Plastic Confession. Can You Help Me

I have been keeping something from you, something that embarrasses and hurts me.  It’s time I confess, for two reasons, I have always been honest with you and by not telling you what we have been going through I am withholding information that may help another family.

Life throws many lessons at us and I feel I’m being taught a new lesson.  I’ve held myself up to you as someone trying the best I could to be zero waste by reducing my trash to the barest amount possible. I don’t believe recycling is the best use of our resources and even had my recycling down to a minimum. But there is one thing I believed was a bigger waste of resources than any other, single use water bottles.

I grew up in a time where water fountains were every where. No one carried around bottles of water to sip from all day. Why would any one buy water when it was close to free?  I did my research and knew the water in the bottles was not some magically perfect water, free from contaminants. The energy and resources that go into producing a single disposable bottle was too high for me to ever see them as a good thing.

I never liked the taste of water from the tap or see the cloudy water. Often the water smelled fishy, a smell I don’t like, but an inexpensive water filter was all I needed to be able to enjoy tap water.

I did begin to carry water around with me. I had, and still have, stainless water bottles for myself and the children because water fountains are pretty much non-existent today.

Things changed for me after I moved. I began to have problems with diarrhea and cramping on a regular basis. I chocked that up to a complication of my disability, a sign that it was getting worse. I’ve also been experiencing what I thought were allergies yet I never had problems with allergies before.  I’ve been tired, tired like one gets when they  have been sick for a long period of time. Then this summer my two oldest grandchildren stayed with me for an extended period of time and they too began to have problems with craping and diarrhea and began to have the same allergy symptoms of sneezing and constant runny nose.

Once the children had the same symptoms I’d had for almost two years I knew something was wrong. Having already experimented with my own diet and running through all the things that might be causing the allergy symptoms, I began to suspect the water supply and set out to find the reports on our water. I realized I hadn’t received the annual water report in my mail since I’d lived here, something I received like clockwork in the community I had previously lived in for almost 30 years.

I found a water report online, but they have only tested for the standard chemicals and contaminants such as lead, fluoride, chromium 6 etc. Not sure if they would be able to test for specific contaminants from fracking as the fracking industry isn’t exactly forthcoming on the chemicals they use.  Anyway, the reports weren’t very helpful to me.

I had to see if I was right about the water.

The first thing I did was to boil pans of water that I would then chill and fill into glass pitchers for us to drink, we were still sick after a week. I then relented and purchased a case of purified water. Our symptoms stopped after a couple of days. We drank the bottled water for three weeks. In this time not one of us experienced cramping or diarrhea after the fourth day and our allergy symptoms too cleared up. We felt good so I purchased a new filter for my gravity fed water filter, thinking maybe there was something wrong with the filter I had, and we went back to using the tap water.

We got sick again. We began to experience cramping and a runny nose  by the second day and by the third morning my granddaughter woke with diarrhea. I immediately purchased another case of bottled water. My grandchildren were left in my care, I couldn’t play around, I had to take care of their health.

I am angry. Angry that my water is toxic to our bodies but also angry that my local government allowed me to assume there was nothing wrong with my water. I am angry, no furious, I gave that water to my grandchildren, young children whose bodies are still forming. I’m angry because I was sick for two years. But my anger doesn’t stop there. I’m also angry because I have to support an industry (bottled water) that I despise.

Here’s where I can use your help. There isn’t a place in my area that has filtered water where I can take bottles to have refilled which leaves me with two options treat my own water or continue to purchase bottled water.  Purchasing bottled water isn’t a long term option for me.   I have been researching water filters, a whole house system isn’t in my budget at this time. I believe the best filter on the market is the Big Berkey but they are expensive. I don’t want to toss out two hundred dollars if the filter isn’t going to be able to treat water tainted by fracking chemicals. Do you live near fracking, or know some one who does? Do you know the best way to treat this water to make it safe to drink?  I would appreciate any suggestions you have for me.  I’m sorry I kept this from you for so long. I was ashamed that I had been buying water since this summer.



  1. Nothing to be ashamed of, Lois. You need to be healthy and so do the kids. It’s not like you bought bottled water for the hell of it. I was really interested in your symptoms. I have the same ones! Have had them for the past year and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong. I’ve talked to the doc but she didn’t have any solutions and we just racked it up to getting older and stress. Now I’m beginning to think it’s not the stress and it might be our water! Now, I’m going to do the same experiment as you and not use our tap water for a few days and see if that doesn’t clear things up for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers for your filter problems. I do hope someone does.


