Venturing Out

While my grandchildren were here we mostly hung out around the house or at least the local community for our entertainment. We visited the library for the weekly story and craft hour and walked to the local playground for a change of scenery. The children borrowed plenty of books from the library now that they are able to read on their own and enjoy their newfound abilities.  But there were two outings we included to make their stay extra special.  Today I want to show you one of those outings.

reading spot

Aside from the increase in my grocery bill I spent very little in the month the children were here.  In total I spent $25 on activities. Five went to making sure the children had a spot to cool off during one of the hottest month of June on record.

cooling off

While not a large pool it was enough to allow them to splash around and get a break from the heat.

The rest of the money I spent was on a day at Liliput. Liliput is a business that sells amazing children’s playhouses that would break the bank but they also have an indoor Main Street fully stocked for children to let their imaginations run wild.

The girls loved the beauty salon and quickly dressed up with dresses available for them.


My grandson wasn’t going to be left out, he took his turn both in the seat and being the hairdresser.


The ice cream shop was another hit.


Little guy, can’t keep calling him the baby, checked it out as well.


The Doctor’s office held their attention for a while.


Each took a turn being both doctor and patient.


The cash register in the grocery store was more interesting than the groceries.


The fire station was a bigger hit with the boys.


The girls still had fun.


And the local garage entertained little guy the longest.


Each year I try to take the children to at least one unique place. While they all had fun the oldest two were right on the cusp of this being too childish so I’m glad we had the opportunity to enjoy it this year.





  1. Looks lovely. Glad you got to go when the kids could all enjoy it/pics of it together. When they are all grown, it will be a nice memory.
    Maybe next year, horseback riding lesson? Dog training/handling lesson?
    or (a favorite from my very young yrs on the farm)
    Find a nice farmer with gentle cows and calves
    Learn to ride a calf….(and then a cow)

    I think the pool was a good idea, and just as good it was not too large…It allowed them all, once again, to enjoy it together, even the “little guy”.


    • I have a few ideas for next year. There is a business that has nothing but bouncy houses for the kids to play in. It might wear them out enough to let me sleep in the next day. 🙂 But there is also a farm we can visit that has lots of activities for kids and many museums etc. Living near a large city opens the possibilities.

      The pool size was small for a couple reasons. A larger pool would use more water, be a danger for the youngest one and with a property on a hill it’s hard to find a spot to put a pool and keep it from tipping over and spilling water every where.


  2. I have seen that even when something is a little young for kids, they still like it. Even though they might not admit it. But if there are younger kids there, that they can help with, they like it even more. I’ve seen that time and time again with the kids who come into the library where I work.

    Looks like another successful activity with the grandkids. Was there anything that was a dud with them that you hadn’t anticipated? Or did everything go well?


    • I agree, if I had taken just the older two they wouldn’t have had as much fun as they did having the little ones there to play with.

      If anything was a dud it was the fact that the neighbor kids stayed indoors because of the cicadas. But even with that my grandchildren informed me that they came to spend time with family and it was okay the other kids weren’t around.


      • Sense of family is really important to me and a value that I tried to instill in my kids. It’s nice to see that as young as they are, your grandkids understand and appreciate the importance of family. (Of course, there are some family members that it is healthier to stay away from. That’s another story.)


        • I was so impressed with their response and how family was more important to them. And you are right some family it’s better to stay away from. 🙂


  3. I like that you took on the challenge of having all four kids – I take my hat off to you!! We have never had more than two at a time and the little one has never slept over so far. Maybe when their new sibling arrives ;). It certainly is obvious that all the kids had a great time, even the older ones – I find most kids enjoy an excuse to do something “young”, even as teens they like to escape back to childhood and this gives them an opportunity to just be children. Our kids in general grow up so fast these days, our grandson’s cousin is a tween at 8 :(.
    But it is true that some activities can become a bit of a yawn for them – one of our daughters won a competition to go to Legoland when she was 10; they waited until they had 4 winners in one region before the trip took place and two of the other children were already 12/13 by the time it happened and by that time were less than impressed at the event compared to the two 10/11 yr olds taking part, even though it was a super-special trip on a private jet to Denmark and a whole two days in Legoland, which I thought was fabulous (as an accompanying parent!)…


    • I should have mentioned that my daughter-in-law joined me on this outing. I’ve had up to three of the children on my own but for now the youngest one would be a handful to venture outside the house with on my own.

      Isn’t is crazy that 8 is considered to be a tween today? What a shame that at 10 Legoland would be boring. I think even I would enjoy a visit to Legoland.


  4. Lois what a wonderful place where children can explore their imaginations I found it fascinating that they all so enjoyed themselves as I did looking at their photo’s .. It doesn’t take a lot to entertain children. Thank you for sharing them, they are growing so fast and I see a difference in them 🙂
    Love Sue xxx


    • I love that place because it’s all about a child’s imagination. There’s nothing that needs batteries,runs on electronics etc. It gives children a break from the crazy world and time to just be a child as they should be.

      The children did have fun but the oldest two probably wouldn’t enjoy it next year.

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  5. I did miss this one. We were pounding away the end of July before the kid left. What a lovely place to take kids. I’ve never heard of anywhere like it. Sent you a note. I’d be tired for a month after this.


    • It’s a really cute place geared to the littlest ones. I love that the entire business is about sparking their imaginations and no technology involved.

      I can only imagine that list before you lost your extra helper but I do hope you are enjoying spending time alone in your home. Thanks for the nudge to get a post up again. 🙂

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