Links I love, October 2016

link love

My house is filled with workers as the bathroom is torn apart today.  Below the old tub is broken down to get rid of.

old-tub So with rain about to start and trying to keep out of the workers’ way, I have crushed egg shells for next year’s gardens, worked on a crochet project for Christmas and even read a bit but boredom was setting in.  What better way to break the boredom than to be inspired by others, and make a dent on my overflowing inbox?

Anne shares a few ideas on sharing such as the lending closet that contains everything from guitars to sporting equipment, gardening supplies to speakers. She also shares a program she participates in to help women world wide.

At Mount Rewild, a wonderful article with plenty of pictures of free range children caught my attention. Lately, I’ve had discussions with several people about the freedoms the youth of today have had taken away from them. It’s nice to see some families have found ways to give their children the freedom to roam and learn in natural settings.

Want to grow your own food year round but live with harsh winters?  Now you can by using these plans to build an inexpensive underground greenhouse.

With Christmas right around the corner time is running short for handmade gifts. This tutorial for crochet socks is perfect for the beginner as well as the more experienced.

It seems that you and I have a lot in common, our favorite season by far is autumn. Unfortunately, it seems climate change may soon change the way we enjoy autumn colors and that will have a huge impact on our health.

With the bathroom nearing completion I can turn my attention to plans for the kitchen. Specifically what will I use for the back splash.  Tiles, even those made from recycled materials use energy to produce.  I’m considering this Reclaimed Boat Wood Tile, currently out of stock. The beautiful shades of this wood would complement the reclaimed window and other touches in my kitchen. Plus, this seems like the least intensive to manufacture making it good green choice.

What have you read recently?



  1. I love that wood tile. Funny, just this weekend hubby and I were in a restaurant that had a wall covered in scrap wood, leftover end pieces. Some were fairly shallow and others larger, and made shelves.


    • That must have been a cozy restaurant, Christy. I’ve seen those walls with irregular depths on the wall and all I can think is the amount of dusting it must take to keep them clean. I like the idea of adding shelves and if someone else took care of the dusting then I’d gladly to a feature wall like that myself.


  2. You have a lot of interesting links here. No underground greenhouse for me. I don’t own the land but like the idea. I get staying out of the workers way. They stop working if you talk to them.. I don’t have little children but the big ones can go out on the range any time. 🙂 Hope this week goes better for you.

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