    • Now I feel like a heel, if I had spoken up sooner maybe you would have had an opportunity to check your water and feel better. I do hope you find what is causing you to feel so ill and sooner rather than later. Please let me know what you learn seeing as we share the same symptoms I will be curious to learn what is causing your problems. Be well my friend.


      • No, no no! Lois, I didn’t say something to make you feel worse! I have just put things down to how I feel to stress, which still might be true. I have yet to test the waters. You be well also.


        • I know you didn’t, but it’s possible I was sitting on news that might have helped you. I know how hard it is to feel unwell for a long period of time.


  2. Nothing to be ashamed of and I know with your principles it would’ve been a hard thing to accept having to do but it’s a necessary evil when your water makes you sick! That’s appalling. We are in the process of getting a new water system in our town because our water has been “undrinkable’ due to it’s poor filtering – BUT many of the locals, including us drink it and have never been sick – unless it rains then we go to our local school which has filtered water on tap which can supply the town. We look at private systems but way too expensive. I hope you can find something affordable.


    • You have no idea how badly I’ve handled my feelings over feeling the need to purchase water.

      I’m really sorry to hear you too have had water problems. I hope the new system is better for all of you. It’s a shame that filtering systems are so pricey, I guess with everything that needs filtered out the cost makes sense but still clean water should be a given.


  3. I agree with the others Lois – no shame. Do you know if anyone else in your neighbourhood has similar symptoms? Do you have public health officials that you can speak to? We have people on our local health board who manage water quality and safety. What a problem, I know how you must hate having to buy water.


    • It seems everyone in my neighborhood is sick but none with the exact same symptoms. All have allergies, one contracted a water-borne parasite that had attached itself to his bowel but he couldn’t keep anything down so he was much sicker and I don’t feel there is a connection. His family was directed to have their water tested to be sure but so far they are getting the run around.


  4. Hi Lois — I’m with the others in that there’s no shame on your part. You’re doing what you need to do to be healthy and ensure the health of your grandchildren. I’m just glad you figured out what the problem was and working on what can be done.

    Up here in the mountains, our water comes from a well and we’ve never been sick. So, I’m pretty sure our drinking water is good. But, there are many places here in Colorado where a lot of fracking has been done; so, I’ll share your post on my social media to see if there’s anyone that can help and give you some suggestions.

    Hope you can find some answers soon, my friend.


      • I know, Lois, but that’s not a sure thing either. Though we don’t have to depend on the city to keep our water supply clean, there could still be contamination depending on what our neighbors build and how they use it. We’re all connected. It’s what the Navajoes are fighting for in the ‘Dakotas — keeping the water sources clean from any contamination.

        Hope you get things sorted out, my friend, and get back to good, clean water sources soon. 🙂


        • I have to admit that while I ignore as much of the news as I can, the events at Standing Rock have my full attention. I was just telling my son this weekend that if I could figure out how to survive the cold and charge my chair I would be right there with them.

          It’s hard to imagine that any of our water sources are pristine today. Whether it’s industry or agricultural practices we’ve pretty much polluted it all. I do hope you continue to have good health and good water, Pat.

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          • Same with me, Lois. Nothing is really as it seems. It’s complicated as we’re all connected. I wish good health and good water for you, too. Take care, my friend, and hope you have a good week. 🙂

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  5. Oh my!

    If it isn’t water that is questionable it is something else … like air quality or food quality. Sadly it is a never ending problem. Because of that it is sometimes hard to know where the negative impacts are coming from. I am very glad you found the source of your symptoms. Consider yourself lucky to have made this discovery.

    Buying water is not a terrible thing if it maintains or improves your health over what is offered in your community. Until there is a solution – stick to bottled water for drinking. See if you can buy bottled water in larger sizes – gallons instead of 16 ounce sizes. Maybe delivery so you aren’t lugging bottles of water. Maybe experiment with watering down the questionable water with the purchased water to a non symptomatic level so you are not buying so much. Let your doctor know about this – see if he has any suggestions – at least plant the bug in his/her brain so that he may make the mind link if he hears of these symptoms in others. Save up for that water filter – if it can be confirmed to solve the problem for you.

