What Simple Living Looks Like

There hasn’t been much that has been going as planned lately but that seems to be the way life generally is.  We can’t control the world around us instead we make adjustments and keep on keeping on.

Take for instance the weather.  It’s been so very hot and has me wondering what the next few years will be like as climate change worsens.  Meteorologists, while never perfect at predicting weather, are having a harder time of it.  For three straight days the prediction was for clear skies and a heat advisory. Instead this happened to me on each of those three days.

unexpected rains

The laundry has definitely taken way longer to dry.

Needing to furnish a home after living in a studio apartment and wanting to do so using as much second-hand items coming across free curbside finds makes that easier.

This chair I carried home on my lap. The girls saw it immediately asked for this to go upstairs and be recovered in a “pretty pink”.  I have other plans for it.

curbside chair


A few days later I spotted these pieces.

curbside finds

I wanted the short cabinet on the right of the loveseat and the cabinet behind it.  I had no idea how I was going to get them home. As I was contemplating that dilemma my son called to say he and his family were coming out to visit.  They had enough room to bring the cabinet directly behind the loveseat to me.  Unfortunately when I went back the smaller piece was gone.

armoire to bookcase

I was a bit disappointed when this piece was delivered to me. I was unable to get close to it in the grass and assumed the cabinet had a shelf or two behind the doors. I thought it would make a cute chest for holding the boys’ clothes when they visited. Instead, I found this was a jewelry armoire.  No big deal. I made a few quick changes and moved on to start the conversion to be something useful to me.

Here’s a view with the mirror lifted.

jewelry armoire

I removed all the drawers, and the top with the mirror.  My daughter-in-law wanted two of the drawers and the neighbor boy asked if he could have the rest. He wanted to take them apart and build something from the pieces.  He took them home and has been busy since.  I removed pieces to keep. There were two sets of hooks for hanging necklaces I removed to use in the girls’ room and of course the piano hinges I put with my tools…never know when they could come in handy.

bookcase in progress

There  is a lot going on at the moment so this is as far as I’ve gotten on converting the armoire to a bookcase with storage for my room.   The plan was to paint the outside of the cabinet in a chalky black paint and the drawer fronts and open book storage white.

As you can see there was a change in that plan. I didn’t like the material the drawer fronts were made of and decided to remove the drawer front. Unfortunately they were not only nailed on but glued as well.  I damaged the pressed board behind the front and needed a quick and easy way to hide that damage. Fabric did the trick.  I’ll show you more of this piece when I get back to working on it. There is much to do but for now I wanted to show you how it will be used.

Coming out on the deck to hang more wet laundry I spotted this little guy in the corner on one of the rails.  He was so still I slowly got closer and closer.

friendly bird

After snapping this picture, no I didn’t zoom in this is really as close as I was at that moment, I realized he didn’t care that I was getting closer or bothered by the phone. I began to worry that something was wrong with him and got closer still. I was just about to pet him and see if he would climb on my finger…Literally my finger was within an inch or two of his belly when I realized he was “doing his business” soiling the deck beneath him. I decided to leave him be and went about hanging my wet clothes. Later I had the mess he left behind to clean up.

Life isn’t all about work. I  make sure to take time out for walks where I go exploring. I look for unusual features, gardening ideas and signs in nature (such as where the ground hog holes are. Always a good thing to know when you take pets or children out on walks with you.) On one of those walks I spotted this feature in someone’s front yard.

minimal shade


I’m still trying to decide if I like this but it sure caught my attention. 🙂 I think if it were me I’d rather a shady tree for that bench to sit under.

Then there are the little tasks that save money such as repairing clothes.

patching knees

My granddaughter has lots of stretchy leggings but that type of fabric wears easily on the knees and soon holes appear.  I simply head to the drawer I keep tiny scraps of fabric in and find one that will work to make a patch.  My granddaughters love the uniqueness the patches give their clothes and as a result collect and bring me any clothes that need mending.

The girls are also expressing opinions on the patches I will make for them. Last night I was handed a pair of black and white striped leggings and asked to make a daisy with a black center to put on the hole in the knee. 🙂

If there’s one nice thing about all the rain it’s that it’s made it easier on my arms to dig in the ground.  I’ve been busy digging to lay paths through the yard such widening this entrance to the yard and gardens.


Every Tuesday in the month of July my grandchildren come to visit and we walk to the local library for the summer reading program.  This particular week a magician entertained them before it was crafting time.

magician show

Simple living isn’t always simple, things don’t always go as planned but it’s anything but boring.




  1. Lois, I really like the fabric you put on the drawer fronts, and looking to see what else you do with this furniture.

    wow..i am amazed often by what folks put out at the curb to garbage..I am hoping they hope someone will re home it…….(and not really for garbage)

    the chair you rescued is gorgeous, and me, I would not give it up for the girls, grin….

    how is the garden growing?


    • Thank you. I have been so busy outside I haven’t had time to do much indoors besides routine tidying and cleaning. The cooler weather will be here soon enough and I’ll have time for it then.

      The chair isn’t going to the girls. It will stay in my living room, I’m thinking of a blue velvet fabric which I think would make the shape pop.


  2. Looks like things are progressing. We are not allowed to put out free things here. They don’t want junk out front unless you are having a yard sale. Dumb. I like what you did with the cabinet. That chair looks like it could be quite comfortable if you recover it.. That’s the problem with bigger pieces, you need a truck to get them home. I got a picture of a baby bird too. They are fascinating to watch. Hugs,


    • Things are finally progressing around here and I’ve earned the sleep I get as a result. 🙂

      I think it’s sad when people can’t set things out for free but I get it. Too bad HOA won’t make a compromise by giving homeowners a set number of days an item can sit outside before giving them heck.

      The chair is comfortable but I’m still going to recover it. Who knows what fabric I’ll find but I’m hoping for a blue velvet which I think would go well in my house plus honor the period the piece was made in.

      Liked by 1 person

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