Home and Electronics

Television was never important to me. It was there in our home but it never held much of an attraction.  I was the city girl who preferred the outdoors and books. As an adult televisions have come and gone in our home. The first one arrived when I was expecting my first child, I was told you couldn’t raise a child in that day and age without a TV in the home.



Of course in raising a family one voice can be drowned out by the majority and that’s what happened with the television. Once it arrived in the house it got turned on more and more often. It took twelve years before that gifted, used television broke at which time we lived without for a couple of years before I was out-voted and another television arrived.

Once I had the home to myself one of the first things I got rid of was the television.

Sure there are days when the subject of a program on television comes up and I find I have nothing to contribute to the conversation but those days are becoming fewer. Even if by not being glued to the screen I felt left out of conversations I would not want to bring a television back into my home.  Maybe it’s because when I was born television was still a minor part of every day life, or a combination of my life’s experiences.  Either way, I’ve never liked the feel of the blank screen dominating a room.

No matter how small a television there is something about that screen that distracts me,  it begs to be turned on. Unlike a piece of art that can draw your attention, a television conveys no beauty it just beckons to be activated.  I could go on and on about the lack of quality programming these days but looking back I’m not sure there was ever a lot of programming that enhanced my life.

It’s not just the television that I dislike seeing on display. I prefer not to see a stereo or a computer either.  While I would argue that I find both a radio or small stereo along with a computer to have a benefit to my life, I prefer them to be hidden from view.

What is it that bothers me about these items being on display in the house?

 William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”

I think that sums up my feelings perfectly. To me these signs of technology are ugly. They call out for attention while offering little usefulness in return. Rather than complement a room they distract from the room’s ambiance.


How do you feel about television or electronics in the home?


I'd love to hear your thoughts, won't you please tell me what's on your mind?

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