    And one more thought. Your house – and maybe your pipes are older. Could this problem be coming from your own pipes? Would your son be able to shed light on possibilities related to your pipes?

    Clean and safe water should be a given and is an excellent passion to embrace at the community level. If the problem isn’t in your own pipes, use that anger to get the word out. Start checking with neighbors. Contact officials. Ask for testing and results. Just keep pushing and don’t “go away.” It will not be resolved quickly but at least you will be doing something.
    A lot of things to consider.


    • Thank you, Elaine.
      I did initially purchase purified water in a gallon jug but the taste was awful and I just couldn’t get past it to drink enough water. The children didn’t seem to notice as much as I did so they finished the gallon and then we all drank from the smaller bottles.

      I mentioned in another comment that I don’t think the problem comes from my pipes because I normally live in older homes, of the same time period, and never had a problem before, but it might if the water authority uses a different chemical than I’m used to to control lead leaching, or if the preventive measures aren’t doing the job.

      I have asked around, and found that only one child was experiencing the same symptoms but a hospital stay revealed he had a water-borne parasite. Seeing as no one else in his household contracted the parasites his exposure probably came from outside the home. That said, I can’t find a member of any household near me that isn’t suffering from multiple allergies. When did we become such a sick nation? Allergies were pretty much unheard of when I was growing up and now everyone has them.


  6. ah sweetie….
    so you ARE human after all, and do the best you can…grin….(sorry,hope I don’t offend)

    I have had trouble (and the family) with municipal water supplies every where I have lived. I am quite certain if you are near fracking that likely contributes.

    However, you and your readers would likely be quite shocked at what goes in to a municipal water supply. I was.
    I suspect we all assume chlorine (or some such disinfectant), and some places add fluoride. But most (if not all, I really don’t know for sure) add a bunch of other chemicals…(I believe under the heading of keeping the pipes clean, moderating the ph of the water, killing e coli in the water, and some such). I found this out by accident, thirty plus yrs ago when I worked in a building that had a locked back room. It was a very small city/large town. Never gave the back room a thought, as well it was locked…One day some folks from the city maintenance came with a big trolly of bags of chemicals. My boss said he had to go let them in the back room. I was rather stunned, and it all seemed odd and dodgy to me. Seemed like it was a bit secretive or something. These bags had all sorts of chemical names on them. I have always had an interest in chemistry, etc, and so too my husband, so it was something (the names) I was familiar with. It all seemed VERY toxic to me. I started to follow my boss/the men/trolly to watch what was going on. My boss was very serious and concerned I stay in the office..Saying OH NO, that is very toxic, you should never be near it, he would be right back. He came back and of course I asked him WTF? (no I didn’t swear at work back then, but I was sure thinking it…you can only imagine the things I was thinking)..He said the men/trolly/chemicals was from the city water maintenance, and they came regularly (cant recall how often, several times a yr), to dump these chemicals into the city water pipes/supply ..for reasons he only vaguely understood.

    Then, a few yrs back, I accidently came across some sort of research paper which measured the amounts of Aluminum in many municipal water supplies. I was shocked and at first assumed this was some “natural” contaminant, but oh no, it is added for some reason. I cannot recall now why.

    Yrs back my father in law (thirty five or so) was already desperately worried about the water from the tap, and had bought a Polar Bear Water Distiller which he used/made water for family regular. He had been trying to convince newly married husband and myself (I had had a lot of the symptoms you expressed) to purchase a water distiller too. Newly married and loans to pay off and money to save for a house and such, this expense seemed out of reach. I cannot recall the cost, but the brand he had/recomened was a Polar Bear Water Distiller. They have since gone out of business, but were the top back then, and only used medical grade stainless. After the incident with the chemicals, we did buy one.

    We used it for yrs, and still have it and use it from time to time. However, distilled water is not something (from my reading) one should solely use, as it results in depleting certain minerals from your body. Distilled water is basically mineral free, so the water molecules bond very well with minerals in your body.

    The other problems with distillers…they have (at least ones I have seen) have plastic tubing which goes from the distiller to the water jug. Although medical grade, I have always been able to taste the plastic (or silicon or whatever) in the hose.

    Another problem, with anything stainless (back then OR now), Stainless is not a pure metal…it is a conglomeration of metals..Usually thought to have been processed/bonded together a high heats/pressure and not suspect to leaching out…BUT>>>>>> I myself can definitely “taste” something in different stainless items, especially when drinking from something stainless..Often there is nickel in the stainless and other such concerning metals. Not so good to be ingesting either.

