Let’s Get Some Perspective, Shall We?

Well, it happened, we know who our next president will be and he’s not the one we wanted. Already families are fighting amongst each other and the question asked most frequently is “how could you vote for him?”

Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?

Most didn’t vote for Trump, fewer votes were cast for Trump than were cast for McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012.  Democrats didn’t change parties and vote for Trump, Republicans didn’t come out in record numbers to cast those votes either. Let’s not forget that Clinton carried the popular vote as well.

So if the votes for Trump fell short what happened?  Even fewer votes were cast for Clinton.

I’ve compared this election cycle to the 1960s. We didn’t like the direction the country was headed and elected John Kennedy, for change.  Later, we saw mass protests of the Vietnam war and saw police brutality at those protests, today we  have Standing Rock.

History does repeat itself and while this is more serious than seeing a repeat of bell bottom jeans or the beehive hairdo, we can’t ignore that from time to time we will see an ugly side of our population rear its head. When that happens we do our best to correct it and move on.

We did just that in 2008. Tired of eight years of Bush we voted in a man who promised transparency and change. We believed him but he let us down on many issues.  Now we are seeing another uprising of the disenfranchised people seeking a solution to the problems they face daily. I can’t judge them for that.

We can’t blame the results of this election on bigots and racists, although this dark side of our population couldn’t be ignored as we watched ignorant comments being made by supporters of the candidate.  Let me pose a question to you. In my home state of Pennsylvania in both 2008 and 2012 we voted for Obama, this year my state turned red and handed the votes to Trump. Would a racist vote for a black man twice?

We’ve survived the Great Depression, World Wars, Civil War, McCarthyism and so on, and we will survive Trump. It won’t be pretty and we may have to get out there and act in our best interest.  What we can’t do is allow ourselves to be divided over this election. We can’t allow families and friendships to be torn apart by politics.

My son put it best on a post to his Facebook page

Let’s start loving and not hating each other, let’s get back to being friends and not enemies. I love you all no matter who you voted for or what your views are.

We can argue for the next four years on the dangers of a Trump presidency and how bad he is but what we aren’t seeing through the fear -and yes there is plenty of reason to fear- is that we may  have been given a gift to get up and fight for the country we want. All change comes from the bottom up. Let’s continue to protect the water, recycle, set an example that will lead children to respect the earth. Let’s help those less fortunate in our communities and hold local government accountable. We can do all this and more.

Whatever you cared about yesterday, you still care about today and will tomorrow. Keep fighting for what’s important to you but most of all, Love. Love the world and be the change you want to see.


  1. Well written Lois. I won’t comment further because it’s not my place to here however will say I am very happy about one thing, apparently no more TPPA 🙂 Our PM said this morning “as good as dead”. Best of luck with whatever comes next for you, this will be interesting.


    • What fantastic news from your PM!!! That made my day! I thought the TPPA had already been voted on? How did it come to be rejected?

      Thanks I think we are going to need luck if we are going to avoid tearing ourselves apart over this.


      • Our PM has been instrumental in this, apparently working very hard with USA on it. How very glad I am (and 63% of Kiwis) that this has been squelched. just another plan for big business and would’ve done nothing for the average man. “Global” economy be damned!!!
        Yes 😦


        • I’m shocked to hear you say your PM worked hard with the USA on defeating the TPP because Obama really wanted this to pass, that said I don’t care how it happened just that it did. 🙂


          • I looked for that and didn’t find much. I saw an article quoting Obama where he said he was disappointed it didn’t get passed but the word here is that it will never happen. I wish our media did their job and we could get accurate information these days.

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        • I have moments of panic such as hearing about the threats children are facing in school but then I saw the protesting and felt better. I believe the good will have to win out over the bad.

          I think for me, I was prepared to not like either outcome. I didn’t trust Hillary so in a way I began the process once we knew who the choices were.

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          • You would think wouldn’t you? Even after Clinton’s defeat I don’t see the democrats pulling their heads out of the sand and looking to find their way back to the values they were supposed to hold. I think this may be the only election year where both candidates had legal battles hanging over them. I can’t imagine that the average person would have been allowed to run on a national ticket with controversies and legal issues unresolved.

