Preparing for Rest

While I work to edit photos and write the words that will explain to you what I did this summer,  I’m thrilled autumn has arrived and have accepted that winter will follow.




The list of projects outside is slowly whittling down but it’s not finished, won’t be for another couple of years.   Yet, even knowing I couldn’t get all the work done this summer I felt relief knowing the season was coming to and end.

Each of us have that one thing that reminds us summer is officially over.

For me it’s the start of football. As I sat down and turned on the Steeler game I picked up a new cross stitch project. I can’t sit idly and stare at a screen, something has to be in my hands.  I’ve also had opportunities since the cooler weather arrived to pick up a book and find I can read more than a few pages before falling soundly asleep. I was seriously sleep deprived this summer.

This was the first time since the warm weather arrived that I’d picked up fabric and needle and it felt good.  At that moment I realized I was ready to move into the rest period of the year (winter).

pine tree

The years are a series of phases, never-ending pattern like a circle. No real beginning or end they just quietly merge together to form the whole that are our experiences.

Spring is rebirth and with it I want to be outside breathing the clean air and seeing the bursts of color in the trees and along the ground. I take my time assessing the damage and planning the work I want to accomplish while the weather is nice. Spring is also the time others come out and we reconnect and catch up.


Summer is filled with work. Whether that work is on the house, in the gardens, or building and refinishing projects I don’t want to work on inside where a mess is harder to clean up.  It’s also the time I get to sit back and watch with wonder the little ones exploring nature and testing their limits.

When I was school age I saw summers as that time to be free of the restraints the classroom imposed and spent many hours camping or simply sitting under a tree with a book. Without the scheduled days of a school year summers don’t have that same feel any more.


In Autumn there’s still work to be done. Summer things need putting away. Garden tools need to be inspected and cared for before packed away safely from the elements of winter. There will be leaves to be raked, one of my favorite pleasures but with shorter days and cooler nights it’s time to reacquaint myself with what rest feels like again.


And then there’s winter.  In the beginning I love winter. I bring out the blankets and sweaters relishing in the cocoon they offer just like a child with a favorite blanket who finds comfort from his.  After the first snowfall, I have to admit I always thought bears had the best idea, find a nice spot and hibernate. I never thought I would mind sleeping through the rest of winter and waking to spring but as age progresses even the dreaded feeling of cold isn’t enough to make me want to miss a moment of living.

While football reminded me what I love about Autumn,  Autumn didn’t officially arrive until this past week, for once I think I’m ready for it and rest.

What is your favorite season?




  1. I’m with you all the way. Ready to come inside and get a few things done here. I’m spent when it comes to the outside work for this year. I hope I have the energy to do more next summer and hopefully, it won’t be such a long list. There is just not enough of me to get it all done. I love winter. I can layer and stay warm. Can’t strip off enough in summer and stay out of jail. 🙂 Maybe I’ll feel differently in March. 🙂 Now if I could sleep. 😦


    • Not me I love the heat, not always the humidity that comes with it but there aren’t enough layers to make me comfortable in the winter. I’m done with the outside work this year too and was ready for a break.

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  2. A very nice summary of the seasons. I think I like spring the best. It’s exciting to be outside and see the rebirth. Most of the time, I am ready to rest as the weather turns colder, but this year there is so much to do in the new house, that I want the weather to stay good for a while. However, I will just have to follow your example and be patient and realize that it can’t all be done at once.


    • Spring doesn’t have the same vibrancy of colors but after a long winter seeing the fresh bright greens of new leaves is a breath of fresh air, plus the break in the cold is the best part for me.

      You have a lot on your plate with the new house. I just saw your latest post via my phone and have to stop by to catch up this weekend, or at the latest Monday when I get my house back to myself again for a couple of days. It’s great that you are able to give your son a place to stay in the new house too.