    These days, and for some long time, we buy processed/purified bottled water when it goes on sale and stock up for general drinking. Then recycle the bottles. Cooking gets tap water, unless we notice an odour (which happens sometimes)

    You must take care of your health/your grand children’s health…Drink what makes you feel healthy.


    • Yes, I am human and no I didn’t take offense. I fight daily the tendency to have to be perfect though. It’s a hold over from my childhood where I was told that unless I could do something perfect there was no point in doing it at all. I’m still learning that perfection doesn’t bring happiness for me and that following through on things I’d like to try, even if I do them badly, has been fun.

      Anyway, the problem I ran into here was that I didn’t want to be seen as a blogger who says one thing and does another and that’s why I had such a hard time admitting the water issue.

      Now, the water supply. It really is shocking to think about the things that can’t be removed from our water such as pharmaceuticals (anyone ever consider that the birth control pill can’t be filtered out might have to do with a lot of the infertility problems?) and the chemicals that end up in our water supply due to agricultural practices or in the methods to deliver clean water.

      The list of chemicals in the water include anti-rusting chemicals to prevent the pipes from leaching lead into the water as it comes into our homes. Although I have to admit I didn’t know they were putting aluminum in the water. Aluminum has been found to accumulate in the brain and is highly concentrated in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients during autopsy. Aluminum has also found to kill trees which now makes me wonder if it’s in my water because the only time I watered my garden with the hose using tap water, my cucumber plants were dead the next morning.

      I do hope that Stainless is safe because I have stainless pans and water bottles, I purchased the water bottles because they are sturdier than glass and also lighter weight.


  7. Eee Gads! Well, first of all, if you’re concerned about the water quality in your home, I think the last thing you should worry about is the environmental impact of drinking bottled water.

    Secondly, if you suspect that your drinking water might not be safe, I wouldn’t ignore it, nor would I jump to the conclusion that fracking fluid is the culprit. There are many, many possibilities, and it would behoove you to find out for sure – both to set your mind at ease, and to make sure you aren’t being exposed to anything through bathing, washing dishes, etc. And as others have mentioned, with a house that old, and living in a town that probably has very limited resources for doing things like upgrading pipes etc., it’s always possible that you’ve got heavy metals leaching from old pipes, or something (fracking fluid or God knows what else) entering the system through cracked pipes, or some other problem specific to the water in your house/neighborhood, not necessarily the municipal supply.

    Sooo… the EPA actually has a Safe Drinking Water Hotline which you can call to find out how to have your water tested. The number is: 1-800-426-4791. Here’s a link to a brochure with more info:

    I also found this link: it’s a private company that does water quality testing. Don’t know anything about them, and I’m sure there are many other companies offering the same services – this was just the first one that came up on Google.

    BTW, I asked CatMan what he thought about possible contaminants, and as we were talking about heavy metals, we remembered a friend of ours who had a weird problem with a filling. Basically she had a big filling amalgam filling put in, and from that day forward she started having bad digestive problems – abdominal cramping, diarrhea, etc. It was really out of character for her, and when things hadn’t improved after a year, her husband finally put his foot down and insisted that she have the filling replaced. So she had it (along with all her other amalgam fillings) replaced with ceramic ones, and within a few days the problem got better and never came back. Hard to say if it’s just a coincidence or what, but I think heavy metals are bad news for our bodies.

    I hope you get it all sorted out soon, and in the meantime, DO NOT feel guilty about drinking bottled water. Do you think the people of Flint Michigan should feel guilty? In this, as in all things, your health must come first!


    • Wow, Cat, thank you. I plan to have my water tested at some point but wasn’t sure who to go through or which tests look for what might be in our water as a result of fracking. There are three possible sources of contaminants as I see it. The source, which is the Monongahela river, the leaking of fracking waste water, or the pipes coming into my house. While it could be tied to the pipes in the house, I ruled that out since I tend to live in very old homes because I love the character. So while this is a slightly different geographical area than I normally live in I think the pipes are the least likely.

      I’m not surprised CatMan brought up amalgam fillings. I have wondered for quite some time what the long term effects of my fillings could be having on my body. In this case I don’t believe fillings has anything to do with our symptoms simply because my grandson doesn’t have a single filling in his mouth yet he showed the same symptoms.