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          • His illegal activities will come to light soon enough. She’s been buying off people to stay out of jail. They were both bad choices and I’m hoping something good comes of this. I’m praying something good comes of this.


          • I think that’s why I can’t feel and hard feelings for people who bought into his rhetoric. She had so much baggage that I didn’t want her either. There’s still an investigation on her that may still land her in a world of hurt. I know I shouldn’t want that for anyone but I’m still upset about this year’s choices.

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  2. Lois, this is an excellent post and you are right as is your Son.. Changes are happening both sides of the pond. And the results are not going to change.. Like Marlene said we need to keep moving forward and as you so rightly said, lets get it all into perspective. We Do need to embrace unity and stop our divisions. Or it will not be Trump who ruins America, it will be its people..
    I am reminded of what Confucius said

    “To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”
    Love and warm hugs Lois xxx ❤


    • Love the quote by Confucius, goes to show all through history we’ve known that change has to start small and be nurtured until it is ready to grow.

      My initial fears that this election would cause trouble in families came to be after reading reports after your Breit vote. So many stories on how parents wouldn’t speak to children, and children not speaking to their parents, relationships torn apart, all because of their vote. So this was always in the back of my mind as we came closer to our election.

      The son I quoted in the post actually voted for Trump. His and my conversations when turned to politics are a bit strained – for both of us. Luckily, we respect each other but it’s unusual for us to be so diametrically opposed on an issue like this. Let’s just say for us the discussions are spirited debates where we are at least still open to learning from the other. 🙂

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      • I think Mr Trump will have a huge learning curve to overcome when he reaches the White House.. He will find that not every thing he wants will happen at once..
        I just hope people will calm down and stop feeding their anger.. No good will come of it.. And can they not see that their attitudes are not dissimilar to Trump who voices his own opinions about others.. I do not like the man, and thing his ego is far too big. But then the American system allowed him to be where he is.. And we may not all like the way our system works but fighting among ourselves is not going to solve America’s or any other nations problems..
        Here in the UK more per head voted for the UKip party and yet they hardly got any seats in Parliament..
        We have a Democracy and we have to abide by the rules laid out by our various governments.. As much as at times I think it is outdated and needs reforming..
        Change is upon us because people at grass roots are fed up with not being listened too by central governments and their issues and circumstances are not being addressed.. So People want change..
        If these are the only candidates willing to stand up for those changes then this is what is left to vote for..
        Change starts when we as the people start to change our own attitudes, stop judging, and stop our prejudices and we need to start to work in unity within our communities to address problems by working together not pulling apart..

        I will pause and take a breath lol.. step down from my little soap box and wish you a good and happy day Lois..
        Love to you dear friend xx Sue


        • I agree, Trump will have a huge learning curve, he’s already learning as yesterday he was told his wall between the US and Mexico can not happen as he told us it would. I know that most people who voted for him believed him to be an outsider, but he’s not. He has been paying legislators for years to get things done he wanted.

          I’m not happy seeing the violence that is taking place at the moment but I believe in peaceful protests and feel we need to make sure Trump hears what all the people want. If no one speaks out we won’t be able to hold him in check on the more serious issues for example climate change. But if we want to be heard and have a say the protests must remain peaceful.

          I believe it is only too true that if we had other viable candidates to vote for that offered us change Trump wouldn’t have been elected. Government needs to wake up. During the primaries we heard officials saying that people were better off than they had been in years, how blind they are to the average working citizen and that’s why this election shook things up.

          You are so right, Sue, we need to work together. We need to find common ground between us and out views to move forward in a positive way. The biggest argument around me comes down to those who care about the environment and those who fear the economic situation. Both sides are willing to give on the opposing issue to have their sense of security. But this won’t work, we need to fix both.

          I very much enjoyed hearing your side of this. It’s amazing how similar are problems are and how we respond to try and fix them. Love you too, Sue, thanks for sharing your view on this touchy issue.

