Good News Monday: Inspiration on Election Day

A while back I did a series of good news stories each Monday, today I felt the need to reprise the weekly dose of good news.

I don’t know about you but I’m not happy about tomorrow’s election. I know our candidates are instilling fear here and abroad. So while I don’t know the outcome of tomorrow’s election, either way I figured we could all use some good news to renew our faith in humanity.


Sports, specifically football, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but bear with me I believe you are going to like this story.  Earlier this year Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers decided to bring awareness to the issue of police brutality and the racial tensions between black citizens and the police by kneeling, instead of standing, for the national anthem.  His political protest quickly spread around the nation and even three other nations that I’m aware of.  One player who joined Colin in kneeling reported that he was taking a stand for social injustice.  Brandon Marshall, defensive player for the Denver Broncos, wanted to do more than just draw attention to the problems, He is donating $300 for every tackle he makes on the field this year to local charities, including domestic violence, But….that’s not all.  Brandon met this week with Denver’s Chief of Police.  Here is just a portion of what Brandon Marshall had to say you can read the rest of the article as well:

“I’ve also had a lot of time to personally reflect on important issues such as race and gender equality, the treatment of our military veterans, our relationship with law enforcement, educational opportunities for our youth, and many more. I recognize and applaud the significant progress that has been made in these areas made possible only through the hard work of so many dedicated leaders.”

“But, it’s clear there is so much more work to be done by all of us. Together, we all need to Stand Up for change. This starts with me.”

Support for the People of Standing Rock covers the world.  The Maori, in New Zealand, are supporting the people at Standing Rock fight the laying of a pipeline that could, most-likely would, pollute the Missouri River. The Maori are posting Hakas on Facebook (view those videos at the above link). Other support includes a crowd sourcing fund expected to raise $50,000 for legal and camp costs has exceeded $1 million.  Actor Mark Ruffalo delivered solar panels for the water protectors (as the protesters have named themselves) so they would have access to sustainable energy.

Rick and Donna Wanless have opened up their 25 acre property to help veterans and first responders suffering with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Tiny houses, treatment activities and therapy programs will all be available. The couple is working closely with a local program that offers out-of-town patients a place for rehabilitation and care.

Want to see change in the world? Ghandi’s ten rules for changing the world might help us create that change.

And finally, a short video just because it made me smile and I hope it will you too.  Pat, who I look to for inspiration when I am at my lowest, posted this on her Facebook page last week.

I hope you have an inspiring day.



    • I’m glad you enjoyed the video. There’s something about seeing a bull, which I normally think of as aggressive, being so playful that made that video special to me.


    • Elaine, I knew you would enjoy that video if you had time to watch it. 🙂 That bull will forever be fast friends with the person/family that gave him a new home. I can’t imagine how wonderful that must feel for that bull.


  1. Thanks so much, Lois! I’ve not been looking forward to today, as either way the results will affect my own country. I’m not happy at all with the Republican candidate, but the Democratic candidate supports GMOs and that alone is scary. So it’s good to have your help in re-focusing my thoughts. I’m re-posting; hope you approve. Let me know if not.
    No time today to watch the video; I hope next time at the library. Hugs from the Wet Coast.


    • Linne, I’m thrilled you shared the post and I hope it brought a bright spot to others.

      As for the outcome of the election, I obviously am not thrilled about Trump but I didn’t want either one of them so I will just have to deal with it for four years- let’s hope it’s not any longer than that.


  2. Just to let you know (unless you deleted it, then you WOULD know) I commented yesterday on your post. Now I see it is gone. It was a thank you for posting something positive on a day I wasn’t feeling very positive and it helped to see some good news.


    • Cynthia, I’m not sure what’s going on. Your first comment is in my comment folder along with my response yet it’s not showing up on the page. I tried to unapprove and reapprove your comment and still it doesn’t show up.

      I’m glad the stories brought you a bit of a positive outlook on a day that was very dark for so many of us.


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