      The thing about bottled water is that there is no way to know the quality of that water, yet people trust it’s better than their tap. In my case, it was simply a nervous reaction to the children getting sick that made me think of the water and purchase it bottled.
      Do I think the people of Flint should feel guilty? No! When you look at the damage already done especially to the children anyone would stop drinking the tap water. I guess it comes down to the people in Flint finally got a definitive answer to the cause of their illnesses whereas I am guessing and happened on something that seems to work.


      • I hope you can get some clarification. Sometimes not knowing sorta makes you feel crazy. Anyhow, I didn’t mean to say that I thought fillings were the cause of the problem, just brought it up because the idea was that her fillings were leaching heavy metals into her system, and it caused digestive problems – so perhaps if your water also had heavy metals in it, that could explain your symptoms. Anyhow, good luck, and I hope you can get some resolution so you can stop worrying about it! 🙂


        • I didn’t take it that way. I’ve actually given a lot of thought to what damage my fillings might doing to my body and brain. I’m at an age where I find myself worrying about brain function with a family history of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


  8. I just sent you a long comment with some links, and it got caught by your spam filter… so it’s “awaiting moderation”. Just wanted you to know it was there! 🙂


  9. of “course” I had to do a bit of googling…(there’s a shock!!!)
    here’s some interesting bits
    (what I googled)
    Tap Water Toxicants
    “Muscular Dystrophy” Tap Water
    Tap Water Toxicants
    “Tap Water Toxicants”

    Toxic Molecule May Cause Most Common Type Of Muscular Dystrophy
    They also integrated an “on switch” for MMD in the mice, activated by giving them doxycycline, an antibiotic, in their drinking water.

    within a few weeks, including an inability to relax muscles and heart rhythm abnormalities. When doxycycline was stopped, mice stopped producing toxic RNA and returned to normal

    ((( I included this excerpts, because I have read more studies than I can count, on the high frequency of drugs, of all sorts in Tap Water. “Modern” water treatment plants are universally unable to filter out over the counter/prescription meds.))) ((( so who really knows what drugs are in our Tap Waters?)))

    This toxic RNA in not found in every cell of body, Mahadevan said. Rather, it is produced in higher levels in muscle cells, in the heart and brain, in the lining of the intestines and in the lens and muscles of the eyes.


    • As I was born with Muscular Dystrophy and there is no family history it is assumed that there was a flaw in the formation of my DNA resulting in a mutation of one chromosome during gestation. This isn’t surprising to me as much can happen to a child in the womb. My mother and father were violent people who fought regularly and he was known to punch her in the stomach and choke her until she passed out. I would say I was lucky to survive to birth as a result.

      Thank you for the time you spent looking up these articles, I have skimmed the one, will read it further later, and have marked the search page as well.


  10. Now, you’re just being silly if you feel embarrassed about using bottled water to prevent disease in you and your grandchildren. As you can see from the comments, no one is judging you and you’re in an audience who is highly sensitive to these things. Good for you for taking that step which was difficult for you.

    I think Cat and others make sense. You need the situation evaluated before you know where the problem is and how to treat it. If you haven’t already I would call the EPA hotline and see where to start. In the meantime, drink whatever and however you need to be healthy. Good luck.


    • I felt I had given everyone a view of who I am and my actions were not lining up to that. I do despise single use water bottles and don’t believe that in a normal situation that the water in the bottles is any better than what comes from our tap, or at least filtered from out tap.

      We are trying to get someone to test the water, that began when a neighbor’s child became ill from a water-borne parasite but so far the answer has been no unless we are willing to pay for it.


  11. No shame, Lois. It is shocking that a western country should not have palatable water.

    However, I do know that my mother and daughter cannot drink the tap water in England (Oxfordshire and Midlands) and we don’t drink it in France (Brittany), either, though it’s ok once boiled and used for tea. These are all waters that are “soft”. I find it distressing not to be able to drink tap water but it seems to be a fact in many areas. Although I have not heard of it leading to sickness and allergies :o.
    Here in Switzerland, I would have sworn we have excellent quality tap water (and my daughter is thrilled when she comes home and can drink it) but having said that, my German neighbour has suffered with severe neurodermitis all her life and has discovered that the main trigger is the water. She has found that some water, e.g. where she used to live in the Swiss mountains, is ok, while where we live she cannot tolerate the water, which we get from Lake Constance, the largest lake in western Europe, which is very clean (and obviously filtered before it gets to our taps). I am still amazed by this, but facts speak loudest. She also does not tolerate every kind of bottled water, nor is it sufficient for her when it is boiled.

