesture.


        • What a wonderful thing to do for your friends. I’m sure he enjoyed it. Justin said thank you. He and his family went out to a restaurant that gives military vets free meals on Veterans Day for dinner.


  2. Thanks for this Lois. I think we are starting to come out of the shock. I love autumn as long as it’s not an election year. The bugs are going away and the snow and ice hasn’t started. It’s my favorite season. I’m going to have a look at the autumn salads. Love the leaves and the crisp air. Took a long walk this morning and it felt so good. I need to do more of that and get out of the house. Barely got dressed this week.


    • Speaking of bugs I’ve been meaning to tell you that this year I used nothing to deter the stinkbugs yet I saw only five or six all season and NONE got in my house!

      I too took a walk today but it was really cold, 46 so by the time I got back inside I needed to thaw out but I did enjoy the crisp air. Enjoy your walks.

      P.S. you aren’t alone, this was the first day I actually got dressed and left the house this week. I need to kick myself in the butt and not let myself fall into a rut.

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  3. So many things to love about autumn! My new favorite, since moving to the South, is turning off the air-conditioning and being able to enjoy things outdoors as the weather cools off. Things like yard work, hiking, sitting on the porch.


    • I can only imagine! When I lived in the southwest turning off the AC and being comfortable outside again was a highlight. I did have more trouble keeping the time of the year straight there though because of the absence of distinct seasons. Enjoy the outdoor activities for me because I’m moving back inside.


    • You’re welcome, Joy. One of my favorite things about autumn is the apples, and apple cider. My kids introduced me to cranberry cider this year. Interesting taste but I liked it. πŸ™‚


    • It’s hard to explain the smell to anyone who hasn’t lived in an area with distinct seasons. My daughter-in-law was born and raised in the desert of Arizona. She never understood when my son or I talked about the smells of autumn or even after a good rain until she moved here with him. Now she says she would never go back to desert living.

      While I don’t like the cold, I do love pulling out the sweaters. They are my version of a child’s security blanket. πŸ™‚

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