Things Falling Into Place, The Doors are Wide Open

If there was one disappointment for me as a mother it was that my sons were not close. They are very different in every way and could go a couple of years without talking. All that has changed this summer.

Marley, the new grandpuppy.

My oldest son has struggled financially for a while. He is trained as an electrician but finds the few jobs available have frequent layoffs and being the newest employee he’s always the last hired back.

In August his brother learned he was laid off again and fearful he wouldn’t be able to keep up on his bills. I was holding my breath and trying to figure out how I could continue to help him with the bills when out of the blue my youngest son offered to hire his brother to do demo and electrical work on a foreclosed home he had just purchased.

Turns out my boys finally found they have skills that complement each other.

In August my oldest moved in with me for three weeks to work on the foreclosed property and since then his brother has helped him to set up his own contracting business including introducing him to other investors.

My Modified B&B

Since the school year began I have had my son staying with me every weekend, and all of this past week.  Some weekends it’s just my son, other weeks he brings his daughter down and still others his girlfriend, her daughter and their puppy come with him.

We joke I’m running a modified B&B because the only ones I cook breakfast for are the children. It’s not always easy being I’m set in my ways and used to living alone.  I like my home kept a certain way as well so come Monday or Tuesday I’m busy trying to put the house back the way I want it while resigning myself to the knowledge that it will be disrupted again in a couple of days.

My son is finally happy and living a less stressful life now. Because he was able to cut his expenses down to a minimal amount weekend work is all he needs to pay the bills. That’s a lifestyle I wish more people could experience.

He and his girlfriend are in the process of looking for land to farm on.  They already have chickens and ducks and plan to add a greenhouse, which my son can build.  They’ve picked my brain on raised beds and fruit trees, best way to compost and how to control pests, along with what I would suggest they grow as profitable crops to sell along with their eggs. I’ve suggested growing unusual crops and plants to avoid competition and speed up the ability to grow a customer base. We want all the same things and as a result they have already asked me to consider building my dream tiny house on their property so we can help each other out.  Maybe there will be one more move in my future……one day.  For now this house works as a free place for my son to stay to work.

I’ve taken on a new job, this one full time. I have taken on all bookkeeping responsibilities for my youngest son’s business and when my oldest son grows his contracting business enough to need my services will add his work to my load as well.  It’s going to be one big family business.

I’ve worked as a bookkeeper many times through the years but never used software to do so, I kept paper ledgers until now so learning the software has been time consuming to say the least.  I think I still prefer paper records over accounting software but acquiring a new skill is always handy.

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my boys getting along so well and seeing them both happy.



  1. That’s all wonderful news! Our kids, no matter what age, always continue to surprise us, don’t they. I can see why you have been quiet lately, with running your own b&b, taking on a new job, and having constant company. There are definite perks to living alone, and like you said, one does get used to it and value the peace and quiet.


    • Cynthia, how are you? You’ve been on my mind a lot lately with the hurricane. My grandson was down there until last night so I watched a lot of coverage on Hurricane Matthew. I do hope your new home was spared any damage as well.

      They do surprise me still and yes things have been crazy for too long now. Hopefully they will settle down some and soon.


  2. Wow, you have been busy. I love hearing how your family is coming together. Nothing makes me happier either than my kids getting along. I’m lucky in that they are close to each other. However, they are introverted males, so they don’t feel the need to be talking all of the time.

    Of course, you do what is best for you, but I don’t want you to move until you finish what you want on your current house. I have really enjoyed watching you transform it.


    • So that’s the problem, I have two extroverted boys. 🙂

      I’m not going anywhere until I feel this house is as it should be and even then it will be hard to leave. There are things I don’t like about the location of my house but moving where I am dependent on my son keeping the property feels a bit unsettling to me, but it’s nice he asked.


  3. What wonderful news!!! Your life will certainly be full. Each style of living has its pluses and minuses. I, too, enjoy quiet and solitude … but with family close it is hard to get that time in my life. I take those periods of aloneness now as little periods of reguvination and value them greatly.

    Glad things are turning around for your one son.


    • I get it, Elaine. As soon as I get the house to myself I need to have my quiet time. Even the housework has to wait until I’ve gotten myself grounded again. On days when it gets to feeling like too much I remind myself that it’s all good. I won’t have to find ways to help with my son’s bills, his self esteem is better knowing he’s working etc.


  4. Great news….and Busy Times….all good.

    Nice to get an update on how all are doing…Having “met” them through your blog, one starts to worry when one doesn’t hear about them for a while ..Isnt that something, have never met any of you, yet it is true…I sort of feel I have met you all. Guess that goes to show, your style of writing is very “inclusive” …


    • I feel the same way about so many of you I’ve met through blogging too. Things are all good here, that is if I could just get adjusted to having so many people in my personal space. 🙂


  5. Siblings don’t always get along or mesh, you and I know this well. I’m happy your sons are growing closer. And all the new things happening in your life! Makes all the hard times worth it. 🙂 Big hugs!


    • Oh how I know. I guess because my boys only have each other and me I wanted them to be closer so they would always have each other when I’m gone but I’m probably projecting what I wish I’d been able to have with my siblings.


  6. Wow! That’s a lot of change. The son has a new lady with a child in his life. The interesting thing is that they will never be like each other, they have found how they can compliment each other. My sister and I are nothing like each other either but we are best of friends. We both want things our own way too. Is the full time bookkeeping giving you extra income or are you doing it for the love of your kids? I’m beginning to think life has it’s own agenda. Like you, I like living alone in an orderly fashion. Something out there seems to have other ideas. But we are caregivers and the door will always be wide open. Field’s B&B has a good ring to it. Hugs.


    • Yes, my son has been with her a few months now and they are doing good and all the kids are happy.

      Definitely Field’s B&B is up and running, just found out my ex is coming in later this week and will be here over the weekend while my son and granddaughter are also here. I may need to escape soon. 🙂

      As for the bookkeeping, it’s not for love. My son needed a bookkeeper he could trust who knew what they were doing so he didn’t have to worry. I did bookkeeping for many years including to stay home and home school so he knew I could do the job and am trustworthy.

      Not sure if I’d go so far as saying my boys will be best of friends but the change has given me hope they can grow into a relationship similar to what you have with your sister.

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