    It saddens me that this is the situation in so many parts of the ‘civilised’ world.
    But if it is the case, apart from fighting for clean water, in the meantime there is no shame in drinking water that you tolerate, even if it is provided in plastic bottles. Is there nobody in the US who uses glass bottles? I believe this is still an option here, certainly cafés and restaurants provide water in glass bottles and I think larger sized bottles are still available. Unfortunately it’s probably more expensive. 😦


    • I always believed we learn to tolerate the water we live with. I never got sick from water where I grew up, but would get sick from water in places such as the southwest. Things are so bad in Arizona for instance that everyone buys water but at least there we had filling stations where we could fill up our own jugs on almost every street corner for a minimal cost ($.25 per gallon).

      No, no one sells bottled water in glass bottles except for a few imported brands that are only sold at upscale stores. You can find sparkling water in glass bottles now and then but all I want is clear, plain water.

      I have to chuckle at your being able to get water at cafes and restaurants. It used to be that as soon as you sat down at a restaurant you were given a glass of water, but now we have to ask for water (they say the water bills are too high to give free water to everyone) and if we don’t want tap water we receive our water in plastic bottles. The theory on glass bottles is that it weighs so much more than plastic that it drives up the cost of fuel to deliver it to the stores. I often wonder which is the higher use of fossil fuels, the diesel in the trucks or the petroleum to make the plastic bottle.


  12. Oh, you do know how to open that can of worms, don’t you, Lois? 🙂 We all know that our drinking water is so contaminated with chemicals that it’s amazing we survive it. Many don’t. I’m an advocate of recycling and using plastic sparingly and wisely. I just can’t eliminate it entirely. It’s unrealistic these days. I can’t drink out of a bottle and don’t buy them as a matter of practicality. Have a filter on my waterline into the freezer for Ice and water. I can tell the difference in taste and smell. Doubt it gets rid of all the chemicals. We had a big war here in Portland when the fluoride company was going to give the city a big kickback to put it in our water. We vetoed it. But who knows what else. They’ve had to stop kids from drinking from the water fountains in school because of lead in the pipes. Duh! Very few have uncontaminated water anymore. Have no guilt!!! You are doing the best you can. Your health is important and that of the rest us. We need to find a solution but what will it be? That’s for another day. Keep taking care of yourself. Hugs. Marlene


    • I love how active people are in Portland and other areas of the west in wanting to live green lives, wish I could say the same for the east coast. Here fluoride has been in our water for decades with no one complaining enough to draw attention to the problem.

      I can’t drink out of aluminum cans the taste is horrible and some plastic I notice the difference but so far with the water I’m doing okay.

      I hadn’t thought about lead being the reason water fountains were torn out. It just seemed to me they were phased out about the same time people started to carry their own water every where.

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      • They started carrying their own water because of the lead in all the old pipes and it cost too much to replace the entire city water system. I get that. But… I eat or drink nothing out of a can. Aluminum is bad for us too. Not crazy about plastic so I look for BPB free. Stainless steel made in China is mixed with pot metal and so many other things. I heard that there is an investigation going on about it. Many people of Portland are militant in some ways about being green. We all have our limits as to how far we can take it though. Unless you can afford to have your water tested, you probably will have no idea what chemicals are lurking in it that are making you ill. Once upon a time, we had a pristine planet where drilling and fracking didn’t cause a 5 point earthquake in Oklahoma. Texas is getting them too. You can’t keep taking it out and expect no adverse reactions. If only we could make everyone do the right thing. 😦 Keep taking care of yourself.


        • I didn’t know that about Stainless steel but fortunately when purchasing my stainless bottles I searched until I found ones made in the US, I just hope the steel was also made here.

          I feel sandwiched between the coal mines being only 10 or so miles from the West Virginia border, and the fracking fields. I didn’t consider these issues when I decided to make this move. How I wish I could see the planet as it was before we destroyed it.

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          • Probably true. I saw an advert for these virtual viewers (whatever you call them) and wondered if we showed everyone what the countryside looked like before we invaded the US would they care enough to fix things. I doubt it but it was a nice thought.

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