Bathroom Updates on Halloween

The bathroom is driving me nuts.  The last I mentioned this room the floor had been laid, toilet set in place and new shower ready to go.  The contractors promised to be back in a couple of days to repair the plaster and install a larger door.

The delays began almost immediately.  The workers were supposed to complete the work last Wednesday but never showed up.  I heard they got tied up on a job and it was relayed to me that they would be here on Saturday.  Saturday my son sends me a text telling me they would be here Monday instead.  Monday, you got it, no phone call and no guys showing up to work.

Monday, being Halloween, I had plans to be away for the night with these two cuties.


Each Halloween I spend the night at my son’s house where I sit outside bundled up in layers to hand out treats so both mom and dad can experience trick or treating with their children.  This year was the nicest night so far being that the temperatures only fell to the low 50s and the first year I was close to comfortable sitting outside.

This was the first house the children visited.  My grandson had spent the last couple of weeks gazing at “Monster” and couldn’t wait to get close to it.   Having recently turned two this was the first year that he really got what Halloween was all about.  Dressing up and getting candy makes this one of his favorite days.


I, on the other hand, hate these big plastic blow up things but I was able to look beyond my personal feelings and enjoy the neighbor’s excitement.  The family recently moved here from a large city where crime was so bad that no decorations could be outside and to safely hand out treats they stood behind the fence surrounding their yard and stuck candy through the holes in the fence.  Watching these homeowners’ having fun was almost as enjoyable as watching the children.

Back at my House

Just in case the workers decided to show up Tuesday morning I left the key outside and had my son message them as to where they could find it.  Sure enough, I arrived home to find the guys working!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that almost everything they did that day needs to be redone. Here are some pictures of the problem areas.

Love the new bathroom door and happy to see the outside door and the bathroom door won’t open into each other any more.  Problem is this is all the further the door will close without being forced.


This door came with the framing attached so the only way they could have messed this up is to not have properly installed the frame.

When their boss realized I planned to put in a larger door he said he would do that for me. I asked if he could leave me one of the flooring pieces so I could lay it when done. He shrugged me off and said he had  plenty leftover and would lay it for me.  Guess his guys didn’t know that.


Instead of replacing the last piece of flooring (which is easy to do by the way you simply use a hair dryer to heat the glue strip and lift it off), they filled the gap between the floor and the door jamb with plaster!  Plaster? Are you freaking kidding me?

The door frame was enlarged only on the side by the shower so imagine my surprise when I spotted more plaster on the other side of the door frame.


So what about the plastering on the walls?  They did a lovely job of that. I was impressed by how seamlessly they blended the texturing in the existing plaster to the patches. But then there was this gap they completely skipped.


This is the corner between the toilet and the shower base.  This small section had water damage so needed to come out. Yes, I do plan to add baseboards in here but I’ll need to smooth out the plaster before I can do that.

Another thing that bothers me is how the flooring was cut to fit around the water line.  With this flooring the guys had to cut a slit to make the hole or remove the valve to shut off the water. They opted to slice the flooring from the wall to the water line to fit it.  Problem with this is that now the flooring doesn’t lay flat so cleaning this area is going to be a pain.  The instructions for the flooring state that if any seams or corners want to lift up to secure them with super glue. I’ll probably try to secure this section with super glue but I have no idea if the glue will adhere to the tile underneath.

And the guys were messy.  After caulking the shower they left caulk all over the vanity top, faucet and even all over the front of my cabinets.  This is after scrubbing and working on this one section for a while.  I have lots of caulking to clean up even today.


So that’s where the bathroom stands. I can touch up the paint, but have a lot of cleaning still to do and will have to hold off on finishing work such as the trim around the door and baseboards until the problems have been repaired.




  1. First Lois what joy for that family who moved to your Son’s area away from crime.. And I can only image your grandson’s delight as he experienced Halloween properly for the first time.. I took my granddaughter around a few houses near where I live.. I didn’t even need a coat so mild it was too..
    She kept skipping.. And said Grandma, I can not help doing this meaning skipping.. I said it was because she was happy and excited.. She loved it.. 🙂

    As to your bathroom Night Mare.. I feel for you over this, what utter poor workmanship this is.. And I would be complaining bitterly to the manager as to the standards left here..And refuse part of your payment to them until it is rectified .. Has your son got on to them for you? ..
    I hope it soon gets sorted Lois..
    Lots of Love your way.. and thank you for dropping in.. 🙂 Loved having you on my Halloween post. xxx


    • How cute. One of the things I love about being around the little ones is how easily they show their happiness or excitement, like your granddaughter’s skipping. While it was warmer here I still had a coat on but the children were, for the first time, able to go out without a coat covering their costumes.

      I don’t know if my son paid them yet, but he uses this crew on many of his rental properties and will make them come back to repair shoddy work so I’m hoping that’s what he plans to do this time. Since my son gifted this work to me I have to step aside and let him handle it. I’m just blown away but the ridiculous solutions these men came up with.

      I am slowly trying to dig out my email inbox. Last night I found over 400 new emails that needed my attention so I’m trying to visit one or two posts a day from each of my favorite blogs (yes you are one of my favorites) until I get caught up. It was good seeing what you have been up to.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Sue, you made my day. I let myself feel bad and convince myself I’m the only one who allows my email to fall so far behind. Thanks for the perspective.