  3. I used to expound on loving winter the best. I think I even did a post on it. But over the last year or so I noticed I have more problem with my body and keeping warm and my love affair with winter is a bit tempered. Still … I can always find ways to get and stay warm, and summer (my least favorite season) can sometimes sap my strength with its heat and humidity. I guess if I had to pick one – winter would be it. I have never been one to enjoy gardening or outside property maintenance, but I enjoy walks for exercise – and time spent in nature away from the house. And I love all weather events – especially big snow storms. And my main past times are activities that are best done indoors.


    • Hi Elaine, I remember last year you found the cold was getting to you. Hopefully this year it will be different and you will be fine again. I can sympathize with anyone who suddenly finds the cold hurting them as I’ve lived that way my entire life.


  4. I found this post fascinating as it made me reflect on our southern Australian seasons. Yes football announces Autumn but summer is a time for rest. Especially when the temperature exceeds 40c. Time to kick back with a beer and thank Mother Nature for the warmth. Large gardens still need tending in winter as we don’t get the snow. I too relish the thought of blankets and woolly jumpers but the novelty soon wears off. At the moment it is confusing as the migratory birds have arrived from Russia or wherever and they wake us with their exuberance yet the winter is still hanging on.


    • I love comparing our seasons to those in the southern hemisphere. My dream would be to live half the year here and half down under to avoid winter but that’s not going to happen. In my area it’s too cold to do any gardening unless we have a heated greenhouse, which I don’t so outdoor work is relegated to shoveling the snow during those months.


  5. I like them all, but if I have to choose a favorite, would say fall. I love the colors and the crispness in the air, plus the opportunity to sit in front of the fire with hot chocolate. I don’t like sports, so they don’t figure into my choice at all.


  6. I love this post! I’ve never really looked on winter as a season of rest – more like the season when everything just gets harder. Perhaps I need to adjust my perspective a bit!


    • Why is winter harder, is it the snow shoveling? For me it’s a time of rest simply because so much of what I enjoy doing is better done outside, such as sanding down furniture pieces. In the winter I curl up with more books and needlework projects which is pure laziness.


      • You know, I’m not really sure why winter feels harder. I actually sorta like shoveling snow in moderation – it’s the darkness that I have trouble with. Not being an early riser, I usually only get about 6 hours of light in the dead of winter.

        But mostly, I think it’s that caring for animals in the wintertime is hard – I’m grateful that I don’t have any feral cats to worry about this year – though I do feel responsible for continuing to feed the squirrels and birds. But I’m soooo grateful that I don’t have any sick kitties (knock on wood) at the moment – first winter in a LOOONG time that won’t need to worry about keeping the driveway shoveled so I can jump in the car and run to the emergency vet at the drop of a hat f I need to. I mean, I used to LOVE getting snowed in – I even loved power outages! But all that went away after years of protracted kitty care where any moment could turn into a life or death situation. I’m just not sure I could forgive myself if one of my cats died because I’d been too lazy to shovel the driveway.

        I guess when I really look at it, winter is harder because I haven’t given myself permission to rest – and I think that’s a wonderful goal for the upcoming season.


        • I’m so with you on the darkness. I don’t like the shorter daylight hours being that I’m not a morning person.

          I get the pressure you felt to have the drive clear in case you had a kitty emergency, I used to be the same way about my children. I had one child who was fearless and was forever getting hurt so getting him out was always in the back of my mind.

          I hope you do give yourself permission to rest, then let me know how you feel about winter come next spring.


  7. All my life I have loved fall the best. I love getting out the warm wooly clothes, I love cooking fall foods, And I love sleeping with the cold crisp air and the sound of geese honking coming in the open windows. The brilliant leaf colors are so ephemeral, changing daily as if in a rush to get out all the best colors before the world turns black and white again.
    Now that I have moved south the season isn’t that dramatic and I miss it sooooo much!


    • I miss the geese here but while I love the heat of summer after a long winter I’m most partial to autumn for all the same reasons you love it. Moving around a lot I know exactly what you mean about missing the vibrant colors of autumn in the south. Wish I could share it with you.


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