Something I’m Really Excited About

I am a mother extremely proud of her children, just putting that out there before I go on.  My son’s are following their passions, and while it’s not easy to follow ones dreams in this economic climate they continue to work at improving their skills in their chosen fields.

My oldest son is by far having a much harder time of things but he isn’t giving up.  His dream is to make a living through his writing.  The majority of his books are colorful, to say the least, and fall into the category of horror.  But his newest story is so different that I hope it will reach a broader group of readers.  Threads is a spiritual science fiction story that is so compelling you don’t have to love sci-fi to enjoy this.

In this, his first trilogy, Justin has left behind the colorful language and explicit sex making this his first PG-13 rated story. I found one word used a handful of times in the book where the main character, Eddie, refers to himself as a f@@k-up but it’s not glaring or used frequently, that one word would make it PG-13.

Why am I telling you about these two books? Two reasons, first I know most of you are readers like myself and are always looking for a good story and of course I want to help get the word out for Justin.

Let me tell you a little about these books.  This is the story of Eddie Field a down-on-his-luck average guy.  He’s lost his job, his marriage and, well, basically everything. He heads to bed one night knowing he doesn’t even have enough money left to buy food or drink for the next day.  He decides to settle his mind through meditation in an attempt to find an escape through sleep and accidentally astral projects himself into another version of him waking up in an alternative universe where Eddie is still married, has  a job and even a home. Eddie finds love and faces loss while addresses the question of whether spiritually there are rules humans may not violate.

I see the influence of Justin’s favorite childhood television programs, Quantum Leap and Sliders (although these stories are not about time travel or a random jumping from one world to the next), combined with his personal interests of alternative universes and spiritual growth from late teens onward.  This trilogy is one man’s search to be the best version of himself he can while holding on to the love he has found along the way.

I am always the first person who reads Justin’s stories so I have read these as well and have to say I love this story. I hope this is the series that gets him noticed for Threads has much to say on the choices and consequences of our actions in a very subtle yet engaging way.

Would you be interested in helping Justin? He would like the opportunity to get the word out about his latest story and is offering free copies in exchange for an honest review.  Justin doesn’t have the internet at this point so message me, via email or in the comments section if you are interested. Let me know which format you prefer to receive your copy in.

Note:  The first two stories are completed Book One: The Jumper is currently available at Amazon for $0.99 and Book Two: The Darkness will be available for purchase (same price) by this evening, (up to 48 ours outside the US) it is currently in the Amazon review process. I spoke to Justin last night and he is nearly half way through the final book which should be in the Amazon store by week’s end I would expect so if you enjoy this story as much as I do you won’t have long to wait for Book Three, the conclusion.






  1. I liked the program quantum leap. Sliders, not so much. I wish him much success with this. I’ll go take a look and let as many people as I can know about it. Just put my kid on notice. He needs to find work or start making an income. Bills have to get paid. His of course. I pay my own and so does he but I know he’s starting to panic.


    • Your son has been very lucky to have your support, and spare room, while he tried to make the transition to self-employment but if his reserves are running low he may need to take some type of job, even part-time to supplement while he works on getting his work off the ground. I wish with all my heart that this house could have been close to Justin so I could have offered him a room, it would have been cheaper to feed him and his children than giving what I could to keep his heat on, etc.

      Those were the days when there was usually something decent on television. We didn’t watch a lot of television but when we did we found shows like Quantum Leap, Sliders, SeaQuest (until it got really weird) and even Jack of All Trades. I wonder if families come together any more to watch a program.
      I shared your offer to spread the word about Justin’s book and he thanks you “very much”.

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