Best Trip Ever

As I write this today is my grandson’s second birthday. In honor of his birthday I wanted to share a story with you on how his sister tried to make his day a bit better last month.

baby love.

Late June my grandson got his leg twisted while on a slide and broke one of the bones in the leg. He wasn’t allowed to walk on it for a few days and then was stuck inside because it rained so often and he wasn’t allowed to get it wet.  He wasn’t able to enjoy a bath because he hated the covering they found for the cast which also meant the wading pool was out. Let’s just say six weeks with a toddler in a cast is a long six weeks.

So one afternoon his sister decided to give his a trip to the zoo to break his boredom and stop the cranky mood he was in because he wanted to be outside.  She presented mom and brother with zoo tickets.

zoo tickets

Then she walked them through the house to show them all the animals she had set up.


The monkeys were found on the deep freeze and the frogs were hiding in the corner.


I guess the giraffes and elephants, (and is that a cow?) enjoyed each others company.


The animals were spread throughout the house. I hadn’t realized just how many stuffed animals my grandchildren had and I understand why my son begs people not to give his children any more stuffed animals.  But for one day they came in handy.

My grandson got his cast off August 1st and he’s happily spending as much time outdoors as possible.



  1. Thank you. Love these kind of “events”. grin.

    Wonderful story, and wonderful Big Sister.

    how old was she when she did this? did she really think of it on her own? stupendous.


    • She set up the zoo last month when her brother was having a bad day with the cast. She’s five and yes, she thought of that all on her own.


  2. Thank goodness children heal as fast as they do … Even so, 6 weeks is a lifetime to a child and their parents. And the zoo visit is so charming. The parents need to save the pictures and the tickets as part of a child memory book. They will enjoy it as adults.


    • You are so right in that it was a long six weeks. For the most part he mastered the awkward design of the cast to do most of what he did before it was put on. We also learned something else. His mother is allergic to fiberglass and broke out every place his cast touched her. They are both on the mend now. As for the zoo, the only complaint mom had was she had to carry him around the “zoo.” It did the trick and broke his bad mood though.


    • Thanks, I was hoping others would find that just as sweet. I’d thought there wasn’t much use for more than one or two stuffed animals. 🙂


  3. How sweet. And creative! So glad the cast is now a family story and he can enjoy the outdoors for the rest of the summer. Happy birthday, birthday boy!


    • He’s definitely enjoying the cast being off even though he’s having difficulty walking due to muscle wasting. Doctor prescribed lots of play to build the leg back up and he’s making sure to get plenty.


  4. Oh what a thoughtful little girl his big sister is.. And what a wonderful Gift and fantastic imagination.. I loved my visit to the Zoo too.. And I am delighted Lois that your Grandson is now cast free and able to run and play outside again.. And enjoy the rest of Summer..

    Loved it.. Hugs Sue xx


  5. What a delightful story! I’m still smiling!

    When I read the start of the post and saw the word zoo I thought “oh no” (because I really don’t think we have any right to keep animals in captivity just so that we can go and gawk at them, I don’t see any educational benefit in allowing children to see caged animals – but I digress).

    What your granddaughter did was just amazing – and what wonderful intuition and caring she has shown.

    Thank you Lois for sharing this delightful slice of life (and yes, I’m still smiling!).


    • I’m like you Clare, I hate most zoos because my heart breaks seeing the animals in cages. I have to say I did visit a zoo this summer that had natural habitats for the animals with lots of room for them to roam and didn’t get that sick feeling in my stomach while there.

      So glad you enjoyed the zoo trip our little one put on for her brother. Knowing it brought a smile to your face is worth it. 🙂


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