          Yes, I do believe my son will see that the work in the bathroom is made right, it just might take a bit of time as he has bigger jobs on a time schedule at the moment than my bathroom.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. When I got to 1500 unread blogs, I deleted them all having already read my favorites, and started from scratch. Now I’m up to 188. Those that write everyday get my visit to maybe one out of the week. I only have one or two that I would go to daily and that one doesn’t even follow my blog. As for the shoddy workmanship, I know of what you speak. My son is dealing with his friend that he isn’t getting things done faster. Her dad wants to do it down and dirty, he wants to do it right. Men are just messy. He was too. You really have to stay on them. These guys that are supposed to do all the jobs and are not highly skilled at any tend to be less than craftsman like. I hope your son has them do the job right. They may have so many jobs that they are doing none well. I don’t think I’d be sitting outside handing out candy. It was warm here but with less than a dozen kids, I just answered the door. You must have had a lot of kids. Your little ones are adorable. Next year will be even more fun for them.


    • I’m sure your son is frustrated beyond belief with having to hold his tongue because it’s family he’s working with.

      I used to do almost all my own work, minus electrical and some plumbing…oh and I refuse to work on gas. I’ve hung drywall, you name it. This house is going to get the best of me if I can’t find responsible professional workers soon to do the bigger jobs I can’t. I don’t get it, there are so many people out of work who want to find a good job and then we have almost an entire industry that feels they can do what they want when they want and there will be no consequences. I thought I was smart this week and asked my oldest son who is now working on his brother’s other properties do be my handyman too. Unfortunately, he decided to ask his brother about the job in question and the two of them decided that I shouldn’t put so much of my money into this house so now I feel like I have a set of parents telling me what to do. Grrr.
      Enough of my rant or I’ll go on all day.

      I finally decided to delete anything more than a month old unless the title sparks my interest. There are some blogs I don’t visit enough that I’m simply unsubscribing to rather than see my inbox fill up so quickly.

      When I started blogging the general belief was that you needed to blog every day, I tried to keep that up for a while, then took weekends off, now I think the best I’d like to do is get into a routine of maybe 3 days a week. I have more than enough material, several drafts already started but not the time or energy to finish them, so we’ll see.

      Yes, my son has a lot of kids. He buys five bags of candy, the big bags from the big bags you get from Sam’s Club, just for the children and goes through most of it. Of course being in real estate he also puts together bags with better chocolate and his business card for the adults. His neighborhood is very active, one house has a huge pot of chili and hot dogs they give out along with candy. Another family has a bon fire in their yard and roasts hot dogs and marshmallows for the kids and hands out bottles of beer. It’s nice to see everyone out enjoying the night, even if some are bitterly cold.

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      • You can rant all day with me, Lois. I get it. Why do you think I sent my son to live with his ex-wife. I found he was kind of invasive of my space, unknowingly of course. It’s just a guy thing. They think they know better than anyone. Anyone can be a handyman. But a good one never has free time. You already have the other type. As a rule, men never listen to you. I’m glad you have a good neighborhood now. You may have to get firmer with your boys. But I couldn’t do it either.


        • I totally get why you moved your son on, I’m just glad mine is only staying with me weekends and when the children are out of school. I couldn’t take it year round. I’d rather avoid confrontation with either of them but I may have to at least sit down with the one that owns this house and have a talking to him. His opinion is that he doesn’t feel the value of the home, what he can get in rent when I leave, will ever match the money I put into the house. But this is my project, the motivation to get up each morning and know I have something that needs me. It’s not like I’m ever going to put granite counter tops and such in the house, but the nicer the house looks the longer a tenant will stay and the more they will appreciate the care that went into the work. He will also find that a tenant will stay longer too if the home is beautiful. Again it comes down to his thinking like a landlord/flipper who puts lipstick on a pig and my desire to restore a piece of history. The two don’t line up. If you know me, you’ll know that I will make this home shine regardless of what anyone else thinks I should do.


          • I’m with you Lois. I don’t put lipstick on a pig. I turn a sous ear into a silk purse as inexpensively as possible. The statement “the motivation to get up each morning and know I have something that needs me” says more than enough. Write it down for him. You are good at writing your feelings. Looks like mine will be moving out permanently. He’s buying a shipping container and having it place behind the ex’s place in Arizona. Cheaper than storage unit fees. Yay!!!


          • Thanks, Marlene, I needed that.

            Is your son buying a shipping container to store his thing in or to live in? Some of the converted shipping containers have been made into some beautiful homes.

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          • To store his things in. He would like to build a home from them and that may be a future project. I’ve heard enough about it from him. He has a better chance of doing it there than here. It’s less expensive.


  3. Hmmm… I avoid like the plague hiring people to work on my home. I just hate the disruption, and having to trust a complete stranger not only to be in my home, but to do things the way they should be done. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to fix things that contractors did wrong – and I haven’t had that much stuff done! I mean, I know doing it yourself was not really an option in this case, but this sort of stuff just makes me crazy! Hope you get it sorted out soon, and that they come back and make it right.


    • I too hate having people doing things in or around my house because I want to tell them how to do it right. You would think a crew that makes it’s living working for an investor wouldn’t cut corners and risk losing the steady work. guess that’s just how I would think about a job. My son better get it fixed soon.


  4. Sounds like a real mess in the bathroom. Hope you get it resolved sooner rather than later. Luckily, we found a contractor who does really good work. He’s not the cheapest, but we’re willing to pay for reliably good work. However, it seems to take forever. 😦

    I’m glad you were able to take time out to enjoy trick-or-treating. Your grandkids are really cute in their costumes.


    • I’m not sure why these guys thought they could do such shoddy work and still have my son want to keep them on for his properties. I know the few times I know they didn’t do something right on one of his other houses he made them come back and redo it. I’m glad you found a good worker to do your new home, I love how your floors are coming out, they blended the sections together well.

      Did you have many kids come by for Halloween? I enjoy seeing the costumes, my favorite this year was a simple one where a boy dressed in khaki pants and a polo shirt then added a name tag that read Jake from State Farm. It was so unexpected yet simple.


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