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It’s chilly today, and raining off and on so I dedicated a bit of my day to attempting to get caught up reading all the wonderful blogs I follow.  As usual when I fall behind what I return to is an overwhelming number of stories that remind me of the good in the world.  This week, I’ve selected four of my favorite inspirational stories to share with you, those stories that make you smile knowing there is much good in human nature.

link love

Did you know Henry Ford built a town in Georgia?  We all know how he built his assembly line in Detroit but it turns out he had a much more generous heart than most know. Ford built a home for a former slave living in abject poverty and paid for her care until her death. He paid for medical needs and college education for a polio stricken child of one of his employees. Cynthia tells the story much better than I ever could. Just think what kind of world we would live in if all those with more wealth than they need looked to their community to find ways to make life better.

A recent issue of Yes! Magazine contained an article on the healing powers of gardening. It highlighted the immune-boosting properties as well as lessening depression. I have read about the farm that welcomes our veterans who are dealing with PTSD and now this article on the difference permaculture can have on ex-convicts and gang members.

Joy shared her friend, Michael’s, trip to Cambodia and Thailand. It’s a beautiful photographic tour of these countries, but you will never guess how he came by the funds to travel the world, it came from the most unlike source I could ever imagine.

Today we hear of free-range children but before that children were just trusted to run and play as well as work with tools.  Emma shares how growing up with trust and freedom affected who she is today.




  1. Hi Lois — it’s good to talk with you again. I also see you’ve been reading and browsing the internet doing what I need to buckle down and do more of. Thank you for including Emma’s wonderful stories of childhood and interesting perspectives on parenting today. It’s not easy for sure.

    The other stories look interesting as well and will have to go over and check them out. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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    • I’m slowly working my way through my inbox, speaking of which I see I have an email to answer from you, sorry about that. I’ve been taking more and more breaks from the computer lately. I’m not sure why but I’ve been feeling a need to put it away and live without technology. I’ll be back to answer you soon, I promise.

      I was very happy to share Emma’s story, which is how I think children should be able to grow up.

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      • I can truly relate to what you’re saying, Lois. I have also been feeling the same taking more breaks from the computer. I haven’t written much lately, either, for which I hope my followers will understand.

        I was happy when Emma came to me to tell her story and I was, likewise, happy to share. 🙂


          • I don’t think not so much in the way, Lois. It’s just requiring me to pay better attention to it. At least, it seems that’s what I’m experiencing.

            The things my heart wants to do are winning more these days than the things my head want to do. And, sometimes that’s doing nothing more than just watching the snow fall or playing with the puppies.

            There’s a balance, I know, and days fly by with not much to show for it. I’m still working on it (hahaha). Hugs xxoo 🙂


          • I know what you mean. I’ve been pulling back from online activities for a while now. I’ve pared down the Pinterest boards as something I use personally from time to time instead of as a form of social media and of course as you can see I’ve slowed way down on how much time I spend blogging. It might have a lot to do with the end of winter and feeling the freedom to get back out and around outside now that the snow is gone. Who knows, for now, like you I am simply following my heart and doing what makes me feel good.

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          • It seems like we’re on similar paths, Lois, at least we can identify with what’s going on in each other’s life.

            For me, I want to put something of value into the world but it seems like I still have a few things to learn about myself first in order to be real and genuine.

            So happy to hear you say you’re following your heart, too. It does feel good. 🙂

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    • Can you imagine hearing that you touched someone’s life so much years earlier that you received a gift of this nature? Sure makes all those naysayers of teachers stop and reassess their opinions.


  2. Hi Lois,
    Thanks so much for including the link to my post featuring Michael’s amazing trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I’m glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate your sharing it! Looking forward to reading your other recommendations, which I always find interesting. (Great minds think alike–lol!)


    • Great minds do think alike, Joy. 🙂 Michael is such a talented photographer but it was his “funding” that I found so inspirational. I hear all the time how teachers just don’t care any more, and I beg to differ. I believe they are frustrated with the system they must work in but the children, they truly love them and Michael’s teacher was proof of that.


  3. Well, I am a bit behind on reading blogs as well. Thanks for including the link to my Henry Ford story! I enjoyed your other feel-good links as well.


    • I thought the best thing about the permaculture group was that the organizers planned it around one inmate’s comments on what he wanted when he was released. Once he was released he became the leader of the men which must be such a boost to his morale to be able to make a positive impact on others.


  4. I’ve had this open since yesterday. I’ve finally decided that no one ever catches up. Like you, I have other things calling me now. I can see by The first week of May Temps, it’s going to be a horrific summer. I’m racing the the weather to get outside work done when the temps stay just right for painting. We will get 88 degrees this next weekend!!!! You have a lot on your plate too. Thanks for all the great links. I’ll check them out soon. Have a wonderfilled week ahead. Hugs.


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