When Buying New Makes Sense

As a minimalist and one concerned with the environment I try very hard to buy nothing new. There are times it makes sense to give in and buy an item I need.

deck rails2

This was the case when I purchased a new saw. For a year I had been trying to hire someone who would put up railings on my deck  to prevent any one from falling and getting hurt and to comply with local zoning laws.  I don’t know about where you live but handyman/contractors are unreliable here. Living near a large metropolitan area the contractors limit their work radius to the metropolitan area and refuse to drive the distance outside the city where I live.

If I had been able to find a contractor or handyman to drive to my location they would have charged me a minimum of thirty dollars per hour.

I took stock of the materials left over from the repairs made on the deck when I first bought the house and determined that if I were to modify the design of the rails I could do the job myself. The materials were here I just needed a proper saw to cut the wood down to size for each section.

I looked for a while for a used saw, while continuing to find a contractor willing to do the work, nothing. Finally I shelled out the one hundred and twenty dollars for the saw and got to work.  The railings are almost completed, rain stopping me from working straight through, and I can now calculate  my savings.  Had I hired someone the cost would have been more than what I paid for the saw. As it is when the job is completed I have options on what to do with the saw.

  1. I can hold on to it for future needs.
  2. I can hold on to it but loan or rent it out to others who also need a saw they don’t own.
  3. I can hold on to the saw and make a few dollars doing work for others in the area.
  4. I can sell the saw and recoup some of my investment.

I  will probably hold on to the saw for now as I can use it for many different projects including building a pantry, adding more raised beds in the garden and even adding building furniture to my business of restoring furniture. I may even look to take on jobs I previously couldn’t have considered to earn a bit more money.

Owning this saw, therefore, could lead to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, one in which I am not dependent on finding skilled labor.

It’s rare when I purchase a new item and when I do I am usually racked with guilt.  With this purchase I am completely at peace.



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