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          • You are welcome Lois… It is a touchy subject as I have been witness too from fellow bloggers whose own on line friends have been arguing because of differing views.. Everyone needs now to calm down and think of solutions to work together to heal their differences because if they don’t I see more escalations of problems of keeping Peace
            Here many still are bristling at Brexit.. Yet things are calming down.. Apart from the drop in Sterling Trade is still doing ok..
            I agree with you about peaceful protest.. People now have to wake up to the governments and see how its main engines really work.. And it is not for the good of the common people, it lines their own pockets first..
            I pray that things take a peaceful turn and it doesn’t get worse by violent actions..
            Love and Warm hugs to you and yours Lois.. Have a peaceful weekend xx
            Sue ❤


          • Agreed, Sue. There is nothing we can do to change who will be our next President so it’s time to now work together to see that we turn things around.

            I’m not sure how the stock markets are doing here. They look like they are holding steady but the markets have been propped up by government, through the Plunge Protection, to keep people believing things are improving that it could be illusionary now.

            I sometimes wish I could unlearn the things I know about how our government is supposed to operate because it would be easier to ignore what’s happening.

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  3. I agree with all you said. Yesterday was tough, today a little easier as my mind turned away from shock and fear toward how to increase my efforts in new ways to make a personal difference. Yes, we will survive this, but I believe there will now be many steps backwards in the next four years and that is disheartening.


    • I’m glad you feel better, this was a hard pill to swallow for many of us. I too see us moving backwards in many areas and it will take time to regain those freedoms and figure out what kind of a country we want then make it happen.


  4. Well I will admit to be initially very upset about this outcome. Shocked really. For hours I could even talk about it. I have totally avoided this topic on my own blog.

    But as I have said over and over again … this country is so angry and frustrated with the way things are in some areas. And we have watched our congress become totally obstructionist and dysfunctional … and it has been going on for so very long. Instead of a ‘revolt’ like some countries might have, we hit the ballot box – and this time the ballot box is sending a message to government. Do your jobs!! Take care of business!! We are totally fed up!!! Hopefully someone on The Hill will take notice. If not we will be doing something similar again come the next election season.

    I just wish that this time we sent a non-political person to Washington who wasn’t so personally despicable and unsatisfactory to me. I can’t even stand to hear him speak. But he must succeed, because our success is tied to his success. Keeping my fingers crossed.


    • Elaine, the only difference between us initially is that I wasn’t shocked. I saw my town filled with Trump signs and I saw the anger at economic problems hitting too hard at home. Plus, Hillary has never been seen as likable or trustworthy so that was a strike against her when she couldn’t afford it.

      We were long overdue for a revolution and I’m okay with this being our version of a revolt, although like you I wish the choice wasn’t someone so offensive. On the other hand, one of the fears I have is that Trump will let down his base and the anger will splinter the country apart .


  5. Although I agree with your son, Lois, I’m afraid I can’t agree with your sanguine outlook.
    There will be unheard-of consequences for the whole world in putting a man like this at the helm in the USA and giving him power he has no idea how to manage, no experience of government, no education, no grace… I could go on. We in Europe are very afraid. We are now sitting between Trump and Putin. Sheesh.
    Anyway, I will continue to be interested in and to follow your blog! And the TPPA could be good news :).


    • SwissRose, I share your opinion on Trump. He’s a despicable man and I wish almost anyone else was our President elect. but it is him and now we in the US need to fight him to keep him in check.

      I too fear many things about his presidency, many of them already happening. We have had a rash of hate crimes. This man fed into the simmering prejudices of the worst of us but I can’t change the outcome of the election. The only thing I see as a viable option for me is to fight back with love. I have neighbors and friends who will be affected and could be in danger because of the color of their skin and so I am very much worried about them. I’m worried about the environment, I’m worried how Trump plans to deal with other nations especially the Arab nations. I am worried about the education of our children because he wants to leave all funding up to the states, who are broke and won’t be able to find a way to fund the schools in our budgets. I could go on but I hope you understand from this that while I am trying to stay positive I am very afraid.


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