Time for Rest

minimal shade

Having pared down my possessions to just those that fit my needs doesn’t mean life is slow and restful.  There is the restoration of the farmhouse and gardens to tend.  These are things I enjoy and the reason the farmhouse was the only house that after months of searching felt like home.

With the warmer weather it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be outside and productive after being cooped up hibernating throughout winter.  The workaholic I used to be sneaks out at the first signs of spring and I can forget to take time out to rest and recharge.

Then there are days like today when summer thunderstorms force me back indoors and I am  reminded of the benefits of minimalism.  As I look around there are no piles to address. The dishes don’t pile up because I no longer prepare elaborate meals that dirty a stack of dishes.  The floors are bare and easy to sweep and keep mopped. No need for noisy vacuum cleaners with the carpets gone.  The furniture moves easier on the bare floors so it takes less energy to clean around and under.  Everything has its place keeping the farmhouse tidy

Instead of slaving away cleaning and organizing the interior spaces of the farmhouse while the thunderstorm rages outside I am free to pick up a good book from the library and curl for a while under the window where I can listen to the rain patter on the porch roof without feeling guilty because there are chores waiting on me. I can pick up a crochet project that awaits me or any number of other activities that soothes my soul.

As the rain bathes the dirt and smells of civilization from the air the same way a shower cleans our body of the every day grime, I will breathe in and savor that smell that only comes from a hard steady rain while I rest and recharge.

If we listen nature will remind us to slow down and recharge periodically. Today I will take my cue from Mother Nature and let her do the outside work while I take a much-needed break.




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